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Pre-Rx Reviews

By: Proccor

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Pre-Rx is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Proccor. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.
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  April 2, 2016

  • Transparent Label
  • Patented Ingredients
  • Dye Free
  • Unique Profile
  • Clinically Dosed
  • Good Strength
  • Great Endurance
  • Solid Pumps
  • Clumps Up In Container
Introduction + Supplement Facts
Lets get something straight, I am not new to supplements nor am I new to Pre-Workouts.. That being said, when I saw the label for Pre-Rx I sought them out as my mission to get it whether it was from them or purchasing it on my own. Fortunately when I reached out to Proccor they responded and were will to send this out to me, many thank you's to you guys! So what was it that made this product stand out compared to others? Well everything that needs to be Clinically Dosed is: Citrulline Malate (6g), Beta Alanine (3.2g), Betaine (2.5g), and Creatine (3g) while it is in the form of MaganaPower. They put in 2g of Taurine, 1.5g HydroMax, and plenty of stimulants that will get you going! What I found interesting about this was the forms of Choline used, and the patented version of Phenylethylamine HCL which is a potent nootropic and the first time I have had it that I can recall. This is the second product that I can recall that uses PurCaf, which both times including this time proved to be potent! There are several patented ingredients, and appropriate dosages for others needed in addition to Bioperine at 6mg. There are no proprietary blends here, but I believe this is the second formulation of Pre-Rx as the previous version didn't have Beta Alanine. The only thing of note that I would like to see increased would be the Citrulline Malate to 8g, and the hydromax upped to 2g but it wasn't necesicarly needed as seen below.

Taste + Mixability + Dosing
Jolly Green Apple is the flavor I had, which was just sort of perfect! It was very sour, but not too much as it was enjoyable. Mixability was solid, once you broke apart the powder in the tub.. This is of course due to the hydrophilic properties/nature of the Hydromax and Citrulline, which absorb moisture. I didn't have any issues with it being completely solid, but it was well formed to say the most. Dosing was simple, because I never needed to go over 1 scoop!

Effectiveness 9.2/10
From the first sip you can tell this is going to be a good Pre-Workout, and all the following 19 servings were the same in terms of effectiveness. I have been working out 3-4 days a week based upon my work schedule, and only take stimulants via my Pre-Workout so I have a mild if any tolerance build up yet it wasn't notice while taking Pre-Rx. Going down the list I was able to see and feel the noticeable pumps, and they were solid! A beautiful job with these ingredients combined (HydroMax + Taurine and Citrulline), as it didn't have any of the typical Agmatine Sulfate like others out there yet it performed just as well for me in my experience. The endurance was just as expected, being that these ingredients are clinically dosed I was able to notice the Endrance as well. Strength was maintained with the 3g Creatine + 2.5g Betaine, but might have been influenced by the better workouts overall. I was able to feel the immediate strong hand of focus and energy when taking this, with no noticeable crash in any regard which seems to be standard in my experience with PurCaf. You know there isn't much left to say, this product helped me perform greater than normal and I was never let down.

Now I did use their Amino Prestige which contains a few similar or enhancing ingredients to this profile, which I will be reviewing here soon. I have rated this product based solely on the use of Pre-RX, while adding Amino Prestige the effectiveness was increased in the categories of endurance + pump + energy which in short for this review I will say to an effective range of 9.5-9.6 total effectiveness which is near perfect to me. But because this review is based solely on Pre-Rx the effectiveness score and overall wasn't changed to mimic the two combined.

Value 8.5/10
You are able to find this online for $36 which the 20 servings give you a cost of $1.80, and that is the only bad thing about this product. Of course their site does sell it a bit more costly, but they do have sales where I have seen it cost $25 at 50% off or even at $35 with 30% off which appears to be offered to anyone who signs up for their emails instantly + free shipping. At this price you are getting a high quality and effective product which has a great pump profile and focus, but it costs on the higher end. Now the fact that it is a true 1 scooper means the value is greater to me, and that is where we stand.

Overall Conclusion 9/10
This was by far one of my favorite Pre-Workouts currently on the market! I loved running this, and of course hated running out of it.. I would like to see the powder not clump up so much in the container, but otherwise I feel this product is well priced + dosed + effective where it stands that there aren't any changes that I really would need. Definitely put this on your list, and hopefully if you didn't get a sample of it they will offer that soon! While finishing this review I saw they are selling it for 50% (12 hour flash sale etc), and I couldn't resist and bought a container.. $25 for a solid 1 scooper Pre-Workout is too good to pass up, and I can tell you I don't often purchase anything I review!
  • Jolly Green Apple: 10/10

  February 20, 2015

  • Good Endurance
  • Good Focus
  • Very Consistent
  • Increased Energy
  • A Lot To Swallow
  • Bad Taste
Thank you to Proccor for participating in the ER program, and allowing us to try their pre-workout product Pre-Rx. Pre-Rx is designed to stimulate the physical aspect of your workout, as well as the cognitive. With a solid profile designed to stimulate body and mind, Proccor takes a nice, fully disclosed approach, with clinically dosed stimulants and nootropics.

Overall 7.2

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from this product, I hadn't heard of Proccor before this opportunity, but I was intrigued by the profile and claims. Pre-Rx claims to have the ability to deliver 30% more caffeine into the blood stream, supported by potent nootropics for an "unparalleled sensory experience." I must say I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but as I furthered my experience with this product, I realized that Proccor was on to something here. Quite simply, the more I used it, the more I liked it.

Effectiveness: 8

This product delivers as stated. Great support in physical energy, output, and stamina. Along with what many other pre-works lack, great mental focus and drive. Not simply through a rush of energy or a stimmed out sensation, but a lasting gradual effect to get you all the way through your session. No crash and no let down, which is essential in my workouts. I found Pre-Rx especially useful in longer, high volume sessions. The lasting energy and focus allowed for higher rep ranges, and even the ability to add a few more sets overall. I wouldn't use this product for a quick rush or a short low rep session which you are attempting a single one rep max, but for longer more enduring sessions in which you need to last.

Profile: 8.8

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (8.94 Grams)
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving

Niacin - 10 mg
Vitamin B6 - 5 mg
Folic Acid - 400 mcg
Vitamin B12 - 100 mcg

Hyper Performance Drive
L-Aspartic Acid - 3000 mg

Focus, Pump, & HyperHydration Drive
L-Tyrosine - 2000 mg
Glycerol Monostearate - 1500 mg
Phenylethylamine HCL - 300 mg
Korean Red Ginseng - 250 mg

Synergetic Performance Blend
Caffeine Anhydrous USP Grade - 150 mg
L-Theanine - 100 mg

Extended Release Energy
PURENERGY - 100 mg

Euphoric Surge
Dendrobium Extract - 100 mg

Absorption Enhancer
BioPerine - 6 mg

A lot of goodies in here. Nothing that supplied mind blowing pumps, or a kick in the teeth rush some may desire. But again, a delivery of sustained effective energy. Hence the extended release energy, which is a trade mark Caffeine-pTeroPure pterostilbene co-crystal. I really don't even know what that is, but it worked. BioPerine for enhanced absorption, which is needed, there is a lot of product to put down in a serving of this. Niacin, and a good amount of B vitamins for energy, and mental support. Along with a "Euphoric surge" which was present after taking about 45 minutes after consumption. the best part, full disclosure, and no dye and no fillers. A huge plus in my book.

Taste/Mix ability: 5

The least enjoyable part of the experience with this product. Flavor, sour apple which I typically love. Had the label not had Sour Green Apple on it in bright green, I never would have guessed that to be the flavor. I have stated many times before that the flavor of a Pre-workout means nothing if it works, so Pre-Rx gets a pass in this category, but the amount of water needed to properly mix this, makes the taste a bit more difficult to handle. This requires a least 12 ounces of water per scoop, and even with that there is a good bit of grit, powder, and sediment which doesn't fully dissolve. Now there is nearly 9g of product per scoop, so that is somewhat expected. But a bit much to swallow none the less. Especially for someone that requires 1.5 heavy scoops to get the full effective dose per body weight and stimulant tolerance. I much prefer a small amount of liquid, and a straight shot down, regardless of flavor or pleasantry. This product does not allow for that. No one wants to chug 240z of liquid right before a workout, but with this I found that it took about 45 minutes to achieve the fully desired effect. So I would mix up a nice shaker cup full, and sip on it generously well before my workout. Giving the liquid time to settle, and the profile a good amount of time to kick in. Once this is achieved, it is well worth the wait, but users may have to adjust their routine slightly.

Value: 6.5

You get what you pay for with this product. I am confident that the ingredients are pure, and again they are fully disclosed. The product works and delivers as advertised, which is somewhat rare in the world of supplements. Yet there are a few things which hinder the overall value of this product. It is not widely distributed as of yet, which will always cause the price to remain on the higher side of the spectrum. At an average of $37 dollar for 30 servings, this hits above the $1 per serving that I like to live by. Divulge into the fact that I use 1.5 generous scoops per workout, the value take s a bit more of a hit.

Overall: 7.4

I truly think that Proccor is headed in the right direction with this product. I feel as though with a little refinement, literally and figuratively, this could be a hit. There is no way to lessen the amount of substance you are putting in your cup, without hurting the effectiveness. The fully disclosed label is great, with a great effective profile. The powder could use refined a bit, along with the flavor, simply due to the amount that you must consume. I feel this is could go a long way for flavor sensitive consumers. this is definitely worth a try however, even at the given price. If this becomes more widely available, and could even settle at roughly $30 a tub, I will certainly be adding this to my pantry on a regular basis for the effect that it delivers. It is a very nice, effective change of pace from the average pre-workout for sure.

  January 3, 2015

  • Good Endurance
  • Good Focus
  • Very Consistent
  • Very Well Balanced
  • Increased Energy


    I received this via the ER program. What piqued my curiosity was the inclusion of L-Aspartic Acid and GMS - 2 ingredients that aren't all that common in today's pwo market but can help with muscle endurance.

    Ingredient Profile

    There's a whole bunch of stuff in this stuff, lol. Although broken down into sub categories, each ingredient is fully disclosed, so a big plus there.

    L-Aspartic Acid - 3000 mg

    L-Tyrosine - 2500 mg, GMS - 1500mg, Phenylethylamine HCL - 300mg, Red Ginsing - 250 mg

    Caffeine - 150mg, L-Theanine - 100mg, Caffeine co-crystals - 100mg, Denobrium - 100mg

    BioPerine - 6mg

    Altogether a pretty solid mix that attempts to hit all the major categories. Like I said earlier, the L-Aspartic Acid stood out for me. This is the second product that I've reviewed with the caffeine co-crystals and as before, I find them to provide really solid and smooth longer lasting energy but not much kick on the front side; fortunately the other energy components provide that punch.

    It's also got a combination of B vitamins, niacin, folic acid, etc. Personally I'm never quite sure how effective these are in a pwo since most of us should be getting these from overall diet or other supplements, but a nice addition all the same.

    But like I said - kudos for full disclosure. In addition, Proccor's website highlights the quality control standards that they use and for me, that's worth a great deal when considering the flood of cheap foreign ingredients that are out there.


    Pretty standard pwo/chemical flavor. I had the sour green apple and it's pretty mild - nothing over the top like Stimul8 or Cellucor green apple and not a big deal for me as pwo flavor is pretty much a non issue. It did mix very smoothly with little to no clumping or residue. Dosing was a single scoop except as noted below.


    I found this to be a good all around performer; nothing too flashy in any single aspect but solid and complete and well balanced across the board. I got good energy and alertness (I train at 0530 so that matters) and it never wigged me out or left me feeling jittery. If you're a stim-junkie, then this will probably leave you wanting more - on a few really tough mornings I used a scoop and a half and that did the trick but of course, the value would just plummet if you had to resort to that every time. But for me, it was fine at a single scoop for lasting energy support.

    Overall this provided fine support for my training sessions and that's all that I really require from any supplement. And even though a product like S-Line Incite is just way stronger, I actually prefer a more evenly balanced pwo like this for 95% of my training sessions. (The 5% being those mornings that I blame my gf for keeping me up too late the night before, lol.)

    Finally, this was extremely consistent from start to finish - something that you don't get with a lot of pwo products as they tend to decrease in effectiveness as you use them. That's another big plus in my book.


    This sells online for around $37.00, which gives you 30 servings, so over a dollar (like $1.23) per serving at one scoop. I'm going to say that that's a bit high in my opinion, although in the overall picture, if a pwo works for you then I wouldn't sweat the difference. But there are certainly a wide variety of solid pwo products in the sub $30.00 neighborhood so that has to be considered. If this were in that group then this would be a fantastic value; as it is, when considered just on price, it's lower in the value category.


    This is the first product that I've tried from Proccor and I'm happy with the results. Like most products from newer companies, it's priced a bit high, but it delivered a solid performance and I really like the use of quality, fully disclosed ingredients. (And I can't overemphasize that enough - cheap, low cost products get made with cheap, low-cost ingredients so don't get obsessed with price)

    I rate this as a product that I do not hesitate to recommend and would certainly use again myself. Give it a try - I think the results will surprise you.

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