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In: Growth Enhancers > Natural Testosterone Boosters

Anabolic Freak is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by PharmaFreak. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +3,139
Trust: 100%
  September 5, 2014

I have used my fair share of natty test boosters. I have found that I respond best to test boosters that contain D-Aspartic Acid. Anabolic freak has all the ingredients to make it a powerhouse natty test booster.


Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 1mg 50%
Folic Acid (Folate) 200mcg 50%
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 3mcg 50%
Vitamin D3 (Vitamin D, Cholecalciferol) 200 IU 50%
(Increases Natural Testosterone Production)
D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), Calcium Chelate, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3
(Decreases Cortisol Secretion)
Hong Jing Tian (Rhodiola Rosea) (RhodiolaPure™) Standardized For 3% Rosavins And 1% Salidrosides
(Blocks Estrogen And Inhibits Aromatase Activity)
Resveratrol ((E)-5-(P-Hydroxystyryl)resorcinol) (ResveraPure™)

As you can see this profile has a little bit of everything and addresses not only raising natural test levels but keeping estrogen levels in check. I really like how there is an ANTI-CATABOLIC TI-CORTISOL COMPLEX that's something I never seen before in a test booster.

The biggest downfall to this product is the dosing protocol. The label states take one serving in the morning and 2 servings mid afternoon or before workout. another problem is it is recommended to use for 12 days followed by a 3 day break. Personally I took both servings pre workout and I never stopped after 12 days. In my opinion that's just pathetic to stop a natty test booster for 3 days. seriously they act like this is some gear. Also I didn't split the doses up simply because my life is busy and remembering to take something twice is day causes me to use my brain to much and aint nobody got time for that.

I really enjoyed this product I noticed while on this product my libido greatly increased. I would have wood going on for no reason. I never noticed an increase in strength at all. dryness and hardness was really apparent by the 2nd week using anabolic freak. With the increase in sex drive alone I believe this product increases t levels.

The value on this product is in line with similar products on most sites it can be found for around $54 per bottle. Personally I'm not a huge fan of paying over $1 a day for any supplement. personally I think someone should run 2 bottles of this back to back to get the full benefits. The fact that there's an added AI kinds of makes it worth it because you are actually getting two products in one.

This product provides realistic results if your expecting to gain crazy size and strength then you might be let down. Even though I didn't notice a difference in strength I believe that for someone else this product can help increase strength. Having a constant excitement in my pants gave me enough faith to believe this product is the real deal. Big thanks to the boys over at PharmaFreak for allowing the chance to test their products.
Rep: +4,721
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 59

  May 8, 2013

Today we are going to review pharmafreak's Anabolic freak. I want to thank pharma and the ER crew for allowing a few of us to try these products. I have used many different types of natural test boosters from DAA to ZMA and all the mysteries in between. This product was very interesting in its approach to natural test boosting which sparked my interest in trying it.

---------- Dose/Timing 8/10--------------------

Anabolic freak timing and dose was pretty easy as are all natural test boosters. I used a simple but effect 4 pills a day 2 with my first meal and 2 with my pre-workout. Off days I dosed 2 with first meal and then 2 with last meal. No issues and crazy protocol just remember to take the correct dose.

---------Effectiveness 5.5/10------------------

Disappointed to say the least, for boasting a clinically proven amount off DAA at 3G"˜s and a resveratrol this product did not perform as anticipated. I was expecting a similar experience as I did with test powder but was let down a bit. I did not have blood work done pre or post so I can't give an accurate figure of test boosting but what I can say is this; my sex drive was not elevated, my mood was unchanged, my gains were minimal and I couldn't judge estrogen reduction at all. This was in my honest opinion an average run of the mill test booster with a poor estrogen reducer that yielded less then expected.

-----------Content 8/10------------------

Pharma did a great job on the label that is for sure. One thing these companies tend to do is baffle the consumer with fancy scientific mumbo-jumbo, Pharma did not on this one big plus guys. Everything on the label was fully disclosed for both half and full servings. I have used some of there products in the past and they didn't use one known name on the label, but all the chemical compounds. Most of the people on SR see through that and research the compounds. Let us take a look at this one

Vitamin D- 200 IU per two and 400 IU per four
Vitamin B6-1mg per two and 2mg per four
Folic acid-200mcg per two and 400mcg per four
Vitamin B12-3mcg per two 6mcg per four

Basic support to help with the absorption

DAA-1560mg per two and 3120mg per four
Rhodiola-50mg per two and 100mg per four
Reversatrol-25mg per two 25mg and 50mg per four

As you can see on paper this is a pretty solid product at the full 4 caps a day, so I can only assume they use a poor china made compound or they are not fully honest about there doses.


POOR!!! There is no other way to put it. With other DAA products with a superior estrogen blocking compounds selling for less then this it is hard to look at it seriously.
For a 24 day cycle this product will set you back 55.00 that's a staggering 2.29 per serving, WOW. There is not enough in this for it to cost that much I feel this product needs to drop its price to 25-30.00 dollars or seriously go back to the drawing board and come out with a different formulation to validate the cost.

Overall this product looks great on paper but didn't deliver what I hoped and expected. Timing was easy as 2 or 4 and when. Effectiveness was no where near as good as similar products in the same category as Anabolic freak which leads me to believe that the product of poor quality or misleading from the company which I hope it is poor product. The value on this is of that of a high end protein and not of a DAA test booster. They really need to fix this to have success in the flooded market of T-boosters when there are products that use the same amount of DAA and have other goodies in such as pump producing nitrates and superior estrogen reduction compounds for less it makes this very easy to overlook. This product as of today is a bust and I can't give it a hulk's seal of approval I hope they change some things around and reintroduce it with a proper price tag and better results.

  • Solid Ingredient Profile
  • Good Source Of Secondary Support
  • Not A Primary Anti-estrogen
  • Not A Primary Cortisol Control Product
  • Too Expensive
  • Not Effective
Rep: +1,081
Trust: 100%
  June 16, 2012

Unfortunately, Anabolic Freak has proved itself disappointing in my book. I had high hopes for this product too. I must send my thanks to PharmaFreak for the opportunity to review this product free of charge.

Effectiveness- 3/10

I know most of the time it can take some time for a product such as this to "kick in", and while I only ran the one bottle, I really never experience any noticeable changes besides a libido boost. No increased stamina, muscle hardness, increase in strength, or anything really.

Also, I dosed the product as directed by PharmaFreak. I've have excellent results with another DAA product that I'm sure you guys are familiar with, and this didn't deliver the results I anticipated.

The libido boost was definitely there, which is always a great thing. But I can get the same boost from other products and get the added muscle building effects that this lacked.

Dosing/Ingredients- 4

Dosing was simple and straight forward, and the ingredient list is solid. I won't cover it in-depth, but you've got the test boosting properties of DAA, anti-cortisol and anti-estrogen ingredients thrown in there too, and on paper it looks good.


Value is completely relient on the effectiveness of a product in my opinion. If this product sold for $5, it still wouldn't be a good value in my book. But this sells for $50-60. Ouch. Nope, that's not gonna work. Another direct competitor for this sells for $20.

Overall- 3

I'll give it that just for the increased libido. I mean for a guy who's 22 and gets increased libido, thats worth a little something. But you won't see me spending my money on this. I'm not sure what the problem is with Anabolic Freak, but I didn't have a good experience. Didn't have a bad one either. But that doesn't cut it in the supplement world.

  • Solid Ingredient Profile
  • Increased Libido
  • Too Expensive
  • Not Effective
Rep: +2,429
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5

  May 20, 2012

This product almost scored much higher than 7's but some strange side effects dropped it into mediocrity.

Anabolic Freak is Pharma Freaks DAA test boosting supplement. It has the clinically proven 3,120mg DAA dosage as well as some Vitamin B6, B12, D3. It also has an anti-catabolic which consists of Rhodiola rosea and an ant-estrogen which consists of Resveratrol.

One daily dose is 4 capsules so 2 in the morning and 2 usually before a workout.
I dosed the full dosage on off days as well.

Effectiveness: 8
I noticed some good strength gains while on Anabolic Freak which is a welcomed change to my persistent plateau that I lift on. The biggest thing with respect to effectiveness was the increase in anaerobic endurance. My max lifts may have only increased 5% on AF but in bodyweight exercises such as dips, pushups, pullups, my max reps increased between 30-50%.
Soreness between workouts was slightly diminished as well.

Side Effects:
I noticed a strange sense of anxiety while on AF and it ceased the week I ended my bottle of AF. I would get nervous in situations that I am usually calm and collected which is strange since there are no stimulants in this and I introduced no new supplements into my regime while using AF. Usually this wouldn't even be that big of a deal but with my job, having anxiety or panicking at any moment while airborne could result in a quick death. If your job is mundane or your a student, then disregard this entire gripe.
Note: I ran the whole bottle for the 24 days instead of taking a 3 day break after 12 consecutive days as directed.

Value: 5
I dont know where they can believe to charge nearly $60 for a DAA based test booster when the #1 selling DAA supplement (D-pol) can be purchased for as low as $25. The little extras like the anti-catabolic and anti-estrogen do make this a good addition to a PCT since its does everything you could wish from an OTC PCT from reducing estrogen, to inhibiting cortisol and especially boosting test back to healthy levels.

Taste: N/A
Anabolic Freak comes in capsules which is actually a plus compared to D-pol since D-pol comes in large chalky tablets which are tough to down without a drink on hand.

Overall: 7
I was pleased with Anabolic Freak and I would suggest it to someone if I thought it fit there needs (ie, as part of a PCT if they didnt want to source several items). If you just want to try DAA then I would say stick with D-pol which I will review later.
  • Solid Ingredient Profile
  • Natural Test Boosting
  • Increased Energy
  • Not A Primary Anti-estrogen
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +3,264
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 57
  March 10, 2012

Thanks to PharmaFreak and's Expert Reviewer program for allowing me to try Anabolic Freak for free. You can read more about my experiences with Freak on my product testing log:

This is a lengthy review so feel free to scroll down to the summary if you don't wish to read all the details.

Anabolic Freak is touted as a hybrid natural hormone/testosterone booster, anti-estrogen, and anti-cortisol product. The "testosterone complex" consists of D-Aspartic Acid and vitamins B6 and B12. 50 mg of Rhodiola Rosea (per 2 caps) is included for cortisol control, and 25mg of the ever popular Resveratrol provides the anti-estrogen/anti-aromatase complex.

The dosing of AF is rather unique. The bottle calls for two doses to be taken each day – once in the AM and again in the afternoon/pre-workout. Each dose consists of two caps. The label further calls for a 12-day on-cycle, followed by a 3-day off period, as this is apparently the most effective dosing schedule in order to maximize the benefits of DAA. I ran this product as the bottle specified.

Caps are small, black and easily swallowed. No aftertaste or powder burps. I experienced NO negative sides throughout the entire bottle of Anabolic Freak. No acne, no sleeping issues, no nothing.

I am going to split this section up to address each marketed effect of AF.

It seems like DAA and its ability to naturally boost testosterone is all over the place right now. From straight up DAA powder to hybrid products like D-Pol, manufacturers seem to be in a frenzy to release a new product that takes advantage of the DAA craze. Anabolic Freak is no different in this regard. The product delivers a convenient dosing of high quality DAA. 4 caps – the daily dose – provides 3,120mg of PharmaFreak's DAA. This is the EXACT same dose provided by 3 tabs of D-Pol and is consistent with the amounts provided by other DAA products.

I will note that prior to starting AF, I had previously completed cycles of SNS's DAA powder and Purus Labs D-Pol. I had roughly a two week off period between D-Pol and AF, so it stands to reason that my system might still have been partially saturated with DAA, therefore not allowing me to experience the full benefits of Anabolic Freak. That being said, Freak did seem to provide me a small test boost about halfway through the bottle. I experienced the traditional "alpha male" feeling and increase in libido that I had experienced with other DAA products. I did not notice any long-term significant changes in my strength or endurance, however there were quite a few times where I dosed AF just right and received an awesome pre/mid-workout boost. On the whole, I did not feel that AF gave me the same level of "test-boost" as did D-Pol, but as previously mentioned this might have been due to my timing of the cycle.

I am really unsure how to rate these categories. I didn't notice any significant differences in my body composition through my four weeks on AF. I didn't feel any tighter or leaner... and in actuality there was a period of time where I felt very fat and loose. I don't think this had anything to do with Freak, but rather was a result of me hitting a lag in my training and being undisciplined with my diet.

I'll point out that a LOT of products contains either Rhodiola or Resveratrol; however it's hard to compare dosages considering most companies list these ingredients as part of a proprietary blend. Huge props to PharmaFreak for avoiding prop blends and properly labeling the exact amounts of each ingredient included. Through what I could uncover, it seems like the dosing of these two products in AF is consistent with other products. For example, Purus Labs Recycle gives you 62.5mg of Resveratrol per dose while AF provides 50mg.

I feel like PharmaFreak is providing a good dosing of both Rhodiola and Resveratrol in Anabolic Freak, however I wonder if these ingredients are strong enough to stand on their own. As I mentioned, other products include these components in conjunction with several others in order to provide cortisol control or anti-estrogen effects.

VALUE: 5/10
I am being generous with a 5... but AF does have some nice goodies that make it more attractive than a regular DAA product.

A bottle of AF will last you two 12-day cycles (add in the 3 off-days and the bottle lasts about 4 weeks). It currently is priced at $60 on and I can't find it anywhere for cheaper than $55. For a straight DAA product, that's steep. D-Pol is going to run you $20 just about anywhere, and regular DAA powder can be had for even less. Most of the straight and hybrid DAA products will cost you between .30c and .60c per dose, while AF costs roughly $1.25 per TWO caps. That's insane.

That being said it's the other goodies that add value to Anabolic Freak. Cortisol control and AI products all usually cost around $30-$35 each (Recycle, Lean Xtreme, Suppress C, Triazole, etc.). If AF could handle all 3 claims as a stand-alone product, it would make for a truly outstanding deal. My problem is that I don't think it can. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable running AF as my sole PCT product.

OVERALL: 6.5/10
AF is a cool bundle of supplements in gorgeous packaging. If you're looking for a new take on DAA that can be used as part of a cutting or recomp stack, Anabolic Freak might be for you (so long as you have deep pockets). While I appreciate PharmaFreak's attempt to provide a 3-in-1 test booster/cort control/AI, I do not feel that the profile of Anabolic Freak is strong enough to stand by itself for the two latter categories.

Ideally I see Anabolic Freak as the DAA product/natural test boosting source in a thorough PCT. The other ingredients in Freak provide for solid secondary support to a person's primary cortisol control and anti-estrogen products, which certainly puts AF a few notches above a regular DAA powder. Unfortunately I wouldn't feel comfortable relying on AF as a stand-alone product for either cort control or AI, which ultimately lowers its value in my eyes.
  • Solid Ingredient Profile
  • Good Source Of Secondary Support
  • Natural Test Boosting
  • Increased Energy
  • Not A Primary Anti-estrogen
  • Not A Primary Cortisol Control Product
  • Too Expensive

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