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Mega BCAA Reviews

By: ProSource

  November 19, 2018

Quick Summary

I wanted to add BCAA's to some stuff. Prosource had a sale and I figured why not?


Hello fellow supplement users. Many of us have heard of the value of added BCAA's to our systems. Some of us remember the spiking issues of some Protein Powders. In this case, I am spiking my own stuff with plan BCAA's to see if it helps in recovery. I am a 46 year old guy trying to have as much fun in the gym as I used to when injuries and DOMS where a figment of other peoples imagination. During this run I was lifting 4 days a week and trying to do cardio almost everyday. However the focus was to add strength. I bought this hoping that adding some BCAA's would make it easier to push a little harder.

Ingredient Profile

500g tub with the following breakdown.

Serving size 1 scoop (8g's)

4g's L-Leucine
2g's L-Isoleucine
2g's L-Valine

This is a pretty straight forward supplement. It is BCAA's in a 2-1-1 ratio. I find that this ratio works for me and I like the serving size. If you wanted to go down I guess you could use a half scoop? I found that the 8g's worked for me, so I am happy with this configuration.


Taste, so when I added this to pre-workouts I did get a leucine taste. However when I added it to protein drinks and to my smoothies I didn't notice any taste difference. It is a BCAA supplement, it is going to have a little taste.

The mix-ability was great I had no issues whatsoever. If you want you can take a scoop directly to your mouth and that works to. (taste is a little strong)

Dosing of this product was pretty simple for me. I used it anytime, sometimes in my pre-workout and sometimes in drinks I consumed later in the day. The serving size is 8g's. I know some people want more and some want less. The good thing is that this is a powder, so you can adjust it however you want to. It is a 2-1-1 ratio which for me seems to work fine.


During part of my run with this I was using a flavored BCAA Product from VMI. This is when it worked the best. (duh, doubling the BCAA's had a positive effect). I did notice a decrease in efficacy when I only was getting 5g's a day. I believe it still helped as when I went to zero my good friend DOM's came back to say hi. Now this did not totally stop muscle soreness, but I don't think anything I would take would do that. It does help soften the blow, and that is all that I am looking for. Products that shouldn't have any negative effects on me long term, but give me a little performance boost. I am not looking at becoming a professional athlete, I just want to enjoy my time working out and be able to walk the next day. Below I posted a few websites if you want to read more as data seems to be mixed.


As of 11/19/2018 this is selling for $22.95 for 500g's of powder. I bought it with a 20% discount, so you need to watch for sales.

Amazon has the optimum nutrition brand for $23.97

It seems that it is a good price. Once again you gotta look for sales. I am willing to pay what I paid for it, mainly because I trust the company and I don't see a big price difference between other products. It is a simple unflavored product.

Side Effects

I had no negative side effects from this product. Only thing is it changed the taste of some of the things I put it in.


If you want to have a product on the counter that can enhance other products. Give this a shot. I would wait until they are running a sale, but that is just the cheap old man in me. I found this product pretty useful, and it will not break the bank. I think that Prosource is a reputable company and this is a pretty straight forward product. I also think that the older you get these products tend to be more useful. I honestly can remember thinking that BCAA's didn't do anything for me. After age 40, I have noticed as I revisit some of the simple supplements that they now seem to "work". I give this particular product a thumbs up.

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