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Pure Factors Ultimate Reviews

By: Pure Solutions

  April 9, 2013

    • Not Effective
    • Too Expensive
    -Military Vet, 27-years-old, over 10 years of weight training (recreational).

    -PH History- Tren Extreme, Mechabol, DMZ rx 2.0, Helladrol, and Epistane

    -Mainstream Supplement History- Creatine, Nitric Oxide, Protein, fish oil, daily multi-vitamin (numerous brands used, nothing significantly different).

    -Pure Factors Ultimate Pro IGF 600 (4 weeks/one bottle)

    -Price: Nearly 90 dollars after shipping

    -Goal: Drop weight, increase/maintain strength (varying on the amount lost I will be satisfied with maintain).

    -30 Drops every morning (half a syringe)

    Stacked with: protein and multi-vitamin.


    -5 days on, 1 day off, repeat.
    -4 out of 5 workouts begin with a one mile run uphill.
    -Pyramid, super sets, med-heavy, burnout with pull-ups/push-ups/dips/abs
    -kick-boxing, Monday through Saturday


    -3 light meals a day, between; hole grain snacks, plenty of water (2,500 cal. avg).

    Measurement Results:

    Weight = 188 to 183 (-5 lbs)
    Waist = 33 to 33 (no change)
    Arms = 17.25 to 17.25 cold flexed (no change)
    Quads = 23 to 23 ('no change' measured 7in up from the knee cold flexed).

    Visual Results:

    -Drop in body fat, leaner muscles, increase vascularity.

    Strength Results:

    -Bench 275x10 (No change)
    -Squats 315x10 (+15 lbs, 90 degree bends)
    -Increased endurance, and energy

    Negative side-effects (scale 1-10):

    - (1)NONE

    Bottom Line:

    I'm dropping weight for a kick boxing team and I have succeeded in that, however I have done this level of training before at the same degree of intensity and I do not feel any significant difference this time while taking "Pro IGF 600".

    The only thing I know for sure I felt after taking it was "motivated" but to hand over my hard earned results after four weeks to this supplement, I'm afraid I honestly do not feel that was the case.

    I wanted it to work, and do something but the truth is I believe it was nothing more than a placebo effect and the price was definitly not worth giving it another month in my opinion.

    *****"Somewhere somebody is training to defeat you"******

    COMMENTS (2)

    • Pj22
      Rep: +47
      April 9, 2013

      Have you ever look into the deer antler spray? It's transdermal. I hear mixed reviews but it might be worth looking into for you. Nice post.

    • April 9, 2013

      The ‘deer antler’ subject caught my attention after reading articles online regarding professional athletes using the product. There are variables to be considered such as length of use, dosage, and my physcial acceptablility of the supplement. So I will not say "I don't recommend it" I just don't recommend it for my own use based on limited results over a 4 week span. I do intend on trying the product again by another company and in a different form during a PH off cycle in the future, and I'll be sure to update you guys.

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