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OptiBurn Amped - Powder Questions

By: Platinum Labs

Rep: +11

Are the thyroid warnings pointed toward those with Hypo or Hyper-thyroidism?

November 6, 2018

I have recently been diagnosed with clinical hypothyroidism (which explains so very, very much). I note there is a warning on here about thyroid conditions and the product. Does anyone know if they are referring to people with Hypo or Hyperthyroidism?


Rep: +2,961
Posted November 6, 2018

Honestly I would ask your doctor. Any answer here would simply be hypothetical or a guess. Best way to be safe
Rep: +133
Posted November 6, 2018

It's most likely on there to cover their butts. There could be some studies that generally point to the possibility of issues in people with thyroid conditions, with some of the ingredients. That said, as daSlaya said, show the product to your doctor and ask him/her. Remember also, that there are inherent risks with every single supplement you put into your body.
Rep: +1,911
Posted November 6, 2018

Definitely a way for the company to cover all of their bases but I would consult a real medical professional if you are unsure how this product would affect you in any way
Rep: +154
Posted November 6, 2018

I am not in the medical field yet but I have learned many things about body systems, etc. DEFINITELY talk to your doctor. Thyroid issues are not something to mess with because they deal with hormones and many other systems. Unfortunately, many fat burners are going to munipulate this because part of the thyroid's function is regulating metabolism.
Rep: +11
Posted November 6, 2018

I had, in fact, emailed my doctors office before asking here but was inpatient for an answer. The answer is: because of my particular situation, stimulants are not problematic and I am good to go. People with Hyperthyroidism should consult their doctor asap! Consider that a spoiler for what my G.P. tole me.
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