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OptiDreams Reviews

By: Platinum Labs

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  August 21, 2016

  • Better Sleep
  • Vivid Dreams At Times
  • Too Expensive


Over the past couple of months, I've had the opportunity to use a lot of Platinum Labs products and been on a Platinum Labs stack of late. I'll be reviewing quite a few of their products over the next couple of days so I apologize if it seems as if I'm flooding the review page as I catch up on reviews. First up is their sleep aid OptiDreams. Like many of you, i work a lot, have a lot of stress, and add that to a workout routine a good nights rest is mandatory to see progress in the gym and meet fitness goals. I've used many, from simple melatonin to Mass HGH and PowerFULL aimed at us looking for increased strength and recovery. I was on a cut while taking this, and the claims of this being a sleep aid with fat burning properties sounded enticing. Let's see how it stacked up.

Ingredient Profile

A mixture of some well known ingredients with some lesser known ones aimed at several goals. The supplement facts are attached, and as you can see we have some ingredients aimed for sleep and relaxation with Phenibut, Theanine, Valerian Root, and hops. A newer ingredient I have been seeing a lot more recently is the Lotus Leaf or Nelumbo Nucifera. All of these ingredients are aimed at giving a more restful sleep, more REM sleep, which in turn is supposed to increase GH levels and muscle recovery. All of these ingredients, especially the Phenibut, seemed to be very well dosed. There have been some studies about Phenibut, the more potent form of GABA, to be habit forming which might be concerning to some. Personally I have used other supplements with Phenibut and have had no problems.

Then OptiDreams gives us some ingredients that are non stim fat burning ingredients, with Green Tea and Carnitine. I personally love both of those ingredients for fat burning, but at 100 mg and 500 mg they seemed very under dosed to see real results on their own. Also there's raspberry ketones, which the science on is questionable. Either way, a pretty nice profile to provide restful sleep which we all need. I looked forward to using it.


I was worried, I got the the iced peach tea flavor. I hate tea. Luckily, this tasted more peach than tea and it was ok to drink. Still didn't look forward to it however. Average at best. Mixability was a bit of an issue, some definite foaming and had to remix and swirl some. Dosing is standard at one scoop 30 min before bed, pretty easy.


I had a mixed bag of effectiveness. What I look for in a sleep aid is something that helps me get to sleep faster, have a deeper sleep, increased recovery, and no hangover. I didn't feel this got me to sleep faster, still laid in bed for awhile waiting to get to sleep, I've had better results with other products in that area. Once I did get to sleep however, it was a very nice sleep. Definitely had extended REM sleep with some of the crazier dreams. Upon waking, I did have a bit of a hangover, and didn't want to get up. Once up and in the shower though it did seem to pass and was ready to go for the day. Just didn't wake up and get that instantly refreshed feeling. Muscle recovery was good, but my diet was good as well, and I didn't notice that much of an increased GH levels with improved skin, leaning out, etc.

As far as the fat burning goes, i did lose some weight while taking this in conjunction with their fat burner OptiBurn. I seriously doubt the dosages of the fat burning properties in this can help you a great deal on their own, but when added in conjunction to another fat burner and of course great diet it might help. I just wouldn't by this for the fat burning properties alone.


For 30 full servings, this is expensive as the cheapest I can find at moment is $40. You may want to cycle this if you're worried about the Phenibut, in a 5 day on 2 day off method like other sleep aids, which would help the value as it would last over a month that way. Still, at this price point I would hesitate to buy again unless on sale because of my mixed effectiveness.

Side Effects

Little bit of a sleep hangover.


I did receive some quality sleep, but just didn't see the other benefits I look for in a great sleep aid, especially at this price point.

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