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Only 4 Reviews - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews

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Body Effects is an Alternative Weight Loss Product manufactured by Power Performance. It can help assist in the loss of body fat, working in different pathways that traditional thermogenics.

See all 25 products in:
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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +4
Trust: 0%
  November 14, 2012

I am writing a review on here for Body Effects suppliment.
I have been reading up on here for different supps and i found the reviews very helpful.

So i have decided to write a review myself about this because i don't know if, how i was effected will be the same for most people but my reaction to it was pretty strong.

----------Similar products-------------------
Being fairly new to 'pre workouts' my other product i used and loved was called define 8 and body effects is meant to be a stronger version of define 8, which i thought i'd try.

-------------length of use-------------------
I only use this for a few days because of unwanted side effects. So about 5 days.

I was about to embark on a new 28 day challange which is clean eating, exercise 6 days a week and only other supps were CLA pills with it.

Not what i expected! Well i did lose weight but it was being too unwell to stomach food.

-----------------Side Effects----------------
I strongly recommend against using this if you suffer from migraines. It actually says not to take it on the label and i did mention this to the woman at the store and she said that it is a precautionary warning and it's not bad. I took half doses for 3 days and because i was taking it prior to working out, i thought the reason i was feeling unwell was because i was taking too late in the day. So i took a full scoop as suggested in the morning before food... I was so unwell i could barely get out of bed. It didn't give me a smooth energy boost, my nose went cold and numb and i got an instant migraine. In fact i was so unwell i had to take the day off work.

It does say about the side effects on the tub and i strongly suggest that everyone reads these and takes them seriously. Especially if you are new to taking supps.
So as for the product, i see other people on here take it and it works well for them.
    • Side Effects
    Rep: +224
    Trust: 100%
      May 10, 2012

    Now for a detailed review on kind of a cool product. I use this as a pick me up in the afternoons when I don't feel like an energy drink or coffee. Lets get to the review.

    -----------Taste: 7/10---------------------
    The taste is overall pretty good. I have tried all the flavors since I get them for free. It comes in orange, fruit punch, lemonade, mango peach, citrus cherry, green apple, water melon, and grape. The only flavor I didn't care for was lemonade, it tasted like straight lemon juice. The other are all good.

    ----------Energy: 10/10--------------------
    This product has a ton of energy in it. I have talked to the makers a few times and they wont tell me exactly how much caffeine is in it, but they say its around 300mg. I weigh 200lbs and I cant even take a full scoop. The following is listed in theromgenic complex:
    -Green Tea leaf extract
    -Yerba mate leaf
    So yeah a ton of stimulants, but that why you take it right?

    -----------Ingredients: 8/10-----------------
    In theory this product has what it needs to deliver the results I take it for. I take it for energy and maybe some appetite supressing. What it has in it:
    -The Stimulants I listed above
    -8g of fiber
    -3g of CLA
    -Dandelion Root extract
    Its actually a pretty simple product, it has a ton of energy and fiber/Hoodia to suppress appetite and stuff to make you pee. Overall it does the trick.

    This is a price controlled product meaning retailers can't sell it for less than $50 online. 50 bucks is way to much for this product I would say it is worth about $28. We sell it in store for $39.99 so maybe you can find it in a store for cheap.

    --------------Overall: 7/10------------------
    Overall this product does what I want it to. It gives me energy, takes away food cravings, and helps me cut a little water. I would never pay full price for it but it is a solid product. Give it a shot if you can get it cheap.

    • Increased Focus
    • Increased Energy
    • Crushed Appetite
    • Positive Mood
    • Too Expensive
    Rep: +5
    Trust: 15%
      November 22, 2011

    This stuff is awesome! I take it first thing in the morning before cardio and I feel great. It gives me great energy without the flush/tingles of Geranium. All the flavors I have tried are delicious. Ok now more details.

    Taste 10/10- I can honestly say that I would drink this stuff even without the energy. I have a sweet tooth and I love the sour flavors. I look forward to taking it every morning. I am not a coffee drinker so this does the job great.

    Effectiveness 9.5/10- It does exactly what I need it to. I take it to get hydrated in the morning and to give me energy for my cardio, it also crushes my appetite which is a huge plus. It has 8grams of fiber per serving which helps "stuff" move along in the morning if you get my drift. It has 3000mg of CLA in it which counts as some of my daily dose.

    Value 9/10- I got it from for $50 which is the cheapest I could find it online. I gave it a 9/10 because the only thing I could find that was similar was dfine 8 which is only sold by Max Muscle for $70ish. So it is ok price, part of the reason I thought it was a good value is cause of the 3g of CLA per serving witch aloud me to cut back on taking that seperately.

    Overall 9.3/10- If you want a product that tastes great to curb your sweet tooth and give you tons of energy for only $50 give it a shot. I am very happy with it.

    • Increased Focus
    • Increased Energy
    • Crushed Appetite
      Rep: +15
      Trust: 8%
        January 5, 2010

      This product is awesome!! Let me tell you awesome!! Body Effects makes you want to workout and focused. Try this product as a preworkout before cardio and you'll have the before w/o of your life. Works great in the moring to get started. After taking this in the morning before my workout I didnt need a breakfast cup of coffeee. You have to try this product to full appreciate it. Green Apple is the best tasting in my opinion. The only bad thing about this product is you have to buy in at a Max Muscle store. I've been unable to find it anywhere else for a cheaper price. MM sells it for $50. That said, go into your local MM store and ask for a sample and you'll be hooked.
      • Increased Focus
      • Increased Energy
      • Too Expensive

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