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By: Pumped Sports

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Pumped Sports for sending it out!
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  January 30, 2017

  • Mood Elevation
  • Increased Energy
  • Consistently Effective
  • Focus
  • No Dyes
  • Clean Profile
  • Not Widely Available
  • Hit Or Miss Pumps
  • Too Expensive
  • Slightly Expensive
First off I want to thank Pumped Sports for letting us troopers have the chance to give this product a try. After reading some of the reviews and seeing they were all mostly giving it high ratings it really got my interesting in wanting to try this if it came up on the trooper program again. This is a newer company but are not located in the USA. This company is located in New Zealand. Usually I am a bit skeptical about trying products from other countries but with the good reviews this was getting I was ok with trying it. I give them big props for getting this ready and shipped out to me as quickly as they did since it was being shipped from New Zealand which I figured would take a bit longer to get. This was another pre-workout I can say I was pleased with having the chance to try.

The profile for this I thought was pretty good. This has a very well rounded list of ingredients to help in a lot of areas which I like. I really like that they fully list everything they put in here and don't hide behind prop blends. I like that they dose everything at good amounts that are effective. The caffeine part I think is a little on the low side at 200mg. I would like to see the caffeine upped a little to around 300mg. I seem to do better at 300-350mg. I did not let the 200mg bother me to much because it still seemed effective for me (maybe not at much as I would have liked but I was ok with that.)

Right now the only site that I know of that sell this besides their website is They want $34.99 for 30 servings. That to me is a little on the high side I think. I would like to see this drop to around $30 at most. I think if some more sites can pick this up the price might drop a little.

I decided to go with the pineapple flavor. I wanted to try something a little different but after trying this I wish I would tried one of their other flavors fruit punch or raspberry lemonade instead. To me this was so/so. It was not horrible but nothing real outstanding. I think it could have a bit stronger of a taste to it. I have had other pineapple flavors before and liked them a lot more so. I know after awhile I got kind of tired of this flavor. At least there is no real chemical taste to it. When I got half way through the container I was starting to get tired of this and had to start downing it right away. I think a little bit of improvement to the taste would really help a lot. It was nothing horrible to drink but could use just a little tweaking to it.

Had no issues at all with it mixing. Seemed to mix very nicely each time I used this. I give them big props for using no dyes in this. I really don't care what color it is. The more I can stay away from dyes the better off I am. There is just no need to have them. The way this is dosed this is pretty close to a one scooper. I would only use one scoop each time and that seem to be effective enough for me. There might be a couple ingredients I would liked to have had a little more of but then it would be to much of some other stuff I did not need more of.

This was a great product if your looking for a very well rounded pre-workout that will help you in a lot of different areas. I like that they don't go overly crazy on the stims with this. For me being someone who can handle stims more on the higher side this still seemed to give me a nice boost of energy. It was nothing overly crazy to make you feel all cracked out and jittery which I liked. I think since I have been consuming a lot of caffeine lately and at some rather high amounts it was good this was bit on the lower side for me. I like to have a decent amount of caffeine to help give you that nice boost of energy but don't want to feel all cracked out and jittery either. This will give you that more of a clean type energy. I felt this helped me with my endurance a bit more. At times I felt I could keep going longer and was more ready between sets. Also at times I felt stronger when I was doing higher reps even though they don't use any creatine in this which was nice.

The pumps on this were not to bad. This does have a decent amount of agmatine in this at 1000mg. I always seem to have trouble when it comes to feeling pumps. This gave me some pumps but I had to keep going and take very little time between sets to feel them more. I think I am one of those people who does not responded real well to agmatine or unless it is a really high amount. I will say that when I did feel them it was very noticeable but it was not real often I would feel them. The vascularity was not to bad. I did notice a bit more some veins in my forearms and into my bicep I had not noticed before. So it did help me a bit more with looking a bit more vascular. It was not to the point I would have liked but it was still decent. If you want a good pre-workout that will really help you get locked in and focused better during your workouts this is a good product for that. Each time I would use this I felt like I could dial into my workouts a lot better and want to keep going. I think having good ingredients to help with mental focus is a big plus to have and this one really shines in that area. Over all I never had or noticed any real stomach issues while taking this. I know some times if there is to much for ingredients or to high on the caffeine I will get a little bit of an upset stomach but not with this. This seems to be pretty easy on the stomach which was nice.

Side Effects:
Nothing I noticed:

This was a product I was very pleased with and found to be pretty effective. I like that this has a lot of different ingredients (at good dosages) to help in a lot of areas and not just all stims. If your looking for a very well rounded and effective pre-workout I would highly recommend checking this out. It seems like a lot of pre-workout are going more with just high amounts of stims and seem to be forgetting there are other ingredients people want from a pre-workout also. I would like to see a few more sites start carrying this product. Also I hope they start making some more products to add to their product line because I think they could have some more good products they could be bringing us. Again I want to give a big shout out to pumped sports for making this great product and letting us troopers try it.
  • Pineapple: 6/10


  • Rep for this Brand
    January 30, 2017

    Hi Workoutguru, thanks for the review, we are glad that you liked LOADED and we have taken your feedback onboard. We have actually just improved our Pineapple flavor so hopefully it will be more to your liking now :)

    Regarding the limited availability we are actually starting to reach out to more US retailers now so hopefully we can add to this list in the very near future! We are also starting to ship direct from within the US also which should help this. In regards to other products, we do have 2 new supplements we are currently working on and we hope to have these out shortly.

    Also just as an FYI, if you are interested in purchasing LOADED in the future you can grab it for $33.24 if you purchase through the discount coupon we have on PricePlow. I hope this helps regarding pricing! Thanks again for your review :)
    Pumped Sports

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