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Cereal protein bar Reviews

By: Quest

Cereal protein bar is a Protein Bar manufactured by Quest. It is a quick, conveinient source of protein and commonly used as a meal replacement. The additional protein can help increase muscle mass as well as promote fat loss.
(Out of 10, after 2 reviews)


  August 23, 2017

  • Builds Muscle
  • Quick Delicious Snack


    First of all, i love protein bars. I am a real fat kid at heart so anytime i can eat a candy bar without actually eating a candy bar i am pretty happy. Quest has been the king of the protein bar game for a while in my mind so their new cereal bar product was a no brainer for me because i also love sugary cereals.

    ----Ingredient Profile: 9/10----
    The main source of protein for this bar is the milk protein and whey isolate blend that leads the ingredients label. The milk protein being the first ingredient is great in my mind because that means it has the mix of quick digesting protein with the slower digesting casein. This helps with not only keeping the anabolic state open longer but also with keeping you fuller longer.
    The next thing on the ingredient label worth noting is that the main sweetener is 'Allulose'. Allulose is a relatively new sweetener used mainly by quest so far that boasts all of the flavor of regular sugar with only 0.4 calories per gram. This means that the label lists 8g of sugar but only a fraction of the calories from that as you would get from real sugar.

    ----Taste: 10/10----
    Of course it wouldn't matter what was in it if the taste was terrible. Luckily, quest knocks it out of the park again and delivers one of my favorite protein bats that i have had. The cinnamon one tastes like cinnamon bun and the chocolate flavor tastes EXACTLY like what i remember cocoa pebbles tasting like. They taste just as good if not better than any cereal bar i have ever had that was packed with sugars and fats. Quest knows how to make amazing protein bars and here they are delivering yet again.

    ----Macronutrient profile: 10/10----
    CALORIES: 110
    FAT: 4.5
    NET CARB: 2
    PROTEIN: 12
    The macros on this bar are just about perfect for a snack that is high in protein and not a calorie bomb. Most protein bars have 20 or so grams of protein but you have got to deal with the 200+ calories that come with that if you want all of the protein. The cool thing about the quest cereal bars is that they are only 110 calories so they are really more of a light snack with the protein that you want.

    The nature of the low calories along with the relatively small amount of protein (compared to other bars) makes them my wife's preferred protein bar. She usually doesn't like the heavier feel and caloric bomb of other protein bars but because of how "light" this feels she loves them. I think that this bar appeals to a wider market that may not be interested in a straight protein bar.
    ----Value: 8/10----
    Coming in at just about $23/15 bars the value here is pretty average for protein bars. They do not reach the low price point that would make them really appealing to the wider market but for me and other fitness enthusiasts this isn't a totally outrageous price for protein bars.


    Overall, i would highly recommend these protein bars for anyone looking for some variety or for smaller snacks throughout their day. Amazing flavor and macros make this an absolute sure repurchase for me.
    • Chocolate: 10/10
    • Cinnamon roll: 10/10

      March 28, 2017

    • Quick Delicious Snack
    • Builds Muscle
    • Slightly Expensive
    • Lower Protein Content Than Usual
    I love trying out different protein snacks and quest bars have been near the top of tasty alternatives. The regular bars used to be great, but they changed a couple ingredients and it seemed to have really affected the taste and texture. When they came out with these I thought I would see if anything had changed between these and the regular quest bars.

    Ingredient Profile

    The protein is a little lower than normal protein bars at 12grams per bar, protein come from milk and whey isolates. 17g of carbs 6 of which is dietary fiber. Lastly 4.5g of total fat. They use a new sweetener called allulose which they claim is similar to normal sugar at 1/10th of the calories.


    My rating here will be taste and texture. So far I have only tried the waffle flavor and all I can say is wow. I love these things to me the waffle flavor really resembled cinnamon toast crunch cereal bars which makes me wonder what the cinnamon roll flavor tastes like. The texture also really resembled normal cereal bars, they have that crisp rice texture that is just a tiny bit chewy. There is a slight frosted glaze that really puts the "icing on the cake" slight pun intended. Dosing is whenever you need a protein rich snack. For me this meant breakfast before work.

    I feel like this section on protein bars should be included in the taste/texture section. I will say that it helped me meet my protein needs for the day and thAt I didn't experience any digestive issues while using these at all.


    25.99 seems to be the general price for a box of 15 or 1.99-2.29 For individual bars. For the amount of protein you get in each bar this is a little high, but the great taste honestly makes it worth it to me I have bought a few boxes already.

    Side Effects



    I went into this with an open mind and not expecting what I got. I wish there was a little more protein in these, but I guess you can't always have a perfect protein ratio with great taste. Going to try the other flavors soon and will add in notes here as I do, but if you want something different from the usual chewy bland protein bar then give this a shot I don't think you will regret it.

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