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Super Plasma Protein has been reported as discontinued.

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Super Plasma Protein Questions

By: Protein Factory

Rep: 0

what is this protein best suited for?

February 24, 2013

I am currently on a cut.


Rep: +3,550
Posted February 24, 2013

OK. so on a cut you really arent looking for extra calories so I would use this in your post workout protein shake.
Rep: +219
Posted February 24, 2013

For one thing this protein isn't a stand alone protein you add it to your protein shake. And its beef protein, 5g protein each table spoon and is very pricy. I think its a waste whether on a cut or bulk, just use a protein with low carbs like IsoFlex or the standard ON Gold Standard.
Rep: +2,297
Posted February 24, 2013

If you want protein on a cut use ON Gold Standard or any other lean Whey Isolate. Depending on how many scoops you use Gaspari's Myofusion can be used effectively on a cut (or bulk for future references). There are a plethora of proteins out there but you can't go wrong with ON's line.
Rep: +7,017
Posted February 24, 2013

Have you looked at PeptoPro from PF - perhaps a better choice since you can use 15g of Pepto to decrease calories while still getting the benefit of 25-30g of isolate. I've used alot of super plasma in the past and it's best when used in conjunction with a higher protein intake such as a bulk rather than a cut. (it is indeed an addition not a standalone - it tastes pretty horrible in amounts over 15g)
Rep: +7,017
Posted February 24, 2013

oops - not sure I answered your question - Super Plasma's claim to fame is mainly increased growth factors like igG, IGF-1, etc mainly (I beleive but could be wrong) due to the fact that it is not heat pasteurized like a milk sourced protein. Typically 10-20g are added to a scoop of whey in your normal shake. You can try Monster V from PF as a cheap alternative if you want to explore beef proteins before paying the really high cost of SPP. Personally, the costs outweighed any real world benefits.
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