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Beta-Cret has been reported as discontinued.

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Beta-Cret Reviews

By: ProMera Sports

  November 4, 2013

  • Increased Energy
  • Great Taste
  • Great Mixibility
  • Too Expensive
  • Find It On Sale
  • No Pump
Think it's just an OK PW. I'm not surprised at all.

Used alternating with Pump Igniter from TSN, but since I got no pumps (it's not the focus of this product) I thought it was better to use on leg days due the endurance it gave me.

Price: 6. 10 dollars on 2x 8 dosings. Had to use almost 2 scoops each time. Each container lasted 5 times. 1 dollar each time, just OK. If I paid full price (10 dollars for 8 servings) it would be terrible.

Taste: 9. Great, got the pineapple. A different flavor, this was a good surprise.

Mixability: 10. Mixes very well. No residues.

Profile: 6. Wish it had some pump-stuff, some NO precursors, but this isn't the focus of this product. Wish it had more beta-alanine to make it OK.

Effectiveness: 7. Helped me with the endurance and turn a little bit on, around 250mg of caffeine will help. This was the reason for me to use on leg days. Since I'm running a bit every day, it helped me to keep running/cardio (on these days just a bit, main focus is weight lifting) before weight lifting.

Cons: had to understand it wasn't going to help me getting pumps, since I had none. It helped me on endurance.

Bottom line: wouldn't buy it again.

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