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Loaded Reviews

By: Pumped Sports

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Pumped Sports for sending it out!
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  August 8, 2016

  • Mood Elevation
  • Increased Energy
  • Consistent Pumps


    Huge apologies to Pumped Sports for taking so long with this review. I just landed a new job not too long ago and have been ridiculously busy but everything is finally slowing down so I'm just now getting to this review. Sorry guys!

    Ingredient Profile

    Loaded has just about everything you could want in a pre workout. The caffeine (anhydrous and infinergy) and Taurine combination is a great one-two punch for energy. That's not the only punch being thrown though, as Loaded also has N-methyltyramine, theobromine, and hordenine to help wake you up and get you ready to lift some serious weight. Huperzia Serrata Extract makes an appearance for mood enhancement. Agmatine at a solid 1 gram and Nitrosigine will help getting the ever important pump. Among these heavy hitting punches, some have missed the mark. Betaine Anhydrous is great as a natural strength booster and I've read that it is even better when accompanied with creatine. The lack of creatine is not the main concern however; the 1.25 grams missing to complete the 2.5 gram effacious dose is the concern. I understand some companies make a post-workout product with the other 1.25 grams to make sure you 1) get the 2.5 grams 2) buy another one of their products. I would much prefer that companies just include it at 2.5 grams in one product rather than try to sell me two. I digress though, I just deduct a little for the missing 1.25 grams. Similarly, I deduct for the missing 1.2 grams of Beta Alanine. I'm not aware of any reason to include 2-2.5 grams as opposed to 3.2 grams and I've seen this a lot in pre workouts recently. I'd understand, but disagree with, the half-dosing logic but not this. I'll end this section on a high note though, as I have to give huge props to Pumped Sports for creating a dye-free product. Overall, the ingredient profile is great and I'm just nitpicking, but that's what we should do as reviewers.


    I received the pineapple flavor, which I believe is the only flavor available. The only other things I can compare this to is pineapple juice and pineapple Mesomorph since I don't really drink pineapple flavors that often. While Mesomorph tasted more like actual pineapple juice, Loaded tasted like pineapple infused water (if that comparison makes any sense). It was much lighter than something like Mesomorph but was still distinctly pineapple flavored. Personally, I've started adding a little extra water to my supplements because it helps with hydration and I can attest that the flavor stays light, crisp, and refreshing at 6-8oz and 10-12+ oz. Additionally, with any amount of water I found Loaded mixed up well and left little to no residue behind. Similarly, it mixed up well with 1 scoop, which was my usual dosing, as well as with the occasional 1.5 scoops for those days when I felt like a zombie. I usually took this before my usual lift and cardio workouts but occasionally I took it before cardio.


    I could really notice the inclusion of a wide range of different ingredients to cover every angle. Most noticeable however, was the energy and pumps. Loaded gave me a smooth, steady, and bearable energy increase. I wasn't stimmed out of my mind, shaking, or feeling sick from too many stims. Compared to really heavy stim based pre workouts, this energy increase didn't last as long and noticeably dissipated around the 1.5 hr mark but this is to be expected. Pumps were pretty great as well. I haven't used nitrosigine on its own before so I'm mostly chalking it up to the inclusion of Agmatine at 1 gram, which there is nothing wrong with at all. Nitrosigine may have worked synergistically but I couldn't isolate any effect and say definitively that this worked better than just Agmatine. Still, that's besides the point, what matters is that Loaded definitely helped me get and keep a pump. Unfortunately, I just didn't feel much of the endurance or strength boosting from the beta alanine, betaine, etc. Additionally, I always had a feel-good vibe during my workouts but I'm not sure if that was from Huperzine A or just because I enjoy my work outs, but nonetheless I thought it was worth noting.


    I found this for around $35 on I couldn't find it anywhere else stateside as I believe Pumped Sports is a New Zealand brand. $35 is not overly egregious considering what is included but it also not some kind of steal considering that Loaded didn't deliver in all areas like I would want. Additionally, I'm deducting a little bit for only being available at one retailer at the moment.

    Side Effects

    I experienced no side effects while taking this product.


    Overall, this is a good product. You won't be disappointed if you buy it and should consider yourself lucky to get it as a gift. A pure average of the section scores, not including side effects, gives an 8.25 but I am actually reducing it to an 8 because I think value should be weighted just a slight bit more than something subjective like taste in this case (e.g. when the ratings for value and taste differ so greatly). That being said, I still think this is great product and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new pre workout.

    COMMENTS (2)

    • Rep for this Brand
      August 9, 2016

      Hi htevans, thanks for the detailed review and the feedback. We have taken what you have said on board for sure and we thank you for your kind remarks also! Overall we are glad you rate the product as highly as everyone else has. In regards to the pricing and only being available at one store, we are definitely hoping to extend our list of stockists in the US and we are working on this now. Hopefully we will have some more retailers on board soon as the word gets out about our products.

      Thanks again for the review.
      Team Pumped

    • htevans
      Rep: +1,186
      August 9, 2016

      Thanks for sending it out and being patient with me, sorry again about the wait. I look forward to seeing more of your products stateside.

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