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Ripped Freak is an Alternative Weight Loss Product manufactured by PharmaFreak. It can help assist in the loss of body fat, working in different pathways that traditional thermogenics.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +4
Trust: 0%
  May 14, 2014

Ripped Freak was the first PharmaFreak product I've tried and I wasn't very pleased with it. But that doesn't mean the other PharmaFreak products aren't effective as well.

After reading reviews that made this product sound slightly ineffective, I still decided to give it a shot. This was probably one of the worst fat burners I've ever tried as far as actually burning fat goes. There is a lot of stim in it, which made for a nice pick me up. I don't drink caffeine in the morning, rather, just take a fat burner. If you're looking for a fat burner with a lot of caffeine, this is your product.

I don't feel that it actually helped me burn any fat, even with doing a little extra cardio. Since they no longer make the original OEP and Synedrex was also discontinued, I gave RippedFreak a try. I was disappointed and wouldn't recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an effective fat burner.

VALUE: 5/10
I picked up this product on sale at GNC for $38 (I know, GNC actually had something reasonably priced and no, I don't buy any of my supplements there) I only took one first thing in the morning, so the bottle lasted me 60 days. It says you may take more than one, but it then becomes to expensive and I would rather not have over 700 mg of caffeine in one day. If only taking one a day, then $19 for one month isn't a bad deal. I still think that OEP was more efficient and was priced better as well.

RippedFreak just wasn't what I was hoping for in a fat burner. But then again I guess there isn't anything that could even come close to OEP.. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone who is overly sensitive to stimulants, but it does work well to help you wake up in the morning. The new Synedrex formula is out and I recieved a bottle, than you Metabolic Nutrition, I'm hoping that it will work much better and once I've finished the bottle, I will post a review for it as well.

Very easy to take, just one pill first thing in the morning. The problem I had with this product was that there is so much stim, approximately 300mg per pill. Which means that if I take one pill in the morning, I try to limit my caffeine the rest of the day.
Green Tea Leaf Extract
Olive Leaf extract
Green Coffee Bean Extract
CH-19 Sweet Rep Pepper Extract 200mg
Raspberry Ketone
Gallic Acid

I think that the product has the potential to be a good fat burner, but it is to stim heavy and needs for fat burning ingredients. I would like to see yohimbine substituted for Green Coffee Bean Extract, it's always been effective for me.
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Increased Energy
  • Too Expensive
  • Not A Fat Burner At All
  • Underdosed
Rep: +1,615
Trust: 100%
  June 11, 2013

A big thank you to Pharmafreak for the opportunity to try this out. Sorry it took a little long, I'll explain the reasoning in my review. On to the review.

Ingredients-7/10- One thing I've always admired about pharmafreak is their marketing of their products. Whether good or bad, on paper it always seems to look like they know what they are talking about. They use a lot of common ingredients found in most new fat burners on the market. It seems like they take a very simplistic approach, with a few added ingredients that you may have never heard of. They also give you a whopping 350mg of Caffeine. I do like that they dont use a prop blend, and they label everything clearly. Overall I feel a 7 is fair, because there isnt anything particularly unique about the ingredients. Other than a crazy high caffeine content.

Dosing- Dosing was first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The bottle says one pill is all you need, but I tried doing 2 pills a day for about two weeks but I wasnt sleeping. I think it was just to much caffeine. Thats 700mg of caffeine a day, plus my coffee. A bit much. One pill is all you need.

Effectiveness-8/10- I used this towards the end of my cycle and into my pct post aas. With that being said, I definitely think this was helpful in loosing a lot of the water and bloat I received from the compound I was running. I dropped around 10 lbs with this, which is fine. Keep in mind I put on 25lbs during my cycle. I wasn't trying to drop a bunch of weight going into my PCT. I was mainly concerned with eliminating the bloat and water weight from my cycle. Which this did a decent job. While taking this my face thinned out and a few people could tell I shrank a bit. I also so noticeable changes in the mirror, which is really all that matters. It also made me sweat like crazy,Had a nice thermo effect, and gave me some nice energy throughout the day. I feel an 8 is fair for this, as I do think there are better fat burners out there. But it did what I was looking for it to do.

Value-7/10- I've seen this most places for around 40-50$ which is a bit high for a fat burner. But if you use one pill per day it will last you two months, if you use two a day I wouldn't purchase this. There are much cheaper alternatives.

Overall-7/10- I feel like this product delivered for what I was looking for. So I cant argue with that. I do think that there are much cheaper alternatives on the market, and ones that have been around a lot longer. I would say do some shopping and look around before pulling the trigger on this. Maybe if you can catch it on a deal pick some up and give it a shot.
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Only One To Two Pills A Day
  • Increased Energy
  • No Crash
  • Increased Fat Loss
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +6,973
Trust: 100%

  May 5, 2013

Thanks to the ER PRogram and the folks at PharmaFreak for a chance to try this. I'll say from the start that I responded well to this and enjoyed taking it.

They call this a hybrid fat burner because it addresses multiple fat burning pathways

1. Stimulates fat-burning hormones:
norepinephrine and epinephrine.

2. Increases hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL)activity.

3. Increases uncoupling protein (UCP1 and UCP2) content in the mitochondria.

I seriously have no way to judge any of those claims and pretty much every fat burner or thermo out there talks about how its found a unique way to activate a receptor or pathway so I get kind of "meh" in the whole fat burner marketing science.


It's in a proprietary blend which makes it impossible to tell whether or not the amounts are efficacious but frankly, I'm not sure there's agreed upon data on some of these ingredients in the first place. In any case, the listed amounts for each sub group isn't really that helpful. They break the formula down into 3 sub blends: Fat Burning Metabolism Amplifier, Uncoupling Protein/Oxygen Utilisation Amplifier and hormone sensitive lipase fat mobilization amplifier.

Bottom line is lots of familiar fat burning ingredients: raspberry ketones, green tea extract, caffeine, green coffee extract, re pepper - the usual suspects that one expects to see in thermos to some extent. (Although usually not all in one - so that's a plus.)

However, there is one real gem in the mix and I wouldn't be surprised if most of the positive benefits that I felt/received came from this (or at least the synergy of this with the other ingredients): Oleuropein Aglycone, aka olive leaf extract.

There's a growing body of solid science on phenolics such as oleuropein and most studies are showing positive effects on HDL/LDL, triglycerides, insulin, blood glucose and nutrient absorption, blood pressure, cell adhesion, oxidation, etc. I do wish I knew how much was included so I could study it a bit more but overall I really think that this makes it stand out for me.

Overall, a thorough job on combining multiple standard fat burning ingredients into one product and like I said, I love the inclusion of the olive leaf extract.

Minus 1 for the prop blend.

I get a really wide variety of effects from fat burners, most of them limiting me in what I can do well during the day. Jitters, crash, just a general "off" feeling. I got none of these with this product. Others will say that this is too low stim for them, but for me, its the opposite. I love the fact that I can get solid results without the rush. Overall I used this as part of a reduced macro diet and training and I'm still seeing positive changes in body composition. It didn't skitz me out or may me feel like crud and I didn't have to dick around with multiple dosing during the day, so yes, it was quite effective on many fronts. I dropped body fat and this helped. Nuff said.

DOSING: 9.5/10
One cap per day in the early AM is all you need. It says that you can take an optional second cap in the afternoon and occasionally I did that, but in general, it doesn't get any more simple than this.

VALUE: 8/10
PharmFreak is not the cheapest line of products out there. (I think that applies to their entire product line in general.) This can be found for around $35-40 dollars online which equates to roughly 45 days of 1 cap with occasional 2 cap doses or 60 days using 1 cap per day. However, that's pretty much in line (maybe a touch higher) with OxyECA Black or OEP.

I really responded well to this and I personally love the fact that its every bit as effective as some of the other stim heavy thermos out there but without any of the stim based side effects.

Bottom line is that it did indeed help me to lose fat at an affordable price. Is there really anything else we need from it?
  • Only One To Two Pills A Day
  • Increased Fat Loss
  • No Stim-heavy Side Effects
    Rep: +14
    Trust: 15%
      September 25, 2012

    I did two cycles of this last year when I had fallen off the wagon. Heres a review!

    Price: 6/10 As I remember this was on the expensive side, around $100NZD for a bottle which is pretty pricey.

    Taste: 10/10 Pill form, easy peasy.

    Focus:7.8/10 Pretty good focus, the first few times you use this you may feel euphoric and have excellent energy especially if you haven't used stims before. If you are stim tolerant like you will still get a good kick out of it. These effects very slowly go away as the body adapts but the build up of tolerance is quite slow so its good for a while.

    Energy: 7.8/10 Good energy. Nearly great, but not quite. Can workout 2hours solid. Non jittery, a pure, stable and clear energy.

    Appetite suppression: 6.5/10 did experience some suppression with this, but after a while the morning pill didint do anything so stopped taking it in the morn and took two before my workout on a empty stomach which worked out perfect. Felt very hungry a few hours after my workout.

    After effects/sides: Maybe a little sleep loss if taken too late, but no anxiety or nervousness which is really great, very small amount of nausea first few tries and no crash.

    Overall: 7.7/10 it IS a decent fat burner, it works and does it job well. It has very few sides which is great to see in a fat burner, with a good diet and exercise I did lose a few kilos!

    • Increased Focus
    • Appetite Suppressant
    • Only One To Two Pills A Day
    • Increased Energy
    • I Got A Feel Good Feeling And Felt Motivated To Workout
    • Too Expensive
    Rep: +3,253
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 56
      April 13, 2012

    Thanks to PharmaFreak and's Expert Reviewer program for allowing me to try Ripped Freak for free. You can read more about my experiences with Ripped Freak on my product testing log:

    Ripped Freak was the last of the trifecta of products I received from PharmaFreak and honestly it was probably my favorite. The product is marketed as a "hybrid" fat-burner and includes ingredients like green tea extract, caffeine, red pepper extract, and raspberry ketones.

    No issues. Small caps with a pleasant, fruity odor.

    I experimented a lot with Ripped Freak to try and gauge its effectiveness in a variety of situations. Primarily I ran it 2 caps per day, dropping each cap before a meal if possible. I felt NO effects from this product. No stimulation, no jitters, no thermogenic effect, nothing. Nowhere near the potency of OEP. I even tried dosing RF right before working out, something I never do with heavy burners, and still the product had no noticeable effect.

    In regards to cutting, RF did give a slight boost in weight loss. I was in a slump when I started Ripped Freak and didn't really notice any long term results other than a slight leaning-out. I stopped the product for a while then restarted with a revitalized eating plan and workout regimen. I saw better results but still nothing remarkable. Once again I get the sense that PharmaFreak is on target with ingredients but simply under-dosing their product. I really like the profile of Ripped Freak but I think some of the amounts of the key extracts need to be increased for a better effect.

    After running most of the bottle I had the thought that this would be a great burner for women. In the interest of research I put aside a few caps and had my wife, who is around 110lbs and half my size, try one cap per day. She really liked it and had a nice boost in clean energy along with an increase in body temperature. Of course she saw no true effects after taking only a few pills, but I think she would have gotten a lot more out of an entire bottle than I did.

    VALUE: 5.5/10
    Although not as overpriced as Amino Freak, Ripped Freak is still on the high end in regards to price point. Currently 60 caps of RF will cost you $45 on 90 caps of OEP is only $42 and much more potent. Though Ripped Freak only calls for one dose daily with an optional second serving (a bit of a rarity considering most call for 3+ pills per day); Animal Cuts, HydroxyStim, and ShredMatrix would all provide more value for your money.

    OVERALL: 5.9/10
    PharmaFreak is on the right track with their supplement line; however they need some major adjustment of their price points and ingredient profiles in order to become more competitive. Ripped Freak is no different. Personally I prefer burners with more punch however if RF was cheaper I could certainly see running it as a secondary supporter in a solid cutting stack. For most regular lifters, RF probably isn't going to be the best thermo choice.

    Where I think RF has potential is for stim-sensitive individuals, first-time thermogenic users, and petite women. As mentioned my wife really liked this product and actually felt its effects. Considering RF is mild and yet maintains a strong profile makes it a good choice for the aforementioned people in my opinion. If you fall into one of those categories then give this product a glance, otherwise you'll probably want to look elsewhere for your weight-loss supplementation.
    • Increased Fat Loss
    • Good For First-timers
    • Good For Women
    • No Sides
    • Too Expensive
    • Very Mild
    • Underdosed
    • Minimal Effects
    Rep: +4,721
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 59

      March 8, 2012

    Today was the last day of my ripped freak hybrid fat burner that I had received from the expert review club. This was a very odd and different type of fat burner and I have to say I was very skeptical of their claims. This product was not a stim heavy product at all making it great for someone who does heavy weight training that likes to use a strong PWO like I do. I started using this product as directed and by week 3 I started using it like any other burner. I do want to thank the Expert review team for allowing me to be part of the club. Now for my unbiased review on ripped freak hybrid fat burner!

    ---------Taste/Dose/Pill size 9/10-----------
    It was an easy to swallow pill no taste really except if it breaks open in your mouth. This product did produce the normal root and bark taste if consumed on an empty stomach. The pills in this container are your basic split cap with content inside average in size not like some others we have had to muscle down. Dose was simple 1 before breakfast on empty stomach and second dose was 1 before lunch again on close to an empty stomach. By week three I did up the dose a bit to 2 in the am on an empty and 1 in the afternoon. Pretty basic protocol if you ask me simple and hard to forget if you have a routine.

    ------------Effectiveness 7/10--------------
    I liked this product's concept as it takes an all natural approach to this unique hybrid fat metabolizer/ burner. This product was capable of burning fat while keeping you from feeling the crack head stim feeling while you sweat like a little piggy. This product worked really well hand in hand with any PWO and even allowed me to do cardio while on it. This to me was close to a recreate and oxydrene blend with a slight stim feeling.
    I did notice over the 25 day supply that my midsection was slowly shrinking down moving some of the fat out of my body. I also noticed that I became more frequent having movements 3times a day. Total weight loss is tough to judge on this product since I have been trying hard to build muscle in the abs and core area. I can say I'm tighter in all the right spots and there has been noticeable love handle and lower abdominal fat loss. another thing this pill does is curbs that appetite very nicely so if its an over eating thing you have this will work very nice

    ----------Content 8/10----------------------
    This product is unique since pharma-freak was able to construct a hybrid (mix of two or more compounds) that work well together to achieve a goal well performing there separate jobs. Here is a quick break down of the ingredients *note if you don't have a PhD it may be hard to read.


    Methyl EGCGâ„¢ (EGCG Derivative Stack) (Green Tea Extract/Camellia Sinensis)
    -Epigallocatechin-3-0-(3-0-Methyl)gallate Ester (EGCG 3' 'Me) " 
    -Epigallocatechin-3-0-(4-0-Methyl)gallate Ester (EGCG 4' 'Me) " 
    -4'-0-Methyl-Epigallocatechin-3-0-Gallate Ester (EGCG 4'Me) " 
    -Epigallocatechin-3-0-(3,4-0-Methyl)gallate Ester (EGCG 3' '4' 'diMe) " 
    -4'-0-Methyl-Epigallocatechin-3-0-(4-0-Methyl)gallate Ester (EGCG 4'4' 'diMe) " 
    Oleuropein Aglycone (Olive Leaf Extract/Olea Europaea) " 
    1,3,7-Trimethyl-1H-Purine-2,6(3H,7H)-Dione Methyl Gallate Ester (Caffeine) (Coffee/Coffea Arabica, Whole Bean) " 

    Red Pepper Ester Stack (CH-19 Sweet Red Pepper Extract/Capsicum Annum, Fruit) (0.75% Capsiate)
    4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxybenzyl (E)-8-Methyl-6-Nonenoate Ester " 
    4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxybenzyl 8-Methyl-Nonanoate Ester " 
    4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxybenzyl 7-Methyl-Octanoate Ester " 

    4-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-2-Methyl Ethyl Ketone (Raspberry Ketone) " 
    4-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)-2-Butanone Methyl Gallate Ester (Raspberry Ketone - Gallic Acid)

    The main stim is green tea with a touch of caffeine also the ketone was a nice addition to this capsule. The oxygen utilization is what reminds me of Oxydrene, Enriching blood cells to assist in removing stored fat.

    -----------Value 4/10----------------------
    Yes this product worked and yes I did get it free from the expert club, but to place a $45.00+ shipping tag on it is steep. There are other products out there that are cheaper and can perform the same thing as this with a low stim fat burn and an oxygen enhancer to assist in fat cell removal and breakdown. If you have the free flowing cash give it a shot but if your supplement dough is low it will be hard to afford your essentials while trying to afford this as well. For a price tag like this I would want to see a little more results even with my diet and consistent workouts I have seen better results on cheaper burners.

    Overall I will say this product works as it is designed to but for the price it will make it a tough sell. I will give this product a maybe since I had some results while using it. If Pharma-freak lowers the price while keeping the same 766.6mg hybrid blend per serving this product will sell more bottles I will guarantee that.

    • Appetite Suppressant
    • No Crash
    • Too Expensive
    Rep: 0
    Trust: 0%
      March 22, 2011

    I used this stuff for a month and seen no change in fat loss or energy. I know everyone is different when it comes to weight loss/thermogenic products so I don't know if it was just not right for me of if this stuff is trash. Here are what I found to be the PRO'S and CON'S of this product:

    Price: One of the more cost effective weight loss products out there.

    Dose Amount: Only two pills per day, some other products ie. Hydroxycut Hardcore is six per day

    Taste: This pills taste HORRIBLE!!! I take 12 pills of various supplements/vitamins and I had to take the one Ripped Freak all on it's own because it would gag every time.

    Heartburn: This product gave me wicked heartburn about half hour after I would take it.

    Like I said before Ripped Freak was not for me. But with all the fat burners out there, and all $50-$100 a bottle Ripped Freak is an inexpensive one to try out. Making it a good place to start for some one just starting out in the fat burner side of things.
    • Only One To Two Pills A Day
    • Good Value
    • Not A Fat Burner At All
    • Heart Burn
    • Aweful Taste
    Rep: 0
    Trust: 0%
      November 1, 2010

    Ripped Freak is a great product for fat loss, energy, and to my suprise strength! when i first took this the energy rush was almost overwhelming, but my workouts improved so much i started to love it. its like working out on coke, no joke! haha careful the rush is addicting but allows me to push twice as hard for twice as long and sweat bullets all day which isnt always great (smelly) but does the job no question.

    The best thing about this product is that its not just a fat burner, but an athletes cocaine IMO. Energy levels are insane, i lost only 5 lbs in a month but like i say this is not just a fat burner that makes you lose a lot of weight fast, it is more of a transformation because while losing fat your building muscle. I only lost 5 lbs in a month cycle from 215 to 210, but my body composition changed drastically from fat>muscle to muscle>fat. This is a rare fat burner that actually does what it says and MORE. I only did 1 cycle though, my heart rate was scaring me a little and im only 17 so i thought it was best to stay away from fat burners in general until im 18, but if i do get one again, this is what my moneys on.
    • Increased Focus
    • Appetite Suppressant
    • Only One To Two Pills A Day
    • Increased Energy
    • Good Value
    • I Got A Feel Good Feeling And Felt Motivated To Workout
    • No Crash
    • Makes You Feel As If On Drugs
    • Drugs Are Fun Haha
    Rep: 0
    Trust: 0%
      September 7, 2010

    Excellent energy boost although it wasn't immediate for me. Energy lasted for a few hours then it was gone however I didn't have a crash..the energy just went away with no crash. Appears to be outstanding for appetite suppression and I felt euphoric (feel good feeling) on this product. I personally think it's pricey since I would definately need to take a minimum of 1 pill, twice a day on this product but it's still worth it to me. I do think it makes an excellent pre-workout product as well because it highly motivated me to want to workout by having me feel really good and energized but not jittery either. I will definately buy more real soon.
    • Increased Focus
    • Appetite Suppressant
    • Only One To Two Pills A Day
    • Increased Energy
    • I Got A Feel Good Feeling And Felt Motivated To Workout
    • Too Expensive
    Rep: +8
    Trust: 14%
      August 20, 2010

    What to expect:
    - first week I felt like I was on Crack but I didn't just want to toss a $60 (CAN) bottle so I kept going
    - after a week I got a little used to it
    - the "Increased Focus" feels more like becoming a zombie
    - you do feel more energized
    - make sure that as soon as you take it (1 pill) you go run for min 1 hour otherwise you'll feel extreme anxiety
    - drink lots of water! I mean like 5L/day or else you'll feel really strange all day and you won't be able to sleep
    - after using a whole bottle I have lost no weight and my BF% remained at 12%
    - the only reason I've tried Ripped Freak was because Ephedrine blends got outlawed but since I found out that you can legally buy Ephedrine I am going to make my own ECA Stack ... the only thing that has ever worked for my when it comes to cutting ...
    - for all you newbies ECA is a Ephedrine (8mg) Caffeine (200mg) Aspirin (325mg) combination ...
    • Increased Focus
    • Appetite Suppressant
    • Only One To Two Pills A Day
    • Increased Energy
    • Trouble Sleeping
    • Too Expensive
    • Not A Fat Burner At All
    • Makes You Feel As If On Drugs

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