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By: Pumped Sports

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Pumped Sports for sending it out!
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  July 21, 2016

  • Increased Energy
  • Focus
  • Great Recovery
    Shout out and thanks to the Pumped Sports reps, all the way in New Zealand.

    Right down the line, everything looks to be in order. All ingredients seem to be dosed at or around the minimum effective dose, and all is fully disclosed and accounted for.
    Looking at the ingredient profile, you get the impression they intended this to be as close to a "one scooper" as possible, as ingredients such as caffeine and Agmapure are dosed rather high (200mg and 1000mg respectively). Doubling the servings become, interesting, but no undoable.
    All in all, I've got little to complain about with Loaded.

    There is little to no settling in 700ml of water (personal choice), and servings mix up quick. You won't be standing there shaking your shaker cup, looking like a moron.

    TASTE: B
    I received the "pineapple" flavor, and it does a good job of getting close. It wasn't overwhelming, and it ball-parked the taste enough to where you understood it was supposed to be a pineapple flavor.

    It got the job done, end of story.
    Now a days, pre-workout products in general don't seem to be quite as effective as before. Granted, a good product will still shine through, but the grey area is all but gone. Products now either work, or they don't. Plain and simple. Loaded works.
    Energy wise, it's hard to go wrong with 200mg of caffeine, especially if you've already had an energy drink or cup of coffee by the time you've gotten around to working out. I usually have had one energy drink in the morning (usually one of those Starbuck's double shot things), and when noon rolls along energy levels are starting to dip. Loaded picked it up quick and had enough to help me through some trying training days. On the chance I used two servings of Loaded, I was a rock star in the gym.
    Pumps were noticeable, despite not training for them. I've said it before, but a lot of my training revolves around singles, doubles, and triples. Every now and then, I'll take something for 4+ reps. Despite this, pumps came through in whatever way they can. Not a necessity for myself, but always an added bonus.
    All said and done, Loaded works.

    VALUE: A's price finder-thing has Loaded listed at $34.99 for 30 servings (size I received). As compared to the good products out there I've used, that's about right.
    There's quite a bit to the product, so naturally the price is going to be high compared to most similar products period. Sprinkle in all the trademarks and copyright tags, and the price would seemingly go up. Even so, as stated earlier the price is comparable to other products I consider good, such as Myokem's Nitramine and LGI's Fully Loaded.

    I find it hard to give Loaded anything but a top score. Good, transparent ingredient profile, effective, and taste good. It checks off a lot of boxes for me, so Loaded is a go.
    • Pineapple: 7/10

    COMMENTS (1)

    • Rep for this Brand
      July 22, 2016

      Hi deumcole. Great review, glad you rate LOADED as highly as we do! We are actually working on improving our pineapple flavor slightly for the next run as well as introducing a second flavor, so people can keep an eye out for that. Hopefully this positive experience has turned you into a future Pumped Sports customer!

      Team Pumped

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