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OptiDreams Reviews

By: Platinum Labs

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  November 19, 2017

  • Better Sleep
  • Good Value
  • No Grogginess
  • No Knockout Ability


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I am very versed in nighttime, sleep support supplements. I have taking many over the years and I would say that they are the most important supplements in my regime. I have two young children at home and need to wake up quite early to train. Some days, I do not go to bed until late and need the extra support to not only fall asleep faster and to stay asleep, but also to wake up recovered and refreshed in order to train hard and hit another long day ahead. When I use sleep support support supplements, I look for aid in falling asleep, staying asleep, morning recovery with no grogginess and a refreshed feeling. If I could find a supplement that can do all of that, I would never let it go. That being said, I had high hopes for OptiDreams as it promises an advanced nighttime formula, a wake up to a better body and a restful night sleep.

Ingredient Profile

calories: 12
Carbs: 3

Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol: 1000IU
-A deficiency in Vitamin D leads to sleep disorders. It can have negative impacts on the amount and quality of sleep one gets, which in turn effects the mood upon waking.

Phenibut: 750mg
-It is a powerful stress reducer. It stimulates GABA receptors to promote sleep as is passes the blood, brain barrier. It also improved neurological functions. Many users speak of relaxing effects. It provides deeper, better, and more restful sleep. There can be a dependency related to phenibut, so it is encouraged to not use it every day.

N Acetyl-L-Carnitine: 500mg
-Although controversial, some studies have found that L-Carnitine has sleep improving qualities, especially in those suffering from breathing problems while asleep.

Lotus Leaf PE 10:1: 300mg
-It is said to have a calming, relaxing, almost sedative effect. It helps with anxiety and creates a peaceful feeling.

L-Theanine: 250mg
-It is known to improve the quality of one's sleep. It works to quiet the mind and slow down racing thoughts. It reduces edgy or glittery effects from caffeine.

Dandelion Root Extract 4:1: 200mg
-It is naturally used to reduce stress, leading to a better quality of sleep.

Valerian Root Powder: 180mg
-It is used for sleep disorders, especially insomnia. With the right ingredients, like hops, it can be used to cause drowsiness. It is also used to treat anxiety and depression.

Green Tea Extract 70% catechins, 40%EGCG: 100mg
-Studies find that green tea extract makes the brain less susceptible to oxygen loss, which leads to sleep disorders. It can help fight stress and damage caused by oxygen loss, which is why it is included here.

Raspberry Ketone Powder 99%: 100mg
-Usually associated with weight loss(although very controversial), I have not found any information as to why it is included here in this sleep supplement. If anyone has the answer, I would love to know.

Hops: 50mg
-When combined with Valerian, is has sleep aiding effects. Together, they combine to increase the quality of sleep and improve the overall sleep experience


Taste: I want to start off by saying that I have tasted some pretty funky night time supplements in the past. Some were even very hard to get down. The orange mango flavour from Platinum Labs was very good by comparison to others. It actually tastes as promised, with a slight chemical taste. This is usually expected from these types of supplements. I would rate it as a 6 overall in flavour and an 8 in the nighttime support formulas.

Mixability: This was a non issue. I never had any difficulty mixing it. It never gave me any graininess or settled at the bottom. it didn't foam and worked well with a couple of shakes.

Dosing: At 6.5 grams, it is said to provide 30 full servings. I do not have scale that measure in point grams and found that each scoop provided 6g on my scale. That being said, once I finished the tub, I realized that there were only about 27-28 serving in the container. This tells me that each scoop probably weighed a little more that 6.5g. If you are wanting a perfect dose, you may consider getting an accurate scale to the decimals. It didn't really bother me much though.


In terms of effectiveness, I would say that this product performed above average for me. It is not the best I have used, but it is far from the worst.

Knock out ability: This is by far my favourite aspect of sleep support supplements. I love the feeling of needing to get to a pillow before passing out where I am. With that being said, I did not find OptiDreams very effective in this department. Never once while taking the product did I feel like I was getting tired or going to fall asleep. My eyes never felt heavy and sure as heck didn't feel a need to lie down. What I did get in this department however was a sense of calmness and relaxation. This was only present though, if I were to lie down between 30-45 minutes after taking the product. Any earlier, or later, and the effect was not present. I did help clear the mind of thought, helping me fall asleep, but not much faster than usual. 5/10

Ability to stay asleep or to get back to sleep: In this area, I found that it worked quite well. I usually wake once a night to use the washroom, at that didn't change at all throughout my use of this product. When I did wake though, I found it pretty easy to get back to sleep. In fact, I hardly felt awake at all. It was more like my body just knew what to do and my mind was still in bed. 8/10

Morning recovery/grogginess/refreshness: I have to say that it was ok in this area. I have used a lot of products that really led to the grogginess, making it extremely hard to get going in the morning. That is probably do to the fact that many products use melatonin. OptiDream does not. That leads to a pretty clear wake up, helping you get ready to go faster. I liked that about this product. in terms of recovery, I don't find that it provided much in that area, although it is not really one of the promised effects. refreshness was ok since there was no grogginess present. That being said, I wouldn't say that I felt more refreshed than I would have had I not taken the product. 7/10

Overall, I'd say that it is a pretty decent option to help with the sleep process. It is not going to knock you out, but you will not notice any negative effects from it either. 7/10


At the time of writing this review, I could not find OptiDreams listed on any retailer's site, including Amazon. The only place I could find it was on Platinums Labs' own website for $34.99. The label and design on the site is slightly different, leading me to believe that it has been rebranded and that is the reason I could not find it. Either way, $34.99 is a pretty good price for a sleep supplement as it is not uncommon for competitors to be listed well above $50. Therefore I would say that the value is pretty good and I would not have any issue paying that for this product.

Side Effects

I did not experience any side effects with this product, which in my mind makes it better than most in this category.

I believe that OptiDreams is a solid sleep support supplements. Like I stated earlier, it is not the best out there, and would not be my first choice. However, it is far from the worst I have tried and at $34.99, it is a pretty good deal. If you are looking to switch up your nighttime routine, you may want to give this a try.
  • Australian Summer: 6/10

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