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In: Growth Enhancers > Natural Testosterone Boosters

D-Pol Powder is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Purus Labs. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.


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  December 10, 2014

Hey SR back to share my opinion on Purus Labs D-Pol after an 8 week run stacked with PES Erase (new formula).

Ingredient Profile

Sodium 130 mg 5%

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) 2 mg 100%

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 6 mcg 100%

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 4000 IU 1000%

Vitamin B9 (Folate) 400 mcg 100%

LH/Free Testosterone/ATP Amplifying Vasodilatory Oxygen Sparing Matrix 4 g -

Proprietary Blends

LH/Free Testosterone/ATP Amplifying Vasodilatory Oxygen Sparing Matrix
D-Aspartic Acid (3,120 mg), Nitraline (high molecular-yield nitrate form)(std. for 73% nitrates)(480mg), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) (4,000 IU)

Right away this product stood out to me I see a prop blend oh goody we all love those but wait, DAA 3,120mg, Nitraline 480mg, Vitamin D3 4,000IU wow they actually broke it down, this right away stands out and gets a gold star. Then to look there is 100% daily dose of vitamin B6, B9 and B12 which is another big plus in my book, I love feeling alert and awake without burning out in a hurry.

Add to this the DAA is spot on with the dose which was the primary ingredient I was shooting for to start with.

Nitraline - dunno much about this one

Vitamin D3 - "This vitamin is unique because cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) is a vitamin derived from 7-dehyrocholesterol; however, Vitamin D3 acquires hormone-like actions when cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) is converted to 1,25-dihydroxy Vitamin D3 (Calcitriol) by the liver and kidneys. As a hormone, Calcitriol controls phosphorus, calcium, and bone metabolism and neuromuscular function. Vitamin D3 is the only vitamin the body can manufacture from sunlight (UVB). Yet, with today’s indoor living and the extensive use of sunscreens due to concern about skin cancer, we are now a society with millions of individuals deficient in life-sustaining bone building and immune modulating 1,25-dihydroxy Vitamin D3." Pulled from

Overall aside from one thing which I couldnt find anything on quickly seems to be a good solid profile, much better than your typical DAA powder.


Taste - 9/10
Spot on creme flavor im not a huge fan but it seems to mix well with most PWO i tried with it.

Mixability - 7/10
Stays a little gritty in a shaker so mix and slam, most of the time i just dumped the scooper in my mouth

Dosing - 10/10
This seems to be spot on


Site says

Intense strength and lean muscle accrual through increased circulating Free Testosterone levels
Prolonged exercise endurance do to greater mitochondrial efficiency and enhanced oxygen-carrying blood flow
Superior nutrient delivery due to heightened and sustained vasodilation.
Extremely increased virility (i.e. sex-drive)

While on this stack I did notice strength gains and I also saw changes in my muscles I cant say that one product did or did not help with this

Also I noticed and increase in my ability to stay at it in the gym, at about the second week on D-Pol and Erase I saw an increase in the total volume and total weight I was using, again I cant say one product did a better job than the other for this but it was there.

One thing I can give to D-Pol which I noticed right away was the veins started poping out right away and stayed that way well after my workout was over and I was just sitting at home. The pumps from this were great!

No noticable increase in sex drive to note but I didnt need an increase there anyway.

I did notice after the second week I started waking up feeling really good or better than normal while on the stack


Value - 8/10

Around $25.00 for 30 servings, less than a dollar per serving I'm good with that, other DAA products may be cheaper but they are generally just DAA.

Side Effects

No real side effects to report aside from being a little gassy at times I had no negative effects at all

I really enjoyed my first run of a DAA product and I'm glad I followed the advice found here on SR and went with D-Pol, the flavor and extra added vitamins in the mix were a welcomed addition. Ive been off it now for a week with no noticable let downs so I would reccomend this product as I'm sure I will be using it again in the near future.
  • Tastes Good
  • Strength Gains
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Awesome Pumps
  • Solid Ingredient Profile
    Rep: +31
    Trust: 21%
      September 20, 2013

    Wow! So it has indeed been a minute since I have written a review. Life happens and unfortunately certain things took a spot on the back burner including the gym for this guy. Which brings me to Purus Labs DPol powder. I was looking for something to take in conjunction with my beloved Animal Stak so I didn't have to waste much time and get back to the strength, size and pure awesomeness I was before life got in the way of what we all love, the gym.

    First off, a brief rundown of the supplement; DPol is D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) powder which escalates free testosterone production, increases nitric oxide (NO) levels and boosts adenosine triphosphate (ATP) storage in the muscles. Needless to say, running a tub of DPol with Animal Stak is a recipe for great pumps and quick gains (regains in my case).

    Now, DPol consists of the following:
    Vitamin D3
    Vitamin B6
    Vitamin B9
    Vitamin B12

    Naturally, the B and D Vitamins give you energy, while the DAA and Niratene increase testosterone and boost NO levels.

    Value: 9
    I purchase majority of my supplements from All-Star Health. They are super cheap compared to other online supplement distributers and do not overcharge for shipping to Guam. You can purchase a tub of Purus Labs DPol, which is an entire 30 day supply from them for $19.95!

    Effectiveness: 9
    You cannot beat a supplement you actually feel working! I took DPol with my morning/pre workout meal, which consist of a large serving of oatmeal, two eggs and an ounce of almonds roughly about 45 mins to hour before walking into the gym. The carbohydrates and multivitamin helped my body absorb DPol giving me amazing pumps and visible vascularity throughout my entire workout.

    Taste: 4
    The only downside of DPol powder is the taste. Now, let me explain why I chose powder supplements over pills. I think about it from a marathon runner's perspective. When runners are training for a race they want to conserve all their energy for the training. Majority of their meals are smoothies because they are already broken down and your body does not have to work as hard to break them down. So, I believe powder supplement are absorbed and processed into the body faster. Long story short, I do not know why they went with Custard Crème as their flavor of choice.

    Overall: 8
    If you group the value and effectiveness of DPol together you would have a perfect 10 in my opinion, but it tastes awful and does not mix well. I always noticed powder remains at the bottom of the glass when I finished the serving. When everything is said and done, this is a great supplement for someone who is looking to boost their testosterone.

    Thanks for reading!
    • Increased Muscle Hardness
    • Good Value
    • Increased Libido
    • Awesome Pumps
    • Does Not Mix Well
    Rep: +1,340
    Trust: 100%
      September 5, 2013

    It seems the success of D-pol wasn't enough for the boys and girls at Purus Labs. Or that a consumer wrote a long and very angry letter complaining about how the tablets from the original were just too big. And then someone, somehow, came up with the bright idea of just smashing up the pills and adding a custard crème flavor to create this: D-Pol Powder.


    Serving Size: 1 scoop (4.4 grams)
    Servings per Container: 30
    Vitamin D3 4000IU
    Vitamin B6 2mg
    Vitamin B9 400mcg
    Vitamin B12 6mcg
    Sodium 130mg

    LH/Free Testosterone/ATP Amplifying Vasodiolatory Oxygen Sparing Matrix: 3.6 grams
    D-Aspartic Acid (3.12 grams), Nitratine (std. for 73% nitrates)(480mg), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) (4,000IU)

    I know in the past a lot of other supplement companies have changed or tweaked the profiles when creating different forms of the same product. This is not the case for D-pol powder, as each serving still provides the same amount of vitamins in their natural form. As well as the same amount of 3 plus grams of DAA you get in the tablets.

    I ran two bottles back to back taking one scoop first thing in the morning 30 minutes prior to working out on an empty stomach. On off days, I took D-pol first thing in the morning prior to the first meal of the day. On the label Purus recommends taking a serving of a multivitamin along with D-pol powder to aid in Vitamin D3 absorption. I did not do this and opted instead to take my multi after the very first meal of the day as I normally was doing.

    Overall Effectiveness: 9/10

    When I took the original D-pol I was kind of skeptical of just how much I would be able to get out of the DAA in terms of boosting my testosterone. My experiences with the original D-pol however ended being much more than what I expected and my results from the powder were just the same. I noticed increased aggression/anger in and out of the gym, especially during Calculus III, driving, and at work. I also noticed a general increase in confidence and a lot more of the "Alpha Male" feeling. There were also a few spots on my body that I got more acne at as compared to normally while I was running D-pol.

    Pump: 10/10
    This is my favorite part about the product. The pumps from D-pol are without a doubt the best I've ever had in my life. Each contraction, each rep, and each set seemed to make every specific muscle fiber expand and twitch providing one of the most satisfying senses of euphoria. With a good pre-workout, the feeling is even better.

    Taste: N/A
    I feel this may be a little unfair to rate the taste of a product such as D-pol, but it most certainly has to be addressed. The flavor of the powder is at first very sweet and has a nice initial taste to it. However due to the DAA, there is a very bitter and swift aftertaste that just simply ruins everything. The very time I tried it I gagged and almost spit out everything. The best way I've found to circumvent this is to mix the powder with something sweet and tangy like a fruit flavored pre-workout or a little bit of Sprite Zero.

    Value: 10/10
    A tub of D-pol Powder will run you just about 20-24$ online depending on where you order it from. Considering the effectiveness of D-pol and that one tub will last you exactly 30 days, the value is absolutely superb in my opinion.

    Overall: 9.5/10
    Overall D-pol Powder is just a simple and highly effective product. I will however be sticking to the original as I much highly prefer the tablets over the taste of the powder. But if you're one of those people who can't swallow horse pills, I would highly recommend giving this a go.
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value
    • Increased Sex Stamina
    • Awesome Pumps
    • Solid Ingredient Profile
      Rep: +6,974
      Trust: 100%

        August 16, 2013

      Yet another review (too much time on my hands) this time for Purus labs DAA based test booster, D-Pol. D-Pol is certainly one of the most consistently rated products out there – almost always earning solid 8's or 9's from the ER team. However, my opinion on this entire category of products – natural test boosters, has always been ambivalent at best. As a result my ratings are a bit lower – it's a solid product at what it does, it's just that natty test boosters are of limited value to me, personally.

      Profile: 8/10
      Along with some vitamins and sodium the main profile is called "LH/Free Testosterone ATP Amplifying Vasodiolatory Oxygen Sparing Matrix" . Wow, lots of fancy words to say "Test Boosting Pump Blend". The ingredients are simple - 3.6g of DAA +Nitratine+D3 – very simple yet effective.

      Taste & Mixing: 9/10
      I loved the custard cr̬me flavor. It was a very nice change from all the fruit based flavors out there and I found it mixed well with just about any pwo that I added it to if I only wanted to mix a single glass in the early AM. It mixed well with some grittiness Рtypical of most DAA products.

      Dosing: 9/10
      I took 1 scoop fasted each and every morning. I frankly didn't realize that Purus says to take it with food but I train at 0500 so I simply don't have a whole lot of time to do that and I would rather have the benefit of the nitrates during my training session instead of after.

      Effectiveness: 7.75/10
      I have to say that I am not a huge fan of natty test boosters; I've used a good bit of them over the past 18 months but really it seems that all they give me is a bit of temporary gains and libido boost . I don't doubt that DAA does indeed raise test by 42% (as promised); it's just that that is not a whole lot to write home about. For me the difference between a test reading of 400 and a test reading of 568 is insignificant. Sure, if you're elderly (like me) it will put some "pep in your step" or "lead in your pencil" as they say but as far as strength or muscle gains – sorry but not going to happen imo. Although don't discount the placebo effect – it may be all in your mind but if it makes you think you can lift more, and you do lift more, then it's all good brothers.

      Anyway, this is a solid DAA product and far better results than just bulk DAA alone. So for that I will rate it more highly. The pump is solid – nothing to write home about for me, but then I take about 8g of nitrates normally.

      Value: 7/10
      You can purchase this online for around $22-$24 so that equates to 30 servings around .75 per serving. The price per serving for bulk DAA is around .25 so that's almost 3 times the price for the addition of nitrates. That's a pretty steep price to pay imo. As a result I find value somewhat less than most people but again, I get nitrates elsewhere so it's less value for me personally. I will also add that to really optimize the effects most people will run an aromatase inhibitor (AI) alongside a test booster (think PES Erase). That makes the cost of a natty stack almost double. In the past year a good many companies have released all in one products that contain an AI already built in, so that takes the value down a bit as well.

      Overall: 7.5/10
      Dpol Powder is a solid product by a solid company; as I said at the start, I just don't particularly love this product category. As a result I struggled with rating it a 7 or rating it an 8. In my personal opinion, natty test boosters require too much buck, for too little bang. However, I do realize that it can be of value to some people and I would recommend this or RCSS Testogen over just bulk DAA despite the steeper price tags. I will continue to purchase and use this but only during PCT. And for that scenario, it's preferred to not have an AI built in, so this fits nicely in that specific use. I'll give this a maybe because if you think you can benefit from a natty test booster, or need it for PCT, then I do recommend giving this particular product a try.
      • Increased Libido
      • Solid Ingredient Profile
      • Pricey
      Rep: +494
      Trust: 10%
        August 7, 2013

      Purus Labs - D-Pol Powder

      D-Pol consistently receives positive reviews on SR, and is considered a staple in many natural testosterone boosting stacks. The formula is very simple, containing the clinically studied 3.12 grams of DAA that support the body's natural ability to produce testosterone, 480mg of Nitratene for endurance and pumps, and vitamins B and D for additional energy and testosterone support. Simple, and because D-Pol only targets natural testosterone production through the DAA route, it can be stacked with many other different products such as Animal Stak, Erase - practically any non-DAA test boosting product. The nitrates are a nice addition, as the benefits of supplementing with nitrates include increased endurance, and a dense muscle pump.

      My Experience – I ran 2 containers of powdered D-Pol back to back as part of my first full 8 week natty stack. I ran this with Erase (an AI) and NOW Dopa (for possible prolactin issues – DAA has been shown to possibly raise prolactin levels when supplemented) along with the rest of my staples (pre, creatine, fish oil).

      I am 22 years old, and so I did not expect any great boosts to my testosterone, aware that my production is already near its peak. However, I did experience some effects from the stack that indicate that my hormones were still positively impacted. I was more focused on adding strength than anything else during this run, and pushed it hard for 8 weeks, without a de-load of any sorts. I normally feel "overtrained" after around 3-4 weeks of lifting heavy, but I feel that this stack helped negate any of those feelings. Overtraining can sometimes cause the body to produce less testosterone, and that is one of the reasons why I wanted to run this stack. I did not feel run down at any point in this stack, as I have before when running a similar split, and felt my testosterone production was high throughout. My strength made consistent gains throughout the 8 weeks - Nothing crazy, but more consistent over an 8 week period than normal.

      My libido was also positively impacted from this stack. I was ready to go all the time, similar to how I was back as a 16 year old in high school. Sex felt better, orgasms more intense. Stamina was also increased, but on occasion, I would still experience a quickie, but that was more from an overwhelming sensation of pleasure than anything else. It almost felt too good not to pop.

      Hunger was also increased. I began this stack thinking recomp, but after a few days, my hunger was at the point that a recomp would be very hard to achieve. I would become ravenous at seemingly random parts of the day, and my hunger could rarely be satisfied. This leads to my next positive from this stack, which is how I was able to eat like ***, and still maintain/improve my physique. It was real hard for me to stick to a diet during this run, which is telling because I normally have no problem in this department.
      Pump was also very prominent. I respond fairly well to nitrates, and have run Purus Labs' Condense before, with very similar results. It was not a wet or bloated pump, but a dense compact one. Combined with the leaning aspect of Erase, I on occasion, can confidently say that my pumps were straight up dirty.

      Negative Sides – Not many that I can think of. I do feel that sometimes, when combined with a strong pre-workout, that they nitrates could cause some lightheadedness/blood pressure issues. This did not occur too often, but should be noted.

      Another negative, which is going to bring down the overall score and value, does not really pertain to the effectiveness of the product, but rather the actual content. My first tub only lasted 26 days, and the second was also less than 30. I leveled off the scoopa for each usage for the first tub, and still came up 4 servings short. I thought that maybe I was packing the scoopa too tightly, so I went with looser scoops for the second tub. It made no difference, still not a full 30 days/servings. I have also read a few others stating the same thing РThis issue needs to be addressed, and until it does, I cannot recommend the powder. The taste was not bad (Custard Cr̬me) and actually made for a tasty concoction when mixed with a pre-workout, but when there is an option to buy tablets, and a full 30 day supply at that, this powder suddenly becomes that much less appealing.

      Overall Thoughts – I really enjoyed my 8 week natty stack, despite being 22. I was able to add strength longer, eat more, and have more enjoyable sex. I had some of the best pumps of my life. Not much more you could ask for (except maybe a full 30 servings!), considering this product can be found for only 20 bucks most places. I will be using D-Pol again, but in pill form. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a boost, but would also say that it probably works better for those older (30s+). Still though, it's hard to beat getting a clinical dose of DAA, Vitamin D, and Nitrates, for 20 stones.
      • Good Value
      • Solid Ingredient Profile
      • Didn't Have 30 Servings
      Rep: +1,615
      Trust: 100%
        July 9, 2013

      Whats up SR. A very big thank you to the Purus Labs for sending the whole ER team a container of this to try. It was greatly appreciated. For those who don't already know, D-pol is also available in pill form. This is just the newer powder version. On to the review.

      Ingredients-8/10- I love D-pol because of its simplicity. Its basically DAA with Nitratene. Along with some Vitamins. I like having an option where you can just get straight DAA. I love other test boosters that are all inclusive, but sometimes just having a simple profile makes it easier to stack with other products you may want to try. So we have DAA for test boosting, at its clinical dose. Plus Nitratene for Pumps. Solid.

      Taste-5/10- Okay, Custard creme was just not my thing. I tried it several times, and it was just gross. I mixed it with protein powders and it was tolerable. Its got a very bitter and almost sour taste, which is to be expected from DAA, but than you have the flavor of custard creme sweet. It just didn't mix well for me. And honestly, I'll probably never buy the powder version unless they have something new in the works.

      Dosing- I did 1 scoop 30 minutes pre workout, on an empty stomach. Worked like a charm every time.

      Effectiveness-9/10- I was quite surprised how quickly this took effect for me. It was probably because I was going into PCT but the effects were noticed almost immediately. My sex drive was up, and mood was increased almost instantly. I don't think it was placebo related either. I felt like this helped me have a very successful pct and got the boys working again downstairs. This also makes for an awesome pre workout. The pumps for D-pol are awesome. I experienced the same pumps in the pill version. And to this day, I've never experienced pumps quite like I do with D-pol. Its just different. Its a muscle pump that hurts. Typical sides of increased test were there, aggression, acne ect. So it definitely worked. My muscles did get fuller and harder as I worked through the container. I got blood work done and everything was back in normal range. So D-pol did its job for me.

      Value-8/10- I feel this is pretty effectively priced. Your looking at around 23-25 dollars for a month supply. Which isn't bad. Your getting a full dose of DAA, and a pump product. If your looking for just daa and want to stack something than look here, but if you want something that has everything in it look elsewhere. Value is a solid 8 though.

      Overall-8/10- Its a solid product. I really enjoyed my run with it. Only complaint for me was the taste, you either hate it or love it. I think Purus labs really has a gem with D-pol. Its a great product to add to a pct, or any natty test boosting cycle. And you should definitely try it if you haven't already.
      • Strength Gains
      • Increased Muscle Hardness
      • Increased Energy
      • Builds Muscle
      • Good Value
      • Increased Libido
      • Awesome Pumps
      • Solid Ingredient Profile
        Rep: +316
        Trust: 100%
          July 9, 2013

        After taking the pill form of dpol, I decided to give the powder form a shot. Once again dpol delivered. Even though I would prefer to take the horse pills over this custard creme I was still very happy with results. With further due let me break down my experience with this supplement.

        PROFILE 9/10:

        Vitamin D3- 4000IU
        Vitamin B6- 2mg
        Vitamin B9- 400mcg
        Vitamin B12- 6mcg
        Sodium- 130mcg

        LH/Free Testosterone/ATP Amplifying Vasodilatory Oxygen Spearing Matrix- 3.6g

        D-Aspartic Acid(3.12g), Nitratene(high molecular-yield nitrate form)(std. For 73% nitrates)(480mg), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)(4000IU)

        DOSING 9/10:

        I took 1 scoop a hour before working out and on off days I would take it first thing in the morning. It was a very simple way to dose.

        TASTE/MIXIBILITY 7/10:

        When I first had opened the container and smelled that custard creme my mouth started watering. It smelled so delicious and I got really excited about drinking it. Let me tell you that the smell is very deceiving. Once consumed it had a very tart/sour/bitter taste that my taste buds did not enjoy. There was grit in the bottom of the shaker, I added more water to it so I made sure that I consumed the full dose. From reading others reviews this is a hit or miss with people enjoying the taste, you will have to try it out and see if you enjoy it.

        EFFECTIVNESS 9/10:

        To my surprising this kicked in really fast. I start noticing the effects around ten days. My pumps were more pronounced and lasted longer. My libido shot threw the roof , I felt 16 all over again. Its funny my girl always knows when I'm taking some type of test booster, PH, or gear. She is always very happy with my performance and tells me that what ever supplements I'm taking that I should stay on them. I had more stamina and my erections felt a lot fuller and harder. I think the nitrate played a great role in that department. I noticed more strength, increased aggression, my muscle felt more dense, and oily skin which is a tell tale sign that the product is working.

        SIDE EFFECTS 9/10: The only side that I got from dpol was bacne and a lil acne on my shoulders, chest, and forehead.

        VALUE 9/10:

        I bought this from lockout for 22 dollars and 5 dollars for shipping. You can find this at most retailers for 20-25 dollars. It is worth every penny in my opinion.

        OVERALL 8/10:

        I'm giving this a 8 due to the taste and mixing. Custard creme isn't for me. I will continue to use the pill form of dpol until they come out with a new flavor. I think they are coming out with strawberry cheesecake soon, hopefully it will taste better than the custard creme.

        I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a great test booster and a good pump product. It is very effective and has delivered for me every time and I will continue to use this in the future.
        • Strength Gains
        • Awesome Pumps
        • Increased Libido
        • Increased Sex Stamina
        • Solid Ingredient Profile
        • Good Value
        • Increased Energy
        • Increased Muscle Hardness
        • Caused Some Acne
        • Does Not Mix Well
        Rep: +2,585
        Trust: 100%
          June 29, 2013

        Purus Labs, D-POL. A very sincere thanks to Purus for hooking up all of the expert reviewers with a tub of the new from of D-POL, powder.

        This will be a brief synopsis, for the results and effectiveness were near identical to the pills in which I have reviewed in the past. To take a peek at this review for more depth, click below...


        The original D-POL is one of my favorite supplements to date. There are few that I have found more effective and reliable. Were are all sold on the effects of DAA, and to combine a solid pump product that works is simply a win-win. I found this to be very similar with a few slight differences, which may help you determine if the pill or powder form is most suitable for you.

        Overall: 8

        Once again, D-POL delivers, even in the powder form. The price is on point, or even lower than what they could get away with, and now comes in an easier to swallow form.

        Profile: 9

        Purus Labs D-Pol Powder
        Custard Creme Flavor
        Servings per Container: 30

        Amount Per Serving (% Daily Value)
        Vitamin D3 4000IU (1000%)
        Vitamin B6 2mg (100%)
        Vitamin B9 400mcg (100%)
        Vitamin B12 6mcg (100%)
        Sodium 130mg (5%)

        LH/Free Testosterone/ATP Amplifying Vasodiolatory Oxygen Sparing Matrix
        D-Aspartic Acid (3,120mg), Nitratine (std. for 73% nitrates), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) (4,000IU) 3600.1mg **

        It contains exactly what it should to be effective, along with added vitamins for energy and additional test raising capabilities.

        Effectiveness: 8

        This worked almost identical to the original tablets. The only thing that I found to be less noticeable were the pumps. The pumps were good, solid, and frequent. But not as pronounced as when I had dosed the tablets. But, I mainly attribute that to the fact that I ran an 8 week supply of tablets dosing the Nitrates daily, allowing for a more frequent and constant blood level. I only took the powder on workout days, for I had not planned this to be a part of my stack, just a late addition. I am fairly certain dosing this daily would remedy this issue, but this was my experience and have to rate it as such.

        Dosing: 8

        It is powder, should be more convenient than swallowing three huge pills, but I actually preferred the pills. Having to mix this in addition to a PWO, or shake was just one more thing to do. I would rather just slam down the pills than mess with the powder. But for anyone with issues swallowing pills, this is the way to go. for even with the new coating, D-POL pills are large and could be tough to manage.

        Taste: 6

        Custard Crème isn't the first flavor that pops into my mind when looking for any flavored supplement. I can only imagine that they chose this because it is very difficult to mask the flavor and tartness of DAA, so why not go with it. I know many that actually really enjoyed this flavor, but I did not. I found it best when mixed straight with a PWO. It ruined any shake I tried, so I either took it straight, or with a PWO/Amino product. It mixes well for DAA. It isn't 100% soluble, leaving behind some grit and sediment, but its the best I have seen for DAA.

        Value: 9

        A full months supply of quality DAA, Vitamins, especially D, and a pump that keeps on giving for $20? I will take it every time. I will be using D-POL again and again, but I will continue with the pill form, as it is my preference.

        • Increased Muscle Hardness
        • Good Value
        • Solid Ingredient Profile
        • Doesn't Taste Very Good
        Rep: +4,007
        Trust: 100%

          May 16, 2013

        Huge thanks and shout out to Purus Labs and the ER program for hooking me up with a tub of this free of charge.

        For those of us who have been consumers in this industry for quite some time, it's no secret that the category of natural testosterone boosters is perhaps one of the bigger scams in the market. Most of these products may yield a negligible 3-5% increase in test at best. Fortunately, I think we can say that is not the case with Purus Lab's golden child that is D-POL. Sure the name is a little cheesy, resembling that of the widely known oral steroid D-bol, but I received some pretty notable benefits on this supplement and there is a lot of promising science supporting the claims. I'm currently in my off-season utilizing Intermittent Fasting (16/8) and the Wendler 531 program. I ran D-POL immediately following 4 weeks on USP Labs's Test Powder with my usual multi vitamin, fish oil, protein, and creatine (no AI or anything crazy). Let's begin.

        D-aspartic Acid (or DAA for short) is making it's name in the market with it's significant ability to actually boost free testosterone. Blood work results are popping up more often and I've seen as high as 33% increases in the hormone, which is pretty damn impressive for something that is natural. Purus gave this product the clinical 3g dose of DAA which is a good thing. The other active ingredients include a generous dose of Vitamin D3 which is the biologically active form of Vitamin D and is crucial for many things, including freeing up testosterone. I like the fact that Purus recognized all the new research coming out on D3 and decided to include it in the mix. The other super star in the ingredient profile is the added Nitrates. Nitrates are also making some noise in the market as they are pretty much a pure form of Nitric Oxide, rather than the silly L-Arginine that we once thought was the ultimate game changer. Some nitrates are even prescribed to heart patients so we can confidently say these are affective. These are shown to actually aide in vasodilation which won't turn you into Ronnie Coleman over night but it can aide in pumps and nutrient uptake.

        Dosing/Flavor: 10/10
        DAA is known to be disgusting in the powder form. There's no doubt it's hard to flavor but Purus hit this one out of the park. The Custard Creme doesn't sound too appetizing but I found it extremely pleasant to drink. It's great for masking unflavored creatine as well. The one scoop a day dose is easy and mixes fairly well, leaving only a few grits of powder at the bottom of a glass when mixed with a spoon. I typically had mine 30 minutes pre workout on an empty stomach and on off-days it was taken with my first meal.

        Effectiveness: 9/10
        I am 22. My test levels are more than likely normal or above average. However, all the tell-tale signs of an increase in testosterone were there. I had some mild acne show up on my forehead on and off, increased gym stamina, increased strength, and incredibly heightened libido. The rumors about the pumps in the gym are true as well. I'm still in my prime when it comes to frisking the ladies but after my second week on the product, I was pulling all night shag sessions with my lady friends. Erections were more pronounced and my sex stamina was insane. Some of the rumors about the slight increase in testicle size...I think they may be true. Obviously I wasn't measuring my boys but let's face it- I'm a dude and my hands always seem to be down there when I'm reading a book or watching the tube and things felt just a little bit above average size throughout the usage of the product.. I'm being completely srs right now.. I also hit several PRs in the gym while taking D-POL which I can't attribute fully to the product because of the pure effectiveness of the Wendler training program, my tedious tracking of macro nutrients, and somewhat strict sleep schedule.

        Value: 8/10
        This product can be found just shy of 20 bucks on before 5 dollar shipping right now.. While some companies are out there selling their under-par test boosters for 100+ dollars, Purus is keeping the ingredient profile simple and effective while also keeping moths from flying out of wallets. I received this for free but I can dig that price and I hope that it doesn't climb over time.

        Overall: 9/10
        I'm not huge on test boosters but I had did enjoy the month I was on D-POL. I won't go as far as to say this is a necessity in the supplement arsenal of someone my age, but it can enhance your sex and training life a bit. I think this is definitely a good product for those in their late 20s and up who have experienced the legitimate toll of decreasing testosterone levels. I'm giving this supplement a great rating but there are no miracle supplements. To yield the greatest benefits, one should be tracking macro nutrients and utilizing some form of progressive overload in resistance training with compound lifts being the focus.

        This stuff is definitely worth a try, specially for you older cats.
        • Tastes Good
        • Strength Gains
        • Increased Muscle Hardness
        • Increased Energy
        • Good Value
        • Increased Sex Stamina
        • Increased Libido
        • Awesome Pumps
        • Solid Ingredient Profile
          Rep: +3,120
          Trust: 100%
            May 4, 2013

          First of all, thank you to Purus labs for hooking all the ER's up with a tub of this product.

          For the purpose of this review, I shall be reviewing both this recent tub, and the results of previous cycles of d-pol which I've done in tab form. So far I've done 3 cycles in tab form, plus this 30 day cycle in powder form.

          Taste: 8.5/10

          The flavor is custard crème, and it taste exactly as advertised, pretty much like a custard crème donut. It is enjoyable to drink, not a chore at all. D'aspartic acid in its raw form has a very sour, almost metallic flavor to it, extremely strong, and therefore difficult to cover up. This product gets there about 90% of the way, but you can still tell its daa underneath

          Value: 7/10

          On the value side, I gotta balance cost vs how good of a product it is. It is one of the pricier daa products. Both the tab form and the powder form run $24 at nutraplanet, while other powders run as cheap as 12-18 dollars for a 30 day supply. All that said, I'm willing to pay extra for a higher quality blend, and this def fits the billing.

          Effectiveness: 9/10

          D'aspartic acid (tied with Green Mag) has given me the best results of any supplement I've used. That said, I've had very mixed results with different brands of daa, ranging from incredible, to almost no results at all (as measured by strength gains).

          I consider D-Pol to be the GOLD STANDARD amoung daa products, as I've never had a bad run with it and the results have been consistent every time.

          I struggle to figure out why this is, my theory is its either a superior quality of daa, or its the added Vitamin D 4000 iu or 1000% of daily value. Many on various forums swear be the extra Vitamin D for the test boost, so I'm convinced this may be a big reason for its success.

          With all that said on DAA products, I have found them to work far better adding in an AI such as Erase, or my go to favorite of Triazole.

          My only real complaint with this product is the artificial sweetener (sucralose). I wish companies would start using Stevia instead (I'd even prefer cane sugar).


          If you're at the age (30+) where your test levels are starting to wane, adding a good daa product + an ai will yield about the best results you'll ever find in a natural product, and Purus Labs D Pol brand of daa is a BMW in a supplement world of Kias
          • Tastes Good
          • Strength Gains
          • Builds Muscle
          • Sucralose

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