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D-Test Reviews

By: Premium Nutraceuticals

  February 8, 2013

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
    Special thanks go out to PNI reps for hooking up the ERs with Prodigy & Thermadex, & being kind enough to include a bottle of D-Test. The T-shirt wasn't a bad touch either ;)

    D-Test is, as you would probably guess, PNI's D-Aspartic Acid based testosterone booster. It touts itself as providing "maximum testosterone support."


    It's easy to grade out D-Test's ingredient profile, since there's only one ingredient: D-Aspartic Acid. The DAA is dosed appropriately at 3g per four pills (one serving).

    There could be other ingredients they could have included (following Purus Labs' D-Pol & USP Labs' Test Powder), but beyond the DAA anything else is an added bonus. The only questions I have for testosterone boosters are:
    -Does the test booster contain ingredients that are proven to boost testosterone?
    -Is it dosed effectively?
    -Is the dose spread out reasonably over the serving (are you taking a couple pills, or ten pills)?
    D-Test answers those questions with a "yes", so it gets a good score for covering the necessities. It's just not creative, if you will.


    I felt that the results I got with D-Test were very average at best. There were times where I could make the argument it wasn't working at all, but overall I could say that it did work to an extent.

    I typically dosed D-Test with two caps first thing AM, then the other two sometime in the evening. Usually the second dose came with dinner, & on the rare occasion it was taken before bed. Diet did not change much, & I've been sticking Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 for Powerlifting (Hypertrophy & Strength templates).

    Strength gains I got were somewhat minimal, but they were there. I didn't set any PRs that I can currently recall, & if I did they were nothing astounding. At best, I would hit my normal weights for the normal rep ranges & feel as if I had maybe one or two more left. I've started controlling just exactly how many reps I perform on a given lift, so I never really decided to push it beyond my core lifts. Still, I don't feel D-Test gave me any kind of earth-shattering strength...or anything in the vicinity.

    No real size increases, but coupled with Thermadex I do feel like I'm leaner in certain areas of my body, specifically in my shoulders & upper back. Muscle density is about normal, so nothing there.

    I didn't experience any side-effects associated with test boosters, & quite frankly I don't think I really do. Acne here & there on occasion, but not so much with D-Test. For a while there my soldier had some problems rising to the occasion when called upon, but that resolved itself within the last week of D-Test.

    As I've stated earlier, I feel that D-Test is average at best.

    VALUE: B+

    This stuff is pretty darn affordable in my opinion. A bottle of 120 caps (30 day supple) will run between $14 & $18 depending on where you go. Despite my less-than-stellar results, at those prices I'm more than willing to give D-Test another chance.


    The results I got were average at best. Nothing spectacular in the least bit, & I was somewhat disappointed to be honest. However, it is quite affordable so I'm more than willing to give it another go as I've stated earlier.

    If you're looking for an extra something to your stack & don't want to break the bank, I believe D-Test will fit the bill nicely.

    COMMENTS (1)

    • Mack411
      Rep: +211
      February 8, 2013

      Nice review.I see some good things coming from PNI,I love prodigy and will soon be running Paragon.

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