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KetoFeed Reviews

By: Purus Labs

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Purus Labs for sending it out!
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  December 30, 2017

  • Delicious
  • Healthy Fats
  • Curbed Appetite
  • Great Coffee Creamer
  • Some Side Effects
  • Not Widely Available


Prior to accepting Ketofeed I was experimenting with a keto diet. I will be honest it was not working out well and I received Ketofeed about two weeks in. A little after that I decided to scratch the keto diet and decided to use Ketofeed as a appetite curbing snack and as a coffee creamer. Here is the review.

Ingredient Profile

Ketofeed comes in a small container with 15 40g servings. Each serving has 170 calories, 10g of fat (5g saturated fat), 1g of carbohydrate, and 20g of protein. The protein source is whey protein isolate and they mention that there are zero net carbs. It also does not contain any dyes or fillers. I will note that it is sweetened with sucralose and ace-k. The main ingredient and draw to this product is the MCT powder. The major thing with MCT powder is that it can be used as a fuel source and it not typically stored as fat. There is some evidence that MCT powder can enhance weight loss. In addition, people that took MCT powder were shown to eat less than individuals that did not. MCT powder also have been shown to have antioxidant properties and can crossover the blood brain barrier.


Ketofeed comes in two flavors and they are samoa chocolate cream and salted vanilla caramel. I requested the samoa chocolate cream and that is what I recieved. When you first open the container it has a creamy samoa smell to it. I mostly mixed this with coffee or I would I make a small shake with some milk and a quarter of a scoop. In coffee this was quite good and I never saw myself needing to add a sweetener to my coffee. It gave the coffee a samoa cream taste. In milk, it was really good and tasted almost candy bar like. In terms of mixability, I always used a spoon and felt like it mixed fairly well using a spoon. I mixed it once in a blender bottle and it mixed great with the blender ball.

In terms of dosing, I used this in two ways, as a coffee creamer and a small snack with milk. I did try to do a full shake once but I had some significant GI side effects. As a coffee creamer, I would mix a quarter scoop into my coffee with spoon. As a small snack with milk, it was also a quarter scoop with milk. I felt like both of these were effective in curbing my appetite.


I am going to focus on the effectiveness of this product based on weight management and "energy" I got from the product. The major way I took this was as a creamer for coffee. What I noticed that when I would use it this way, it would almost extend and mellow out coffees energy properties. So, I noticed that the energy from coffee instead of peaking right away and dropping off, lasted a little longer. However, the energy was less than if I drank coffee black. I prefer this in the mornings as I noticed black coffee would wear off quickly. With Ketofeed I had less intense energy but it lasted longer. I did try this before a workout with coffee and did not like how it made me feel. So, I stuck with using this as a coffee creamer for the extended energy.

In terms of weight management, I felt like Ketofeed was effective in curbing my appetite. I noticed that when I used this in the morning as a coffee creamer I wasn't really hungry until about 2-3 hours later. I really liked this because usually coffee alone will only curb my appetite for an hour max. One of my major issues with weight loss is eating at night. So, using this as a small snack with skim milk definitely helped me stop from eating over my calories at night.


Ketofeed retails for $24.99 from most websites for 15 servings making it $1.66 per serving. If you are using this as a full scoop I think this is quite pricey. However, using it as a sporadic coffee creamer and snack to curb appetite I think the price is okay. I wouldn't mind paying that as I think the bottle would last fairly long. Furthermore, I have tried using other proteins as coffee creamers and they just didn't taste good or wouldn't mix. So, I feel for the "bulletproof coffee" lite creamer this is worth the price for me. However, I could see it being viewed as expensive since MCT powder isn't that expensive ($21.99 for one pound at Nutrabio).

Side Effects

I did have some GI side effects from what I presume was the MCT poweder in the product. On the first day of receiving this I mixed a scoop with milk and about an hour after I was running for the bathroom. I found that anything over a quarter scoop at one time would give me GI side effects. So, to alleviate this I only used at max a quarter of a scoop at one time and never really went over a half scoop a day. If a person was to purchase this I would just be cognizant of how MCT powder might affect you and dose accordingly.


Overall, I really liked Ketofeed as a supplement to blunt and extent the energy I got from coffee. In addition, it helped me to curb my appetite in the mornings and at night where I tend to overeat. As a coffee creamer and quarter scoop snack, I think it has some value. I would definitely start with a lower dosage to see how you react to the MCT powder. Ketofeed is definitely worth a try. Thank you to Purus Labs for sending out the product.

  • Samoa Chocolate Cream: 8/10

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