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Tri Andro has been reported as discontinued.

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Tri Andro Reviews

By: Primeval Labs

  May 31, 2018

  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Low Libido
  • Extreme Lethargy
  • Expensive Cycle

Quick Summary

Prohormones to give you that boost you always craved for.


I know what you are thinking ... why would you do this to yourself? Well just like most of the people out there (especially the ones in their young age) I want things happening to me now and not later. I don't want to wait and see. It's my body and I want to see results now! Alas, we have prohormones to give you that edge quicker than going natural way. I bought these because they were on sale since the product is discontinued and I was curious about trying the most common three prohormones at once ... Why am I telling you about this product even if it's not made any longer ... because I'm sure someone will come up with something similar and I want to tell you how it affected me personally ...

Ingredient Profile

So the main difference between this product and other prohormones out there is that it actually uses all three most common prohormons in one.

1-Andro at 75mg for strength

Increased Lean Muscle Mass
Lower Body Fat
Muscle Hardening (More Pumps & Vascularity)
Increased Strength & Power Output
Quicker Recovery Times

4-Andro at 75mg for Bulking

Better power and strength
Improved cutting
Faster recovery time
Enhanced libido

It should yield great results when trying to bulk or gain mass
Users can expect to put on about 8 to 12 lbs of lean mass within a 4 to 6 week cycle if ran at proper doses with a proper diet and training program

Epi-Andro 150mg for cutting and fat loss.

Enhanced fat loss
Super-charges strength
Better muscle hardness
Water loss
Better vascularity
Improves overall mood
Increased libido
Does not aromatize

There isn't much of 1 and 4 Andro in this product ... but Epi-Andro is above the recommended dosage ..


Nothing to taste ... I took one pill 3 times a day with meal. The pills are very small in size and easy to swallow.


Just off the bat I gained 10lb while on this cycle. I have never weighted above my threshold of 235 and now i'm at 245. My bio scale is telling me I have lost .5% of body fat while I gained 10 pounds of weight. Holy poop! I felt really beastly in the gym while on this but really sleepy and lethargic while out of the gym. The gains, the way I felt and the strength boost I received were enough to keep me motivated even though I felt tired most of the time. I pretty much broken anything I did before ... This combination really did a number on me. I also want to mention that my mass is still the same even after the cycle is over. Although my strength is going back to normal again. Also, because your natural testosterone was repressed the time after the cycle can be a little rough .. but don't feel bad ... just take your PCT's and Natural Test boosters and it will all come back. I do feel better after the cycle and definitely gained more lean mass from the cycle than if I went placebo. I'm really surprised how well this worked for me compared to other pro hormones I took alone.


I don't recall how much I paid for this product but it doesn't matter because you won't be able to find it anyways. I think at one point it was 85$ per bottle which isn't that expensive. I think if you just purchase one of the pro-hormones you will pay around 60$ but the effects might not be as evident as they were for me. I have tried other prohormones but this combination was most effective for me.

Side Effects

I personally experienced extreme lethargy while being on this. I had a really hard time keeping awake during the day. I also want to make everyone aware that at the end of the bottle my libido was extremely low. I honestly never experienced such numbness ... I'm usually very sexually active individual .. Just based on that I'm actually reluctant to go on another cycle with prohormones. PCT and Natural testosterone booster HIGHLY ADVISED


I loved the results I received from this trio of prohormones. There is a lot to consider before going this "darker" route. I personally like how I felt and how I grew in size. I'm just not really sure if it all was worth it but, "to each his own". If you are going to take prohormones than I really suggest to look for something similar to this product because my results were outstanding. I wrote this review because I wanted for people to know that the combination of the prohormones gave me better results than just going with one prohormone or two. My first ever cycle was just 1-Andro than another cycle I did was with 1-Andro and 4-Andro but this cycle beat them both by a mile. Thank you for reading my review and I wish you a pleasant day.


  • TJHreviews
    Rep: +117
    June 1, 2018

    have you ever taken any of the old prohormones? because these seem like they are just DHEA and not actually real prohormones, as they go through numerous pathways before actually getting converted into test for the body to intake

  • bzyczek
    Rep: +1,739
    June 1, 2018

    Old Prohormones? before 1-Andro or 4-Andro ... if that is the question ... than no ... just what i listed in my conclusion ...

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