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PowerBar Triple Threat Reviews

By: PowerBar


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PowerBar Triple Threat is an Energy Bar manufactured by PowerBar. It helps fuel your body by providing extra calories to increase muscle performance and endurance.
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  September 26, 2015

  • Good Flavor
  • Good Value
  • Poor Ingredient List
  • Not Effective


Whats up guys another review here. Ok so I first got into SR way back in the day and recently I got back on full time. I first got into SR because I wanted to find unbiased reviews on products. This means that I instinctively don't trust any reviews from a site that sells the product. How can any truth be shown? Yeah this product is terrible but hey it's still $99.99. I have worked at different companies managing different online stores and I know first hand this isn't how it goes. Also in the past couple of years I have been steadily progressing with my road to competing in a powerlifting competition. Truthfully I didn't know anything about nutrition, supplements, etc. Up until a couple years ago and slowly but surely learned nutrition and supplementation. I work general labor and have been for these couple years. I would constantly buy these(up until six months ago or so, I'm still in the learning process). I have had them here and there but for sheer taste not for anything positive. When I was buying these regularly I thought hey its a protein bar, must be good for me. Looking at it now I feel differently.

Ingredient Profile(3/10)

You're probably thinking "3/10 Patrick?! It's just because you are a negative person you rate products so low." Well it is true I am somewhat jaded, but this doesn't correlate to why I feel this product's ingredient profile is 9 grams of protein away from being a Snickers Bar. Chocolate Flavored coating is their first ingredient which is comprised of sugar, fractionated palm kernel oil[(which is what they use nowadays to combat having their product have the horrible "TRANS FAT" stigma attached to it.) which does nothing positive for you and it actually Boosts Appetite(I thought I was eating these to stop my appetite, weird right?) and what it lacks in trans fats makes up for in Saturated fats], cocoa powder, whey powder, nonfat milk , soy lecithin (this ingredient is found in a ton of products, so it's fine right? Eh a study published in Food and Chemical Toxicology found that soy lecithin is strongly ESTROGENIC), and vanilla flavor.

Since these are first on the list that means that the product is mostly made up of these. So awesome. So far we have a highly saturated, sugar filled, estrogen producing, appetite booster. Sounds great. Next we have a blend that they label caramel filling. This is comprised of corn syrup(a.k.a glucose syrup a.k.a sugar), sugar(more sugar!), cream, fructose(a natural source of, wait for it, Sugar!), palm oil(sweet this will take the place of trans fats... O and it is the "food staple for poor communities to get their calories from." And studies have linked it to cardiovascular disease), salt, and natural flavors.

Than the ingredient list goes onto say more different forms of sugars and other trans fat substitute oils. O and a few more different kind of soy proteins and a little whey thrown in there for good measure. No I don't have anything bad to say about whey protein. Although if I found a really cheap whey protein powder that had a huge soy protein blend added to it I definitely wouldn't think of buying it.


Okay so this product tastes great. Probably the only thing positive I can say on this product.


I never truly felt anything from this and even when I doubled up. If I am kicking a$$ at work after I worked out and pre workout is still going strong, I start to realize I am starving. Eating two of these bars would help me not feel like I was going to dry heave. However twenty minutes later I would be eating tuna and some greek yogurt with some oats on the side(yes I eat oats dry. JUDGE ME). They market this as an energy/recovery supplement. I have had two post workout a few times and my body reacted as if I missed my anabolic window. My muscles would be sore and my body would feel like dog turd the next morning. In essence a shake of the cheapest whey protein post workout beats the brakes off of these bars. Also I usually train fasted. People can talk trash about it and that's cool with me. I personally feel I get better workouts when I wake up and have close to nothing in my stomach. Plus according to John Kiefer I'm not that far off. Anyhow, now say if I am super tired from lack of sleep and there is absolutely no way I am going to have a good workout. When this occurs I usually try to counteract this with a protein bar. Whenever I had these on hand they never really came thru compared to others. I would get horrible gastrointestinal pain and horrible gaaass. "But Patrick, wouldn't this just be because your body isn't used to it?" Nope. When I grab one or a couple cliff or powercrunch bars my workout would be just as if I got a full 8 hours of sleep. (Today for example I was able to hit 305x2 on bench with one injured foot in the air, and heavy workloads all the way through. This I feel was fueled by two power crunch bars and some ESP).


Great price for what I feel cannot match their competition. So good price for a product I would substitute for an actual candy bar if I were to ever have an intense sugar craving. (doesn't happen)(too often)

Side Effects(6/10)

As I stated before gastrointestinal pain if I start working out twenty minutes later. When I used these post workout, I could go on but pretty much I felt like my body didn't get any protein. O and also gastrointestinal pain if I had them post. "Why do you still get them from time to time?" "I guess instead of eating nasty carbs I treat myself to this."


My conclusion of this product is I will forever pass on this(surprise right?!). POPS OUT

  October 3, 2011

  • Good Flavor
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
    I have eaten these off and on for about three years. They taste
    pretty good. I would say the taste is a step below Supreme
    Protein bars. They also come in different flavors.

    You are supposed to eat these pre-workout or during moderate
    intensity exercise like team sports. I eat them pre-workout or
    for snacks.

    As for nutrition they have 230 calories, 9 grams fat, 30 grams of
    carbohydrates(15 g are sugars), 10 grams of protein(whey protein
    isolate, calcium caseinate, and soy protein isolate), 3 grams of fiber, and some vitamins, and minerals.

    I bought my last ones at the Vitamin Shoppe for 0.55 cents per
    bar on clearance. That is probably the best deal that you can find.
    Currently has them for $16.50 for 15 bars
    plus shipping. These are cost effective bars.

    These bars satisfy my hunger for pre-workout and snacks. If you
    are on a low carb diet or any other type of diet you will have to
    see if they fit into it but for all others I recommend them.

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