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Protein4Oats is a Blended Protein Powder manufactured by PES. It contains a blend of different types of protein and will promote lean muscle mass and fat loss.
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  September 21, 2017

  • Delicious
  • Builds Muscle
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I'm a competing powerlifter, and I just came off of a two year cut. I'm prepping for a meet in November, so more food, more lifting, more gains! I train before breakfast, so my post workout meal is usually steel cut oats + protein powder + milk + fruit, so when I heard about this product, I had to jump on the Insider deal.

Ingredient Profile

The ingredients do change depending on which flavor you get and the serving size changes slightly, but each one is 80 calories per serving.

Each flavor, of course, will have the Select Protein Blend (Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate 80%) 15g along with salt (330mg), 1.5g fat, 3g carbs (2g sugar), Natural Flavoring, sucralose, and Ace K (an artificial sweetener).

The peanut and honey flavor has peanut flour, cane syrup, and honey.



I ordered a three pack, so I could use each flavor, and they all tasted good. In my opinion, the best flavor was the apple and cinnamon, 10/10. It tasted like apple and cinnamon, it was sweet without being cloyingly so, and neither flavor overpowered the other one.

The peanut and honey flavor came in second for me 8.5/10. The peanut was great, and it was salty, which I liked, but the honey flavor wasn't really there. I wish they had used no cane sugar and instead had used more honey. Then the flavors could have been better balanced.

The maple brown sugar was my least favorite, 7.5/10. It was pretty decent. It just wasn't as exciting as the other two, and although I tasted maple, I didn't get any brown sugar flavor. It is, though, probably the best flavor to use if you want to mix in fruit because it will pair well with a lot of things.


The mixability was great for each flavor 10/10. There was no clumping or grittiness at all. Granted, warm liquids will give you better solubility, so you shouldn't have any clumping with hot oats, but I did use the apple cinnamon flavor to make pancakes, and I didn't have any mixing issues, so I do think the product was well designed in this regard.


I wish 1 scoop offered some more protein. Granted, 80 calories isn't a lot, so you can double scoop it, but the flavor will be pretty intense (especially on the apple cinnamon), and you'll run out of the product pretty quickly (each bag only has 12 servings).

I usually added some unflavored casein to boost the protein content. I try to get 30-40g protein in each meal, and if I only used 1 scoop of Protein4Oats, I'd only have about 25g. (15g from the powder, 5g from the oats, and 5g from the milk).

I also wish that it came with a scoop. None of my bags came with one. I have a food scale, but still, a scoop would have been nice.


I found this product to be quite effective. The goal for me was to make my post workout meal more enjoyable, and Protein4Oats definitely did that. It also works well in other hot applications, which gives it a nice versatility. I do like baking cookies, making pancakes, etc and it's nice to have a protein powder that's formulated to be eaten hot. I think this really helps with the taste and with the texture.

Sometimes, cooking with whey causes the product to dry out. I've had this problem when making protein pancakes, brownies (amongst other things), and the protein pancakes I had with Protein4Oats were great. I look forward to seeing what all I can make with this product. I suspect the maple brown sugar will be great for oatmeal cookies.


The price isn't too bad if you know where to look. I paid $30 to get one bag of each flavor. Individually, I've seen them retail for $11, but some stores charge $17, which is a ripoff (also more than the manufacturer charges if you get it directly from them). You're looking at less than $1/serving for a protein powder that tastes good and is useful if you want a hot breakfast.

Side Effects



PES offered the market something new, and I think it worked well. If you like using protein powder in hot applications: proats, pancakes, cookies, this is definitely a product worth giving a try.
  • Apple Cinnamon: 10/10
  • Peanut Butter and Honey: 8/10
  • Maple Brown Sugar: 7/10


  • Wis3guy
    Rep: +3,099
    September 21, 2017

    Nice job, and interesting flavors...

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