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Slinshot is a Nutrient Repartitioner manufactured by Purus Labs. It is meant to help the body use the macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates and fats more efficiently.

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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +1,791
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 49
  June 5, 2014

Alright, just want to start out by thanking Randoja and the people at Purus again for hooking me up with this as part of a stack to log.

Just like Warmachine my only experience with nutrient partitioners was AP by USPLabs, and while AP seemed to help it gave me some serious bathroom issues every single day. Alright here we go.

Ingredient Profile-9
Dont want to copy and paste but Warmachine did a great job going over all the ingredients and detailing their uses.

Taste-(?) They are pills so most people are good to go, but i cant swallow a pill so i open the caps and shoot it with a drink. While it wasnt pleasant it wasnt something that would gag you.

From what i gathered, you could either take this before a cheat meal to battle bloating and other unwanted effects from high carb intake, or immediately post workout to shuttle nutrients faster to the muscles. Pretty simple.

Well like i said before AP worked alright for me but nothing spectacular so i was a little skeptical with this and all nutrient partitioners. After just a couple of days though i could certainly tell this was helping much more than AP. Also unlike with AP i had no stomach issues at all. My plan was to take this 6 days a week post workout with glycofuse then 30 minutes later a protein shake . On the 7th day i took it before a cheat meal midday most of the time a large pizza and some chips ahoy cookies. Normally the food baby after that would be very noticeable but it wasnt i felt full, but i never looked it or felt that nasty tight bloat feeling. I didnt get a food pump like some people have mentioned with NPs. DOMs went down but i was also using AminoD with this. After all was said and done i think i put on about .25-.5" on my bicep and brought my bodyfat down a tad, but i will admit i spent a little time at my parents visiting and my diet was only on par for about 75% of the run.

Side Effects-10
None that i could find, no digestive issues or anything.

You can usually find this for 15-20$ and it seems to go on sale or BOGOs all the time. If you take it as directed you get a 45 day supply so to me that is a great deal.

I would and have recommended this to several people, and have already ordered another bottle. Dont go into this thinking you can eat whatever and get shredded, but if you follow even a decent diet plan then i think you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.
  • Good Value
  • Reduces Carb Bloat
  • Simple Dosing Protocol
  • Reduced Bodyfat
    Rep: +5,462
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 70
      May 31, 2014

    Salutations once again SR!!! Warski is here to drop a review of the second of Purus Labs featured products from my most recent log.

    Today, I shall discuss Purus Labs nutrient partitioner/insulin mimetic supplement known as slin-shot. My experience with nutrient partitioners prior to slin-shot is usp labs original anabolic pump, which I was not too fond of overall.

    As a quick synopsis, slin-shot is a product formulated with the extract of a unique plant known as Artemisia Dracunculus L. var inodora. I will get into the aspects of this ingredient further into the review. Slin-shot is intended to aid the uptake of vital anabolic supporting nutrients, improve recovery, support healthier blood glucose levels, and help to more efficiently restore glycogen store within muscles.

    Taste (N/A): The capsules are small, easy to swallow, and leave no unpleasant aftertastes or stomach upset.

    Ingredient Profile: As I stated in the intro, the profile is simple and contains 1,000 mg the aqueous extract of one unique ingredient; Artemisia Dracunculus L. var inodora.

    Artemisia Dracunculus L. var inodora is the species classification name of Russian Tarragon. Tarragon itself is a species of perennial herbs found primarily in several areas of the Northern Hemisphere climate.

    Russian Tarragon extract in particular was subjected to some studies I found mainly analyzing its effects on creatine absorption and glucose uptake. Based on what I gathered from these studies, Russian Tarragon appears to act as a insulin mimetic. It aids in the absorption of nutrients through an insulinogenic mechanism of action similar to insulin itself in response to carbohydrate ingestion.

    In other words, it enhances the absorption and uptake of nutrients by mimicking the effects of insulin. If this sounds confusing, I apologize, but the studies that I found themselves were somewhat complex and difficult to breakdown. So what I said here was my own interpretation as to what I gathered from the studies demonstrating Russian Tarragon's benefits.

    Usage: After doing some experimenting with the dosage timing and quantity, I found that taking two capsules with two of my biggest meals was the most effective method for me. On training days, I would take two caps with breakfast and then another two caps with my post workout meal (usually dinner). With this method, I found the muscle fullness and reduced DOMS to be greatest.

    Effectiveness (9): My experience with slin-shot was a very good based on the benefits I achieved. Mainly going into the second week of its use I was experiencing noticeably less DOMS and found that I had more general stamina, not only in the gym but outside as well. Muscle fullness was very apparent particularly sometime following meals. One thing I particularly enjoyed was that slin-shot helped me to consume an abundance of vital carbs without having to worry excessively about fat gain. I was able to assess this due to the fact that I never experienced carb bloat while on this. I typically don't often experience carb bloat and the few times I do, it is usually when I overindulge on a cheat day. With slin-shot, even on cheat days, bloat was halted. In terms of body composition, I noticed some minor leaning in my mid-section area and better cosmetic appearance of several upper body muscles in compliment with the increased muscle fullness. Lastly, I did experience some strength gains in compliment with slin-shot's benefits of anabolic support. I set some new PRs on compound movements and other specific lifts both in intensity and volume. The PRs were not overly dramatic, but obtaining additional strength is always welcomed regardless to what extent.

    Value (9): In comparison to some similar products of slin-shot's nature, slin-shot is pretty fairly priced at a range of 20-25 dollars. This is especially considering the results I achieved and the fact that slin-shot is often on sale for even lower prices and BOGO deals.

    Overall (9): While everyone will respond differently, slin-shot most definitely has the potential to aid anyone looking to help support better muscular anabolism via proper nutrition intake. Slin-shot will help you intake and utilize the necessary carbs and nutrients where they are needed the most without having to worry too much about fat gain. Keep in mind that it is extremely important to still keep your diet as clean as can be and maker sure that the right macros and mircos are being consumed in the proper amounts. Of course, don't forget about hardcore training as well.

    • Good Value
    • Reduces Carb Bloat
    • Easy To Swallow
    • Simple Dosing Protocol
    • Helps Recovery
      Rep: +217
      Trust: 100%
        July 28, 2013

      There's been a lot of talk recently about insulin potentiators like Glycobol and Slinshot. I didn't have much faith that it would really work, but I decided to finally test the waters and see what happens. This is going to be a relatively short review because this product doesn't warrant a 200 page dissertation, it's just not worth it. I hope you all enjoy, here are my findings:
      About me:
      Goals- Bulking (1000+ calories over maintanence)
      Training: 5/3/1 BBB, 4x per week.
      Weight Change (pre vs. post-use): none, weight didn't change.
      Other Supplements: Protein, Creatine, Multi, Fish Oil, nothing else.

      Dosing: 10/10
      I love how simple this is. It's just a cap or two with your largest meals, or you can use it with your post workout shake. There's no massive tubs to lug around or messy powder, just a very portable couple caps I can put in my pill case before I head off for work or class. I also used this both on workout days and off days to see how it affected me.

      Value: 9/10
      Actually really good. I won't lie to you, I bought Slinshot because it seemed to have a similar profile to other I.P.s, but at half the cost. I picked this up on Amazon for about twenty bucks. If this works well, why wouldn't one want to make it a permanent staple of their supplement stack?

      Effectiveness: 8/10
      Hmm... now here's where it gets interesting. I payed close attention to my diet and dosing of this product and I can't say I noticed any semblance of "food pumps" like others have mentioned, and my recovery was maybe slightly better, but who knows? The results I got could have been affected by slightly better sleep or bettering my diet so I can't say much in regards to that. I ran this on a bulk and like others have said, carb bloat wasn't quite so bad but that's all I can say for sure.
      I did do some research on Slinshot before buying, and many products of this ilk tote some kind of improved insulin sensitivity. I decided that this product might help someone else who might really need it: my mom. My mother is a Type II diabetic who is actually allergic to foreign insulin, meaning that when her blood sugar has shot up to over 600 (coma-inducing), she can't just pin herself to take care of it. Despite taking two different medications and green coffee bean extract, she still has trouble keeping her blood sugar under 300 (yes, seriously). So I bought her a bottle and told her to take two capsules with dinner every day and then check her sugar an hour or two after (since blood sugar stays high for several hours after eating).
      Amazingly enough, her normal 300-400 blood sugar spike dropped to somewhere in the 100-200 range on average. The results weren't the most consistent, but with moderate carbohydrate meals they were able to be brought down to a relatively normal range. That is where my rating comes in, not for how it worked on me. Her meals are pretty consistent and her exercise regiment hasn't changed at all. The only foreign variable was Slinshot.
      Now before people crucify me for saying a little supplement like this helped "treat" my mother's Type II, she takes many things in concert with this and it only helped when she ate slightly higher carbohydrate meals. I have no doubt in my mind that if she had a soda or something, Slinshot would do next to nothing. In the scenario I've given though, the product actually did work.

      Overall, I enjoyed using Slinshot. When you have to take in an extra 1000+ calories from what you burn to build muscle, this product was awesome for helping me keep the fat kid in me from coming out, and it looks promising for those who are looking for a natural alternative to Glucotrol or any other diabetes meds. If anyone has any further questions for me about my use of this product, lemme know via the comments! That's all, over and out!

      Side Note: Since I haven't seen much of green coffee bean on S.R., I would definitely suggest it as a blood sugar supplement since the changes in both fasting and post meal blood sugar were very noticible.
      • Good Value
      • Reduces Carb Bloat
      • Easy To Swallow
      • Simple Dosing Protocol
      • Might Help Diabetics
        Rep: +4,007
        Trust: 100%

          February 22, 2012

        I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to nutrient partitioners/insulin mimickers.. Actually, I'm VERY skeptical. There is little science backing up the monster claims that come with these products. Some guys that ran logs on this (via other forums) even had blood glucose levels measure after their meal while dosing and claimed that they were significantly lower.

        Quite simple. 1-2 caps, twice daily with your biggest meals. I usually take 2 if it's over 50g of carbohydrates. The product recommends dosing about 20 minutes before you eat but I've taken it right before I started eating with no differences noted.

        Value: 9/10
        I picked up 3 bottles of these on closeout about a year ago at TFsupplements for like 13 bucks a piece with the thought of not much to lose. Regular price is typically very reasonable, around 25-35 bucks depending on where you shop. Allstarhealth has it right now for 25+shipping.

        Effectiveness: 7/10
        Luckily, I liked the product. As far as getting food pumps from nutrient partitioning, fat loss, and insulin mimicking, I am not able to say. So many things can come into play here. But in terms of reducing carb bloat, this stuff somehow works, surprisingly well.
        I am actually almost done with my last bottle, as I have gone on and off the product. I've tried taking it with numerous foods, such as brown rice, white rice, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, oatmeal, and even cheat meals (pizza, fast food, chinese, etc). I mostly run this during bulking season as that's when my carb meals are the biggest, usually around 50-80g a pop. SlinShot definitely appeared to have a positive effect on bloat/gastrointestinal distress.
        Around the time I bought this, I also got into digestive enzymes and probiotics. SlinShot proved to work well without them but I also recommend adding them to compliment your biggest meals that include red meat and carbohydrates. Having this on top of digestive enzymes and probiotics for your post workout meal is a blessing.

        Overall, I like SlinShot. Not something that will make or break your progress but at least It didn't make me crap my guts out like Glycobol. I'm sure I'll be using this on and off for a while. It's good to be able to pound a huge meal and get back to daily routines in a timely fashion.
        • Good Value
        • Reduces Carb Bloat
        • Easy To Swallow
        • Simple Dosing Protocol
          Rep: +19
          Trust: 25%
            January 4, 2012

          While browsing around for something to give my long term cut a bit of a boost, I found this unreviewed, untested little product and thought I would give it a try, and boy am I glad I did.

          Value: I got this product from amazon for about $15. At 45 servings per bottle that's about $.33 a serving, my dosing setup, 1 dose with my post workout and one dose with my dinner, gave me about 30 days or $.50 a day. A great value for such a useful product. I must mention however, that larger people are recommended to take 2 doses so bigger boys might need to double up their order.

          Taste/smell: the product comes in capsules which have no obvious smell or taste.

          Effectiveness: I used this product to help with cutting, and it did just that, I lost 7 pounds on the bottle. While that doesn't sound like much, it is a dream come true for me. I often have trouble with losing weight because my active lifestyle and physical work make it difficult to eat low calories and complete my daily tasks. This product fixes that, despite being on very low calories I was able to not only complete my difficult and heavy 5/3/1 workouts but also saw no loss of energy at my construction job.

          Side effects: I saw no side effects from this product, but if taken without carbs or with to few carbs it can make you feel a bit faint.

          Overall: I heartily recommend this product for anyone. It is worth the time and well worth the money.

          • Reduced Bodyfat
          • Increased Energy
          • Good Value

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