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Loaded Reviews

By: Pumped Sports

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Pumped Sports for sending it out!
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  March 7, 2016

  • Mood Elevation
  • Increased Energy
  • Focus
  • Too Expensive
  • Hit Or Miss Pumps

Update 06/13/2016:
With Pumped Sports Loaded now available at Tiger Fitness for $34.99, I would revise my value rating to a 7.5


It'll be my pleasure today to review a preworkout by Pumped Sports called Loaded. Pumped Sports is a pretty new company based out of New Zealand. I'm no stranger to preworkouts and are usually a staple of my supplement arsenal. When looking at the profile I was very impressed so I decided to give this a shot during the end of my bulking/strength routine. I was very pleased.

Ingredient Profile

So first, big props to Pumped Sports for the 100% fully transparent label. They are marketing this as an all around preworkout that aims to help in energy, pumps, focus, mood, etc. and they definitely went after very popular ingredients to address these needs. The profile begins with some well dosed beta alanine and betaine at 2.5 grams and 1.25 respectively. These are nice dosages, however 3-4 grams of beta alanine and 2.5 grams of betaine are the clinical dosages. Both of these ingredients want to address endurance during your workout and have worked for me before. The next part of the profile deals with pumps with some good dosages of agmatine, Nitrosigine, and taurine. Energy and focus are addressed with caffeine (200 mg), Infinergy (75 mg), and Tyrosine, choline, theombine, Huperzine, etc. Honestly, there's a ton of ingredients, all well known, in good doses. I have attached the profile. Even with all the ingredients, they do leave out creatine which I think a majority like as it allows us to supplement with that on our own from bulk supplies. I'm very impressed with the profile and think it does live up to the claims of a well rounded preworkout.


I had the pineapple flavor and it was great. Not too sour, not to sweet. Mixability was great and also a huge plus in it does not contain artificial coloring.

Dosing is standard at one scoop 20-30 min before a workout.


I used this coming off one of the best preworkouts I have ever taken in Conqu3r Unleashed. This is very high in stims as well, but was beta alanine free. I did not take a break between these supplements so I was a little worried that the energy and focus aspect would be hurt by this it, but it was not. Here is a better break down:

Endurance: Coming off a no beta alanine preworkout, I got the tingles back. I like that, and combined with the betaine, I did have great endurance during my run of this. Helped extend my workouts and recovery between sets. Solid.

Pumps: Better than expected, but nothing mind blowing. Muscles did feel fuller and some slight more vein popping, but was hit or miss. I think some citrulline or beet root might help here.

Energy and focus: This was the best part of supplement. I really like extended release caffeine, so even though the caffeine amount was a little low for me as a stim junkie, it helped me all throughout my hour-hour and half workouts with the Infinergy. I never crashed, just really good clean energy throughout the workouts and the tub. The focus was also exceptional as I did get a sense of "tunnel vision" and this did put me in a good mood. As I get older and have experienced more preworkouts, I really do tend to prefer these types of ingredients in preworkouts over most others. Loved this aspect.

Overall, a very effective preworkout I really enjoyed.


This is where Loaded is really hurt at the moment. Being based in New Zealand and a new company with limited distribution at the moment, this is very aspect. You can buy this on their website, and after converting to US dollars you'll pay $50 for this, including shipping. For 30 full servings, this is very expensive and would stop me from purchasing this in the future. I am however very impressed with the ingredients, disclosure, customer service and think as theirs company grows they will become very competitive in the future.

Side Effects

None to report. No stomach issues, crashing, etc.


A top tier preworkout for me with great ingredients and delivered solid workouts. If this company ups it's distribution and can get that price down, I'd definitely purchase this again.


  • Rep for this Brand
    March 8, 2016

    Hi Vaughn. Thanks for the review of Loaded, we are glad you rate it as highly as we do!

    As you have noted, pricing to the US is high due to being based in New Zealand and having to ship from here. We also have a weaker dollar which we need to factor in as well. Our products are made in the US so we would love to have a distributor there, this would allow us to bring down the cost for you quite significantly. In the mean time we will continue to bring out high quality, effective products with the hope word gets around and we catch someones attention :)

    Thanks again for your positive review.

  • Rep for this Brand
    May 24, 2016

    Hi Vaughn, I thought I should add that Loaded is now available in the US through Tiger Fitness. It will available at the link below from next week. If you would like to update your value score due to this then feel free to do so :) Thank you!

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