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OptiBurn Amped - Powder Reviews

By: Platinum Labs

  December 13, 2018

  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Good Value
  • Great Profile And Dosages
  • Fat Loss
  • Good Energy
  • Insanely Good Flavor
  • Not Widely Available

Quick Summary

Fat burners have been around for many years. Seems like at some point, nearly every supplement company came out with their version of a "fat burner." While these products come and go, I can't see Platinum Labs Opti-burn Amped going anywhere anytime soon. Platinum Labs has figured out the key to fat loss with this product.


Hi all. I was researching some other products on here several months ago when I came across this product. I was not even really cutting at the time or in the market for a fat burner. Normally I view them as "scams" or "placebo effect" products but I couldn't ignore all the trusted reviews on here so I ordered a bottle and decided to start cutting. While runnning this product, I was also using Nutrabio's Creatine Monohydrate, Animal Pak, and Nutrabio's Muscle Matrix Protein.

Ingredient Profile

Platinum Labs really found the magic formula with these ingredients at these dosages:

First of all, it's mostly disclosed. The only undisclosed part are the amounts of "other ingredients" which include magnesium, sodium, flavoring, sucralose, malic and citric acid.
Here are the disclosed ingredients:

Carnitine (HCL) - 2.5 grams - I'm a fan of carnitine although I don't separately supplement with it. Carnitine is a staple ingredient in any fat burner product for its energy, metabolism, and overall "well being" properties. At 2.5 grams, this is an effective amount in my opinion.

Taurine - 1.5 grams - Nearly every energy drink has taurine in it and studies have shown it improves energy, and could improve mental capacity. I think this is a good dosage. To me Taurine is effective when combined with other ingredients (mainly caffeine) but by itself I don't know how effective it truly is. That said, it is a piece of the formula here and properly dosed.

CLA (500 MG)- I'm not a huge fan of CLA. It is a chemical found in fatty acids that allegedly helps with weight loss. There's evidence supporting weight loss in animals but I'm not convinced with the weight loss "evidence" for humans. It seems that more studies show CLA is better as an anti-inflammatory product than a specific weight loss product. At 500 MG, it's a solid dose based on daily values but for weight loss, if it really does help with weight loss, I'd like to see closer to a gram. That said, as a supporting ingredient in an overall formula, it probably contributes.

Lotus Leaf 10:1 extract (300 MG) - I don't have any prior experience with Lotus Leaf but from doing some research before I bought the product, it appears it has been shown to possibly be good for regulating blood pressure, reducing strees (which is probably a byproduct of BP regulating properties), digestion and, it also has been shown to reduce water retention, which is why I think it's a great addition to this overall ingredient profile.

African Mango seed 10:1 extract -(300 MG) - Again, this is another ingredient that by itself it's questionable if it really does anything at all. There are some studies showing that it can help with reducing cholesterol, regulating blood sugar levels, and control appetite (due to high fiber content). I think it compliments these other ingredients at this dosage, so I like that it's in here actually.

Horsetail stem - 4:1 extract - (300 mg) - Horsetail is a great plant that has been used for a variety of things ranging from hair growth/hair loss prevention, TB, urinary tract infections. It's included in this product for its diuretic effects. There really isn't a proven clinical dose as a diuretic so I can't say purely from the amount, whether or not it is properly dosed however I did pee my brains out when running this supplement so I imagine the Horsetail played a role.

Caffeine Anhydrous (250 MG) - This is a must in stim fat burners. I think this is a good dosage for its purpose. I always look at the overall purpose of the supp when considering the dosage of a particular ingredient. If I were using this soley as a pre-workout or was looking for pre-workout effects, me personally, I would like to see slightly more caffeine but as part of an ingredient profile for a fat burner, this is right on point IMO.

Green Coffee bean extract (250 MG) & Green Tea Extract (200 MG) - I combined these two because IMO they do more or less the same thing. Green Tea and Green Tea extract in particular have been shown to increase energy (mostly due to caffeine), regulate metabolism and provide anti-oxidant properties. Nearly every fat burner out there has green coffee bean extract or green tea extract in some form. I drink green tea daily (you should too) so I know it does increase energy and help my metabolism. 200 MG is good. I would maybe like to see a little bit more. I'm not as familiar with the green coffee bean extract dosages but it appears that this is a good dosage based on what I can find.

Raspberry Ketones(250 MG) - Again, not sure if this does anything by itself. There are a lot of claims out there but tests have never been done on humans, only rats and mice. There is some speculation that it could help in regulating metabolism.

Dandelion Root Extract (200 MG) - helps with blood sugar levels, acts as an anti-inflammatory, may have a positive effect on cholesterol. I know some people that use this as a separate supplement and have noted the anti-inflammatory properties, so in that regard I think it does work.

Higenamine HCL (50 MG) - This ingredient intrigues me. It seems to be showing up in many pre-workouts and is said to increase energy and also mood, cognitive focus, and also acts as a muscle relaxer. It was actually recently banned by WADA in professional sports, so any athletes on here BE CAREFUL with this product if you are tested. From what I can tell 50 MG is a solid dosage.

It may seem like I wasn't high on a lot of these ingredients, and I'm not as stand alone supps, but in this combination it is a "magic" profile, as you will see below when I talk about effectiveness


I was told the "Australian Summer" flavor is really good but I tried "Lemon & Lime" and I have to say it was fantastic! I found myself wanting to take more than one serving throughout the day because it tasted so good. There's no chemical taste whatsoever, it just tastes mostly like lemonade with lime infusion. I will tell you, the powder itself has a weird smell. Not necessarily a bad smell but when I opened it, I had to sniff it a couple of times because it was just strange. I can't explain it. It was almost like a "smokey" or "musty citrus" smell. The powder looks a little bit like sand. Kind of a coarse light brownish color. I only have experience with the Lemon and Lime Flavor so I'm not sure if they all look like this.

I mixed it in a shaker bottle mostly and few times in a vortex mixer. It always mixes smooth, very smooth which surprised me because just looking at the powder it doesn't look like it would. The color when mixed with water is like a yellowish, brownish color. Don't let this scare you, trust me, it tastes soooo good.

For the first week I ran this, I took it as a pre-workout about 30 mins before my workouts. The container says to take it immediately upon waking up, before your first meal of the day.
As a pre-workout, it was ok. Not great, not terrible. I felt the energy and maybe a slight increase in focus. However, the product is not intended as a pre-workout supplement so I can't knock it based on that.
After about a week, I started taking it after my workout (I lift early in the morning), usually while eating breakfast. I found this worked best for me.


After running one tub (12.6 oz), I lost a little over 7 pounds! I changed nothing in my routine as far as working out (did same amount of lifting and some cardio) or eating, so clearly this product worked! Almost too well. I think I thought I would probably lose 3-5 pounds most of it being water so this exceeded my expectations. I have dabbled with other thermogenics/fat burners over the years and had mild success at best but this stuff tasted so good that I thought there was no way it would work or that it would be "placebo effect" fat loss but it definitely was not.

I've always been kinda "skinny fat" over the years and this stuff has significantly helped in reducing extra fat in the typical male problem areas (abs, love handles, etc).

I would recommend taking one dose a day, and despite the good taste, do not exceed that amount. I can't imagine what would happen if someone was running this and hitting cardio really hard.

Some reviewers have talked about this significantly killing their appetite. I didn't notice that to that degree. I think it only slightly decreased my overall appetite.


I got this for $36 from and at less than $1.00/serving this is a steal, or at least it was for me, given how effective the product is. It's a little difficult to find and the few places that do have it usually have it for $39.99 which is still a good price, IMO.

Side Effects



Let's be honest, even if they won't (or don't want to) admit it, most people have at least a little extra body fat they would like to get rid of. Do yourself a favor and try a tub of this. If you like lemonade, get the Lemon & Lime flavor, drink this with your breakfast, and don't change anything. The results are real. I knocked some of the ingredients as standalones but together, Platinum Labs figured out the magic formula. Don't wast your money on any other fat burners. Seriously.
  • Lemon & Lime: 10/10


  • kiborga
    Rep: +130
    December 14, 2018 - Last Edited: 2018-12-14 05:27:30

    Thank you for this review! I've purchased two jars of Optiburn Amped 1 month ago and I'll start consuming them after new year's parties.
    My friend, what fat burners have you taken before? I mean most relevant. For me personally Stim Free Quadralean worked very well for stubborn fat, have you taken it? or have you ever tried Hydroxycut may be? or Leanmode?

  • SDS1582
    Rep: +141
    December 14, 2018

    Kiborga - Thanks for reading my review. I have tried a few of the incarnations of hydroxycut over the years with mixed results. I've used Cellucor's SuperFire HD and it was decent. Nowhere near as good as Optiburned Amped but it did work. I have not tried Quadralean but I've heard good things about it. Seriously though, this stuff really works well. I don't know what your goals are what your plan is but I took it as directed on the jar, and changed nothing about my eating or workout routine. I suppose you could play around with that aspect depending on your goals.

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