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Test 600 is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by PMD. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.


Rep: +626
Trust: 100%
  October 15, 2011

alright, im going to try to be really nice on this product review. test booster history is as follows: i have tried several natty test boosters, i have done AAS, and have done P/H and SARMS. so i understand that this product is not going to have the same powerfull effect that some of the others did. my review on this product is based soley on any sort of result (large or small) and would be compared to other NATURAL test boosters. despite the fact as to me being upset, youll see why:

lets start with the TASTE: 8 OUT OF 10. theres really no taste because these are capsules, when you look at the capsules though, it looks like your about to ingest tar in a capsule, its a black tary liquid in a clear black capsule. no funky smell either.

DOSAGE: 8 OUT OF 10. states to take 3 a day. on not workout days, to spread the dosage throughout the day.


PRICE: 3 OUT OF 10. i, myself did not have to pay for the product, it was given to me for free because the owner of my store wants me to push the NDS product line. test600 usually comes in a pack called the "flex stack", if you decide to purchase the test600 separately, because you can. it sells for $99.99...if you haggle the price you could probably drop it to $69.99. for $100 (70) you get a months supply. 30 servings.

INGREDIENTS: 4 OUT OF 10.. 600mg of testofen and 700mg of blend: tribulus, hesperidin, transresveratrol. i gave it a 4 because of the testofen. i know theres a lot of opinions on whether tribulus helps with test boost or not, but for those who believe (including me), this has to be the lowest quality tribulus on the market. i emailed the company informing them that i worked for *** and that my owner pushes the company very hard and gave them my name and store number and employee number (so they would know im not a competitor or random consumer), asking them about how much protodioscin is in their tribulus since many other companies are now displaying their quality of the tribulus they carry on their labels. i informed them that i would like to push their products, but would like to know more info so i can push and have an advantage of selling their product vs selling a competitor who is more widely known. p.s. apparently our store is known for being a top 10 store on selling NDS products, so you would believe you receive a little respect from the company. the response i received from the company was exactly whats advertised on the site. word for word. the rep informed me that i should be concerned about the testofen (not their patent) more then concerned about the other ingredients, which tells me that not only is it low quality tribulus, but they dont care to go into detail about their product to back it up. they then literally copy and pasted what was advertised on the on their website under the test600 section. i knew it was a personalized email though and not a computer because the rep then thanked me for selling their products and with my name and store number too.

EFFECTIVENESS: 3 OUT OF 10.. the only effect that i had was my libido (TESTOFEN) went up for about a week, then went back to normal. i didnt not feel any strength increase they advertised, or increased muscle mass or hardness they advertised. (i weighed roughly the same weight ((i flutuate 3lbs regularly)), and i had the same bf%).

OVERALL: 3 OUT OF 10..i really would not recommend this product to anyone and if someone decides to buy this, i will not deter them based on my personal experience either because i know some products work better with some people, then with others. i understand that some companies really dont want to give out too much info on their products especially over email for competitor concerns, but to copy and paste the advertisement and still try to make it a personalized email, and not only that but willingly to tell me to be more concerned about 1 out of the 5 main ingredients in their product, which is not even their patent but someone elses, really upset me and turned me off. for $100 you could buy 6 bottles of testofen alone. it is sad because the other products they carry are not bad. if you do decide to go with the "flex stack" as they sell it. i would recommend buying the z-test separately, because that one out of the two bottles in the "flex stack" actually works.
  • Boost In Libido
  • Too Expensive
  • No Increased Muscle Strength
  • No Increased Recovery
  • No Increased Muscle Mass
Rep: +1
Trust: 0%
  September 23, 2011

This is my first review on this site even though I have been using supplements for quite a while. A person at GNC who has proven to be quite knowledgable recommended I try this product even though it carries a hefty price tag (70 bucks).

I started using this product along with ACG3 and Omega cuts which are also PMD brands and I must say I have seen some results from this stack.

My workout was phase one of Rusty Moore's workout routine which is less weight and fast reps with 40 second rest inbetween sets. My start weight was 186 and I am currently 191 with no change in my waist line so I presume this is mostly muscle. My diet was nothing abnormal and I stayed close to maintenance calories if not a little more throughout this period.

Overall it is tough to justify a 70 dollar supplement but I did see results so I am glad I did it. There may be a test Booster out there that is just as effective and cheaper but who knows.

Taste and mixability are not a factor here since it is pill form and I just drink it with my pre-workout.

Also, I did not experience any side effects from this stack. Everything felt normal and how I would normally feel on a day to day basis.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Too Expensive

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