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KetoFeed Reviews

By: Purus Labs

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  December 11, 2017

  • Delicious
  • Healthy Fats
  • Helps Cravings
  • Expensive


Hey SR, back at it again today with a review for Purus Labs' protein supplement KetoFeed. Since I have been following the Carb Nite protocol (Ketosis diet) for close to a year now since my ACL surgery, this product definitely peaked my interest. I also like Purus Labs products and have had a lot of success with them in the past I was eager to give this try. This is different than the average protein as it's whey protein isolate with a pretty big dose of MCTs, mostly from coconut oil. These types of fats are supposed to be very healthy for you, providing benefits to brain function, metabolism, and provide a boost to fat burning through ketosis. Since this was designed specifically for the diet I have been on, I was happy to check this product out.

Ingredient Profile

A pretty interesting profile, as there are differences from your normal protein supplement. Extremely low carb, which it should be for keto, at 1 g. Made it so I didn't have to account for this product at all in terms of carbs which is nice. A little disappointing on protein amount, as you get 20 g which is lower than most protein supplements that you give you close to 25. It is a higher quality with isolate, but I'd still prefer more here. You also get more of some things that may scare some away, such as calories at 170 and fats at 10 g (5 g saturated). The calories should be able to be fit in to most diets, what will scasre people is the fat but the source as MCTs are much healthier than the usual fats. Also, most ketosis dieters actually need these fats as the body switches to using fats as fuels instead of carbs. I'm pretty guilty of this as sometimes I don't keep my fats high enough, eating a lot of chicken, ground turkey, etc. I think this is what happens to most first time ketosis diets and causes a lot of the side effects that make it unbearable, so I don't mind the inclusion of these fats at all as it is supposed to aid the fat burning. So overall, I think this protein supplement serves a purpose for ketosis dieters, providing a fast acting protein and healthy fat source to aid in hunger, cravings, brain function, and fat burning.


I can't express enough how delicious this was, which was kind of problematic in the end. I had the Samoa Chocolate Cream flavor and it tasted just like the girt scout cookies. Amazing. The texture was definitely thicker than your normal shake, but that was a good thing as I used it more as a meal replacement/hunger attacks and it was more filling. Dosing was whenever and is flexible, I used whenever I was starving. Purus even says you can use it as a coffee creamer, in pudding, etc. but I always used just as a shake.


So, this one is a little trickier than normal to judge effectiveness as this is a specialty protein and protein itself is hard to judge. I think this worked well as an isolate, providing protein that fit into macros as a good protein supplement would. Did the added MCTs and fats help my ketosis diet? This is hard to tell. I did not/could not use this every day (value), so I don't think it sped up the fat burning aspect of my diet more than normal as I did not lose weight at a faster rate. I do think it helped keep my sanity though at times and definitely did a good job at curing the cravings. It was a very satisfying shake to have and the flavor/sweetness really helped me keep my diet on track. I also did not feel a hindrance in terms of brain function, alertness etc so it kept my body going as it used the fats for fuel. So, did this help fat burning for me? Not so much. Did it help me stay on track with a keto diet and help me with cravings, protein and fat macros? Yes. It was definitely better than just using a whey shake, but how much better really depends on the value and your will power.


Already talked about this area some, and here's why: It's $25 for just 15 servings. Definitely more expensive than your average protein shake and it would only last you two weeks if used everyday. And it's extremely delicious I wanted to use it every day! However I didn't for a couple reasons.

#1: I wanted to get a month out of this product, so I wanted to string it out.
#2: Following the carb nite protocol, you eat less than 25 carbs a day for 10 days, then you get a cheat meal to reset your metabolism. Once you cheat however, it takes about 2 days to get back into that fat burning mode again. I felt if I used this shake during this time it would be wasted as the main benefits of this shake is when you're in ketosis, not trying to get into ketosis. This did help in terms of length of use, but still very expensive in terms of price per serving. I think I have really good will power and my body has adjusted to this diet really well and is used to it, so I don't think I could justify buying it again at this price. If you're new to keto or have tried it and is unbearable, I could see this helping as it really did help in those bad moments.

Side Effects



This has it's place in the keto world and really did help with cravings and overall feeling, but is pretty expensive for the amount of servings you get.

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