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PWR Rush Reviews

By: PWR Supplements

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  December 4, 2018

  • Better Focus
  • Moderate Increase In Endurance
  • Decent Value
  • Good Taste
  • Increased Energy
  • Bit Pricey

Quick Summary

PWR Rush delivers a good, clean surge of energy while helping to enhance our overall focus and cognition.


A special thanks to PWR Supplements for their participation here on Today, I discuss my experiences with their Nootrpic/Energy supplement PWR Rush. I've tried plenty of both nootropics and pwo supplements in my time. I was curious to try PWR Rush based on the fact that it looked much like a hybrid supplement that could potentially enhance my focus and energy. Being that I work in healthcare, have energy, cognition, and focus all at peak is essential.

Ingredient Profile

The profile is simple yet straightforward with everything fully disclosed.

We have vitamin b12 at 300mcg, citrulline malate at 3,000mg, beta alanine at 3,000mg, acetyl l-carnitine at 500mg, l-theanine at 200mg, and caffeine anhydrous at 150mg.

The citrulline malate and beta alanine help with endurance and support energy levels. The caffeine, l-theanine, and acetyl l-carnitine all have positive benefits towards cognitive function and the caffeine helps additionally with energy. The vitamin b12 fits in both categories since it plays a role in cognitive function and energy metabolism.


PWR Rush is only available in Lemon Lime. I found it refreshing and with the right level of sweetness and tartness.

It mixed thoroughly well in water without any sediment issues.

I used only one scoop throughout the days of the cycle. During the first week, I used it as a pre workout by taking one scoop about 15 minutes before my workout. After a primary pre workout supplement was introduced, I shifted to using this as an early morning cardio session booster and work shift boost. Again, only one scoop was taken in all scenarios.


As a pre workout, PWR Rush was satisfactory in the sense that I wasn't expecting a huge pre workout considering the more slimmed down profile. Nonetheless, I did have a good clean surge of energy with better focus. I was able to blast through my workouts with a better mindset towards completing objectives without distraction.

As a morning cardio session booster, again I saw an increased level of energy, some endurance increase, and better focus.

Finally, when I used a scoop during extended work shifts, I was more energized and had a very good improvement in my concentration and cognition. I was able to perform all my clinical duties and processes with more drive and better attention to detail.

My natural energy levels were overall better and I also saw an improvement in mood on top of the enhanced focus, concentration, and a better more positive mindset.


Currently, PWR Rush is only available on PWR Supplements own website for 34.99. You get 30 servings in each tub. Considering you are getting an energy and nootropic supplement in one, and a highly effective one at that, I'd say that this is not a bad value. I would point out it is a little more pricey compared to some standalone pre workouts and nootropic supplement, but again, you're getting a product that can serve as both in one.

Side Effects



While the profile may seem more conservative don't let that fool you. PWR Rush is a highly effective energy and focus enhancer that will come in great use for several occasions whether as a pwo or simple booster to complete your daily needs outside the gym. Look out for sales as I believe this product is well worth a try, especially if you prefer the more generously stimulant containing products. Of course, don't forget diet and training and be sure to be wary of your stim intake in addition to taking PWR Rush


  • Lemon Lime: 8/10


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