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(30 sv) - [$1.37/sv]

Lucky Vitamin

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Platinum Labs for sending it out!
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  December 7, 2017

  • Good Pumps
  • Low Doses


Whats up SR, I chose to review this product because the idea of pump formula that came with the added mental focus agents was very appealing to me. I train hypertrophy style workouts early in the morning but as the weather gets colder I am slowly shifting to a powerbuilding style of training. Shout out to Platinum Labs and the Trooper Program for hooking me up

Ingredient Profile

Right out of the gate I see that the ingredient panel is fully disclosed, that is a big check mark right away in my books. The profile is relatively simple, I'll attach it below but here are some of the key ingredients:

Nitrosigine - 1g - Nitric oxide booster
Agmatine Sulfate - 500mg - Muscle Pumps
HydroMax (Glycerol) - 500mg - Muscle volumizer
GPLC - 500mg - Mental Focus
Choline Bitartrate - 500mg - Mental Focus

Okay so right off the bat we see that the main pump ingredients are under dosed, which isn't a great sign. At a two scoop serving that brings the dosing of key ingredients much closer to or at clinical range.


I chose the unflavoured version of this product so I could mix it with a stimulant based pre workout (Defcon1 by Platinum Labs), so flavour was not a factor for me. This didn't alter the taste of the pre workouts either, it did slightly change the texture, but not enough to be a negative note. Mixability was great, mixed well in a blender bottle. Dosing is one scoop before a workout, I used both a one scoop and a two scoop serving. One issue however was that as this contains Glycerol, clumping in the bottle was a major issue. I dont mind this personally as it means the dosing of glycerol is present, but something to keep in mind that you may have to take the time to break clumps apart before grabbing a serving.


Now to what really matters, does the stuff actually work? Yes, but I'll break that down into different categories and at will explain the differences between one and two scoops.

Pumps/ Muscle volume - the pumps were average at best on Black Ops in the one scoop serving, my workouts often have very high volume sets on smaller muscle groups (Arms, Shoulders) so I am used to getting a pump regardless of taking a supplement or not. This did add to the pumps slightly, but not enough to blow me away. However at a two scoop serving the increase in pumps was much more noticeable and I found myself getting a pump faster during my workout then on a single scoop.

Vascularity - This was by far the best part of this supplement for me. At a two scoop serving my vascularity became very prominent, especially on my arm workouts, I was having veins pop out of places I didn't even know existed. At a one scoop serving there was also a notable increase in vascularity, but as previously stated this was much better at two scoops. As a normally non vascular person I was very impressed with this

Mental Focus - this was a tough one for me a gauge, seeing as how I took this with a pre workout that also had mental focus ingredients, it was hard to tell where the benefits really came from. So I did run this product on its own for a few workouts and I can say I did see a slight increase in my focus and a slight tunnel vision effect, at two scoops this was very noticeable and I found myself locked into my workout.


This product has an above average value to make up for its under dosing, I have seen it on amazon as low as $22, making this well under $1 per serving, however at a two scoop serving the value does decrease as the effectiveness increases. At the end of the day this is an "add on" supplement, if you get a good deal its worth it to try.

Side Effects



In conclusion, while I did enjoy my training on this product in particular the increases in vascularity and mental focus. The under dosing of key ingredients does knock it down a few notches. Also factoring in the decent price point, this is something I would recommend giving a try if you can get a deal on it and I would stack it with a stimulant based pre workout. This is a fantastic addition to a pre workout stack, I just wish they had upped the dosages so I could stick to a single scoop.


  • royalapple
    Rep: +204
    March 30, 2018

    I'm surprised your Vascularity was there. I feel you must be sensitive. Have you tried other pump products? I feel your arms would look like a road map haha. I need like 3-5g Glycerol and 2g Nitrosigine. And Agmatine takes away the pump for me, that may happen to you as well. 2 scoops yes will give way better pumps. Shiiii 3 scoops wouldn't hurt haha. Great review.

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