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Agmatine is an Agmatine Product manufactured by PrimaForce. It helps provide muscle pumps and vascularity during workouts by increasing blood flow and dialating blood vessels. More blood flow and nutrient delivery translates into increased muscle mass and fat loss.

  December 12, 2012

  • Pumps
  • Vasodilation
  • Blood Flow
  • Increased Energy
  • Bad Taste
Hey guys, just went through a tub of Agmatine.

Wanted to take a break from the high stim pre's coming up to Christmas. I trained clean for couple weeks and felt I needed that bit of extra pump, especially now that I am well into my cut and carbs are being monitored.

Taste: 5/10
Taste is yuk, lol but I scoop throw a scoop in my mouth and chase with water quickly. Not really fussed about taste.

Effectiveness: 9/10
I started to utilize it before training for that extra pump. Worked great, awesome pump, good blood flow, it was obvious it was doing what it claimed. Vasodilation and swollen effect was visual.

Duration: 9/10
1 scoop gave me a good pump for 45-60min. For smaller muscle groups I would take it before training but for larger groups needing larger rest periods, or doing double muscles in one session I would have my Vitargo pre to load muscles with glycogen and use Agmatine 30min into session for a good top up. Worked great!

Energy: 7/10
Wasnt so much of an energy hit, it did pick me up but and pumps were great

Price: 7/10
A bit expensive for what it is, but effective when keeping off stims or even adding a scoop to your stim pre's for that extra mad pump. Looking forward to adding this to a new pre in the new year.

Would I buy and use again ? Yes

All in all great product to use when wanting that extra pump, coming off high stim pre's and still need a good pump or not getting that pump from carb depletion/cycling etc.


  • torpi
    Rep: +328
    February 27, 2015

    Nice review sammyboss :) Pure agmatine is one of the baseline of my supp stack. Its very versatile and you can add it to your pre/intra or even post supp stack. The pumps and vascularity is second to none, especially when you combine it with some NO-boosting/muscle volumizing products which allready contain other "pump-type" ingredients like citrulline, glycerol, GPLC, Norvaline....I tried PrimaForces agmatine and it was great, although quite expensive. My favorite is from Tested Nutrition. The only downside is that its in capsule form. However, it a little bit cheaper and it still delivers what it supposed to. Very happy with it.


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