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Yohimbine HCl is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by PrimaForce. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +34
Trust: 49%
  July 26, 2012

I first learned about this product from Twin Muscle Workout about a month ago, and I must say Primaforce hit the nail on the head with this one. Yohimbe comes from Yohimbe tree bark in Africa and has been used for years as a sexual libido enhanced in males. Primaforce turned it into a appetite suppressant, vascodialtor, and a sex drive booster.

Value 10/10
The reason this product gets such high scores is because for a 90 supply it is only 8$! I haven't found a product similar to this one for that cheap. With Yohimbe HCL you get 2.5mg of pure Yohimbe with no additives. It is one of the purest and cheapest vascodialtor I have seen and used. Overall a great buy.

Taste N/A
It is taken in the form of a vegetable capsule. Only way to taste it is if it breaks open in your mouth.

Side effects-
The side effects that I have experienced with Yohimbe HCL are little to non-exisitant. The only main side that I have experienced is the ocassional upset stomach after a hard workout, which may be attributed to my PWO.

Effectiveness 9/10
This product simply works. It is a vascodialtor which increases blood flow to parts of the body that may not always get a large amount of blood supply. With this being said it helps with lower stomach fat and gives you the pump that you need to make all those sweet gains everybody wants. It also acts as a sex drive booster, after about a week of using Yohimbe I noticed I was easily excited by my fiancé. In my opinion it is a cheap and effective substitute for Viagra. It also is a appetite suppressant and helps me effectively diet in the mornings. It also Is very effective In a PWO stack. I originally took Muscletech's Neurocore with Nanostim and experienced slight headaches in my workout. With Yohimbe, they are non-exsistant but i still get that awesome pump at a cheaper price. Overall if you are looking to cut, I would look into this product. I would like to reccomend that you access your tolerance as well. It would also be beneficial to carefully stack this product to ensure healthy and appropriate usage.

Overall 9/10
Primaforce really put out a great product with Yohimbe HCL. If you are looking for a product that will help you all around with sex drive, appetite suppressant, and a vascodialtor, then look no further than Yohimbe HCL. For only 8$ for 90 capsules, your wallet can rest easy.
  • Increased Fat Loss
  • Increased Libido
  • Good Value
  • Euphoric Feeling
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Very Stackable
  • Assess Tolerance
Rep: +66
Trust: 95%
  May 25, 2012

Hey everyone, I'm on my second bottle of Yohimbine HCL. I didn't do them in succession, but took about a month break in between.

I took YHCL because I read the reviews about it on SR and here

Being older, I have stubborn areas like around my waist...on all sides and YHCL targets those ares.

Value 9
I bought both bottles at a local vitamin shoppe at about 12 bucks per. It lasts about 3 weeks at the higher doses and does exactly what the reviewers say it does. Others have written that it can be had online for even less.

Effectiveness 9
I take 2 caps upon wake up and it's a much more subtle "awake" feeling than a cup of coffee on an empty stomach. I then dose 2 more caps at about 10:30 and then 2 mid afternoon...all on empty stomach. I dose like this because its efficacy is about 2 hours. During the cycle I noticed the muscles around my mid section defining (especially after a plank session)...and the stupid fat around my navel decreased as well. My hate handles decreased as well on this product. Some people online have talked about YHCL causing water retention and that it will go away when you stop taking it. I haven't noticed this. What I did notice was when I lose weight either from strict dieting or other products my midsection was ignored. On this product it attacks it. YAY.

Taste 0
No taste because of the gel caps

Sides 1
No observed sides other than a restless sleep if dosed to close to bedtime. No libido increase either.

I have started to cut down on my cardio as I've read some articles about shorter break times between sets as well as moving slower with great form accomplishing the same calorie burn with less injury. I also want to keep my workouts about 45-50 mins. YHCL is a great supp to add to this kind of routine for someone my age.
  • Increased Fat Loss
  • Good Value
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Restless Sleep
Rep: +171
Trust: 100%
  May 8, 2012

After reading some impressively positive reviews on this product by certain trusted members of the SR fam, namely Gkeezy, Misterjaydub (dude look seriously yoked up on his new profile pic btw) and Cray, I couldn't resist giving it a shot for my pre-summer cutting phase. I ordered 2 bottles (total 180 caps) of Yohimbine hcl from and ran it and finished it within a month and a half with some impressive fat loss results in accordance with a proper cutting diet.

After going on a highly motivated and even higher caloried bulking phase for over half a year, I was in need of some serious cutting. I had started at 185lbs and 9% bf, and by the time I stopped bulking I was 207lbs with around 15% bf. Although I had gained significant size and strength during this period, with a few people thinking I was on steroids, I was no longer able to see my once prominent six-pack. It was time to get rid of the winter fat, and keep my hard earned strength and muscle while at it!

--------Ingredients: 10/10
Straight up pure yohimbine hcl here; just what we're after; none of that "yohimbe extract" poo. There is 2.5mg of pure yohimbibe in each capsule. Also, they are listed as "vegetarian capsules" so our vegan friends out there can sleep peacefully at night while taking this.

--------Dosing: 5/10
The dosing required some experimentation for me. The instructions on the bottle recommend taking one or two caps per dose; this was my first time taking yohimbine, so I started with this amount but slowly experimented with higher dosages of up to 10 caps or 25mg per day.

It is important to note that high levels of yohimbine can be toxic to the body and hence extremely dangerous and everyone's tolerance may be different, so extreme caution should be taken when experimenting above the recommended dosage. That having been said, I experienced no significant negative effects even with the 25mg a day, but it was also through this experimentation that I discovered out that for me yohimbine hcl was ineffective on its own and must be stacked with at least caffeine.

--------Effectiveness: 8/10

---On its own: 4/10
The first few times I took yohimbine at 1 or 2 caps on its own, I felt nothing at all. No increased energy, no intense mentality or anything else you would experience from a stimulant. I bumped up my dosage to even 8 pills (20mg) at once and still felt nothing more than a short lived cold feeling and an increased heart rate. No extra energy or sharp, clear mental focus; I was on the verge of throwing the bottles out the window, before I started experimenting with stacking it and got great results.

---Yohimbine with caffeine: 8.5/10
I discovered that caffeine taken with yohimbine in a ratio of approximately 15:1 activated its effects in my system. The two stimulants definitely worked synergistically and this time I noticed a pronounced elevation in my mood and energy levels. Usually, 150mg of caffeine with 10 mg of yohimbine hcl would be sufficient to trigger this effect and the euphoric and ecstatic feeling would last for a good 2 hours. With this stack I also noticed an increased heart rate and significant loss of appetite.

---Yohimbine +caffeine + DMAA
I experimented with this stack as a pre-workout with 200mg caffeine, 10mg yohimbine and 25mg of DMAA, and got quite a stimulant kick and a consistently amazing result. The euphoric feeling from C and Y combined with the sharp mental intensity of 1,3 dimeth made me feel like anything is possible in the weight room. I only took this concoction pre-workout along with some beta-alanine as I feel taking this much stimulants and not working out is will mostly likely lead to a short temper in the workplace!

---Yohimbine +caffeine+DMAA+Ephedrine hcl
Just kidding; I don't have a death wish!

By the end of the 2 bottle, in accordance with a proper cutting diet and still-bulking-style-hard lifting, my weight had dropped to 193lbs with even a slight increase in strength in almost all my lifts; this is how I know that I did not lose any lean muscle and that the weight loss came from water and fat.

As a last note on effectiveness, I definitely felt an improvement in "sexual health" while taking this product, stacked or not. 40 mins after taking this, it definitely becomes a lot easier to get a aroused and get an erection. During sex it made me more excited and finish quicker, which would usually be a bad thin, except that recovery is also accelerated so you can go for a few rounds more!

------Value: 10/10
A 90 capsule bottle of this can be obtained online for less than 10 bucks. This is excellent value regardless of whether you only need 2 caps a day or bump it up to 7, which is what I typically took.

--------Overall: 8/10
I found Yohimbine hcl to be a great cutting supplement that will yield excellent stimulant results when you stack it with caffeine and perhaps 1,3 dimeth pre-workout. I personally found it ineffective when taken alone, but stacked I got great results in the fat loss, appetite suppressant and improving of sexual health department. I'd definitely buy it again and would recommend it to anyone on a cut or looking to "improve sexual health".
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Euphoric Feeling
  • Good Value
  • Increased Libido
  • Increased Fat Loss
  • Very Stackable
  • Ineffective Taken Alone
  • Must Be Stacked To Achieve Results
  • Dosing Requires Experimentation
  • High Amount Can Be Dangerous
Rep: +223
Trust: 100%
  February 15, 2012

This is the first time I have every used Yohimbine, and I am loving it. I have used ephedrine, caffeine, etc, and I believe this is the way to go. Do not comfuse this with yohimbe, which is less effective, and contains a combo of alkaloids, whereas this contains what you are looking for.

Research suggests that Yohimbine is a vasodilator, which means that it increases blood flow to the extremities and appendages (aka, a side effect of increased libido!) Not only does yohimbine help maintain a healthy heart, but yohimbine also has been proven to decrease fat synthesis in the body.

Taste: N/A

Effectiveness/Sides: 10/10
This stuff is potent! Please assess tolerance before you take this. I started off taking a low dose before I increased my dosage. The effects of this stuff is very noticeable, and quickly!. I am leaning out very quickly, which can also be attributed to diet, but I can tell this stuff is helping. I am also combining this with caffeine, which increases effects. At first, my heart rate increased slightly, but nothing extreme. I also notice that at times I sweat a lot after taking this. I even get a somewhat euphoric feeling after supplementing. At times I have noticed an increase in libido, but not all of the time.
**Dosing**: I am up to 20 mg/day, but I am also very stim tolerant. Please start very low (the pills come in 2.5 mg) to assess your tolerance. Some people do not tolerate this easily, and the sides will come quickly. Also, some people need nowhere near the dose I am at to see similar results. It is recommended not to go over .2 mg/kg of bodyweight when taking this. One thing to note, I am also taking 200 mg caffeine a day with this. My dosing schedule goes like this:
1. 200 mg caffeine + 5 mg yohimbine
2. 200 mg caffeine + 5 mg yohimbine
3. 200 mg caffeine + 10 mg yohimbine (this is pre-workout)

Price/Value: 10/10
This stuff is only like 9-10 dollars a bottle, which is very cheap considering the effects. If you are heavy on the dosing like I am, then that will cost about 30-35 dollars a month to use. however, if you don't go as high, then of course the price is less. The price equates to about 10 cents a pill. Very cost effective in my opinion.

Overall: 10/10
For the effects and cost, this is a must have supplement in a cutting regimen. I will no longer cut without it. Please be careful with this stuff, as it is powerful. If you have a heart condition or not in good health, I wouldn't recommend it.
  • Increased Fat Loss
  • Increased Libido
  • Good Value
  • Euphoric Feeling
  • Increased Energy/stamina
    Rep: +3,464
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 73
      June 23, 2011

    So broskis, once I finished 90 pills of OxyElite Pro I decided to cycle of that and was told my SR members to try Yohimbine HCl. I had to order it online, because the Yohimbe at GNC is the weaker of the two. Yohimbine HCl doses 2.5mg per pill.

    As the description on the bottle says, its to promote fat loss, suppress appetite and Maximizes sex Drive. Also SR members told me that it targets the fat in hard to lose fat areas.

    Value: 10/10, I got mine on for under $10, 90 pills. The value is amazing, much cheaper than OxyElite Pro and its one of OEP main ingredients. I was dosing 4 pills, 10mg a day and it lasted me a good 20-22 days. I ran this with L-Carnitine, 2 pills of Green Tea Extract 500mg and CLA.

    Taste: 10/10 Its a pill there is really no taste, I mean there is a small taste, but its not disgusting or anything, and once you swallow it there is no aftertaste.

    Sides: 10/10 - I did not notice any side effects. Just elevated HR at first but then overtime that subsided.

    Effectiveness: 10/10. So here is where I give it the most props. After my first cycle, (I just got another bottle I am continuing) I have definetly noticed more fat loss around my waist area, stomach fat and love handles. Also I notice my skin get a bit tighter.

    I would highly recommend this product to others, 1) its dirt cheap 2) it worked well for me and helped with appetite suppresent. Also it did increase my libido Drive.

    • Increased Fat Loss
    • Increased Libido
    • Good Value
      Rep: +1,106
      Trust: 100%
        March 29, 2011

      hey everyone, what can i say that wasnt said by the previous post. I was recommend this by a member here "cray" (thanks). I had a previous weight loss stack and needed to upgrade to something with an edge. I ran this for 25 days as a stack along with carnitine, green tea, pyruvate, and cla

      price=10 got this for 11bucks at a Vitamin Shoppe. but its a little cheaper online.

      doesage=8 at 2.5mg each i started with one pill 2x a day then went to 2 pills 2x day but i didnt want to go any higher. also this being "hcl" it is a better form of yohimbine.

      sideeffects=7 ok when i reached 2 pills, i felt my beating so i stopped at 2. but after the first week on 2 pills this didnt happen anymore.

      weightloss=9 i lost 7lbs total with this, but in all fairness i couldnt tell you how much was from this product as this was stacked with 4 other ingrediants along with a good diet and exersize.

      I would highly recommend this. this is one of the ingrediants that helped me break a weight loss plateau. you can see my log here.
      • Increased Fat Loss
      • Good Value
      • Assess Tolerance
      Rep: +3,253
      Trust: 100%
      TROOPer Level: 56
        March 19, 2011

      Starting up my second cut cycle, I knew I wanted my stack to be a bit more natural. Yohimbine HCL, or some such derivative of the compound, is found in several thermogenics because of its fat burning properties. Rather than purchasing a designer fat burner, I decided to run a bottle of PrimaForce's Yohimbine HCL in conjunction with select other supplements.

      Yohimbe comes in various forms and a quick search of pulls up such products as Yohimbe Fuel, Yohimbe Bark Extract, and Yohimbe EX. Keep in mind that the levels of actual Yohimbine in these products is relatively low, and if you're thinking of supplementing straight Yohimbine, then Yohimbine HCL is probably going to be your best option as it is purer then the aforementioned supplements.

      It should be noted that Yohimbine HCL is primarily effective when the body is in the fasted state, making it ideal for those of us on the intermittent-fasting eating schedule. Additionally, it is recommended to dose 200mg's of caffeine along with your dosage of Yohimbe. I started off with 2.5g of Y-HCl once per day and eventually progressed to dosing the product at 5g twice daily, always in the fasted state.

      I am generally very tolerant to stimulants, but even so I was wary of Yohimbine after my experience with OEP (which also contains a form of Yohimbe). Luckily for me Y-HCl didn't cause a fraction of the side effects that I experienced while taking OEP. I had no issues with jitters or anxiety and no problems sleeping. I did experience increased energy, a mild libido boost, and, on occasion, euphoric feelings. The only really negative effect I felt from Y-HCl was that I often felt extremely cold, like I was chilled to my core. In discussions with CamelE, I learned that this effect is not uncommon as the combo of IF and Yohimbe can cause an increase in blood flow to adipose fatty tissue, while decreasing the blood flow to the extremities. Although not long lasting, it is a pretty unpleasant and uncomfortable Sensation.

      It's crucial to note that the therapeutic index of Y-HCl is quite low; meaning the range between an effective dose and a dangerous dose can be extremely narrow. It is VERY important that you assess your tolerance to this product as negative side effects (anxiety, paranoia, increased blood pressure, etc.) can occur.

      EFFECTIVENESS: 7.5/10
      The bottle of Y-HCl that I purchased lasted me about a month. In that time frame I dropped from roughly 197lbs. to just under 190lbs. It's hard to gauge how much of this loss can be attributed directly to my taking Y-HCl, especially considering I stacked it with other fat-loss supplements (CLA, Green Tea Extract, & caffeine). Also my diet has and continues to be fairly clean, and I know that the IF eating schedule has also assisted in my cut.

      I'll point out that the 7 or so pounds that I lost were PURE fat – I've continued increasing my strength in recent weeks and have actually seen muscular growth even during this cut cycle. My biceps, for example, have increased in circumference by about half an inch since I measured them in early January. Overall I am leaner, stronger, more vascular, and slowly becoming more cut then I've ever been in my life.

      VALUE: 10/10
      PrimaForce's Y-HCl is extremely affordable. 90 caps costs only $10 on, and even if you dose two caps at a time, this works out to a meager .22c per dosing. Like I mentioned above, a single bottle lasted me four weeks, which I feel would probably be pretty accurate for most people. I have heard that some members here have experimented with upwards of 12g of Y-HCl per day. I've also heard that even 2.5g of Y-HCl can be too much for some individuals. Not to belabor the point – ASSESS YOUR TOLERANCE.

      OVERALL: 8/10
      I personally feel like Yohimbine-HCl serves as a solid "poor-man's" cutting supplement. When used in conjunction with additional supplements and proper diet and exercise regimens, it can be very helpful in maximizing fat loss, especially in problem areas. Although not as effective as an all-in-one product like OEP or Lipo 6, the price difference certainly makes Y-HCl a viable option for those of us on a budget. As a brand, PrimaForce seems to be the only manufacturer that produces pure Yohimbine-HCl, but the product is solid and certainly a solid stack option for those of us in a recomp or cut cycle.
      • Increased Fat Loss
      • Increased Libido
      • Good Value
      • Assess Tolerance
      • Can Cause Negative Sides

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