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OptiDreams Reviews

By: Platinum Labs

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Platinum Labs for sending it out!
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  August 6, 2016

  • Better Sleep
  • Enhanced Recovery
  • Vivid Dreams At Times
  • Good Taste
  • No Prop Blends
  • Good Value


    Before I start I want to thank Platinum Labs for participating the SR Troop Program. This is my second Platinum Labs review, I didn't see the results I wanted with Defcon 1. Lets see if OptiDreams met my expectations helping me with a good nights rest. During the duration of the review I was training 5-6 days a week while on a strict diet.

    - Advanced Non Stimulant Night Time Formula
    - Wake up to a Better Body
    - Calmative Ingredients Assure a Restful Night Sleep

    Ingredient Profile

    The ingredient profile is fully disclosed - Optidreams Night Time Sleep Aid & Metabolic Boosting Blend contains 9 main ingredients. Some of the highlighted ingredients include: Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg, Nelumba Nucifera 300mg and Valerian Root 180mg. I'll go over some of the other ingredients:

    Lotus Leaf PE 10:1 (Nelumba Nucifera) - as been used for summer heat syndrome as home remedy in Japan and China, and it has recently been used to treat obesity in China. The report concludes Nelumba Nucifera is beneficial for the suppression of obesity.

    Dandelion Root Extract 4:1 (Taraxacum Officinale) - Extensively employed as a diuretic in traditional folk medicine and in modern phytotherapy in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. According to their research T. officinale shows promise as a diuretic in humans.


    Taste - I received the Peach Tea flavor which is 1 of 2 flavors available. This is real real close to the actual flavor of Peach Tea. Overall I give taste a 9/10

    Mixability - There were no issues with mixability in regards to clumping or settlement. After a few seconds of shaking the powder dissolved right away. Mixability 10/10

    Dosing - The dosing protocol is pretty easy to follow: Mix 1 scoop with desired amount of water right before going to bed. Dosing 10/10


    I'm basing the effectiveness of OptiDreams mainly for the sleep aid. I can't say I really noticed much in regards to the metabolic boosting properties. In terms of sleep and recovery this worked wonders for me. It didn't make me tired right away but I had was knocked out when I did sleep, this was really helpful since I've had a lot of sleepless nights recently. In there mornings I woke up refreshed without any kind of grogginess and during the day I had much more energy feeling recovered.


    You can find 30 serving tubs of OptiDreams for around $30. In my mind - $1 for a restful nights sleep is worth it to me, although I didn't really notice any fat burning I must say I had some of the best sleep I've had in a while. Now there are some cheaper options available like straight up Melantonin supplements however they aren't quite as effective as OptiDreams.

    Side Effects

    Had some really freaky dreams


    In conclusion I was really impressed with the quality sleep and recovery I had using OptiDreams. I'd definitely recommend using this supplement if you have a hard time sleeping at night. The ingredients are backed scientifically and the dosages seem to be good. Once again I want to thank Platinum Labs for giving me the opportunity to review OptiDreams.
    • Peach Iced Tea: 9/10

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