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Prolific is a Pre-Workout manufactured by PES. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.
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  May 13, 2017

  • Very Good Pumps
  • Good Focus
  • Clean Energy
  • No Crash
  • 1 Scoop Is Not Enough


I'm a competing powerlifter and am about to start peaking for my next competition. A minor back strain has set me back, but I'm training around that and am still working hard in the gym.

Ingredient Profile

Prolific has 8 ingredients and an open label. Not a kitchen sink formula by means, but it has a number of good things. It's a bit hard to assess the ingredients/dosing because the label has two options, 40 single scoop servings or 20 double scoop servings. Some ingredients are underdosed at 1 scoop but are liberally dosed at two scoops. I'm going to assess the profile using one scoop since that's an option that they are marketing, so I will hold them to it.

Caffeine (160mg/scoop). It's a combination of caffeine anhydrous and caffeine malate. Not gonna lie, I don't actually care about different types of caffeine and can't really talk about the differences between them. 160mg is a little low for most people, but I like it for my less intense days, e.g. if I'm deloading or am tapering before a meet.

L-Citrulline (3g/scoop). Citrulline is a pre-cursor to arginine (your kidneys turn citrulline into arginine) and is an effective pump enhancer. It can also help reduce fatigue and soreness. 3g is a little low if you wanted just one scoop, but for me it's enough to get a decent pump. Many users, though, want more citrulline per workout, 4-8g.

Citicholine (125mg/scoop). Citicholine is a nootropic that will improve your choline and uridine levels. It can improve your memory and attention while helping to decrease cognitive decline. It and alpha-gpc are effective pre-workout. A standard dose is 500-2000mg per day split into two doses. 125mg is low for one scoop (and even at 2 scoops, it's only about half the amount you want per day). Prolific, though, does offer the trademarked form citcognizin which is a plus.

Taurine (750mg/scoop) Taurine is supplemented for a number of reasons. It can improve memory and decrease anxiety. It also may be useful for hydration. A standard dose is 500mg-2000mg, so 750mg per scoop is pretty reasonable.

Rhodiola Rosea (50mg/scoop)- This is a root with a number of benefits, including decreased fatigue and increased cognition. An acute dose is 288-680mg, so the amount here is low. I don't think I've ever seen RR dosed as high as it is suggested.

L-Theanine (100mg/scoop) Theanine relaxes you without sedating you. It's often paired with caffeine to take some of the anxiety away. 100mg-200mg is a common dose.

Other- This category is for ingredients that I don't think have an acute effect. They may be helpful, but I don't think they're contributing to the efficacy of the product as a pre-workout.

Coffee Fruit Extract (NeuroFactorTM) (50mg/scoop)- This is a new ingredient to me. It's supposed to help repair brain damage. I don't know if 50mg (or even 100mg) is a sufficient dose.

Betaine Anhydrous (1.25g/scoop)- Betaine a precurser to choline and has been extensively studied to see if it helps prevent heart disease. Recently, it has been introduced to the exercise world to help improve power output and body composition. 500mg is the lowest effective dose. A more common dose is 2500mg per day divided in two doses. 1.25g/scoop is reasonable.


I got a tub of the mango, and I didn't love the taste. It's okay, but I usually try to get it down in a few big gulps. The aftertaste is surprisingly pleasant, but the initial taste is on the bitter side.

It mixes easily. No clumpiness. A little residue on the side of the shaker bottle, but it washed off easily.

I always use my measuring scale to make sure that I'm getting the amount that I want. 1 scoop came out to 7g as it should. 1 scoop is a decent workout, but I found that Prolific really shined at 1.5 scoops, which is what I used most of the time.


I was actually surprised at how effective this pre was for me. When it first came out, I thought it was basically Komodo Katana which I already owned, so I didn't buy it. If you haven't used it, KK is also 40 scoops/container, is low caffeine (115mg/scoop) has similar ingredients (citrulline, cognizin). It lacks neurofactor and theanine but it has agmatine and l-tyrosine.

Anyway, I had a number of friends raving about how Prolific was amazing. I didn't really believe them since they rave about everything PES does, and PES been hit or miss for me. Eventually, I caved and bought a tub.

Don't tell my friends, but I'm glad I did. I've thoroughly enjoyed every workout I've used it for, squat day, bench day, doesn't matter what day. With Prolific it's a good day. The energy was nice and smooth. It came up gradually and lasted my entire workout. Sometimes I get "overstimmed" and that was not a problem for me at all. The pumps were solid, and I did find that my focus was strong, even though the dosing on the focus ingredients was on the low side (especially at one scoop).

If you really want a good kick in the ass, pair 1.5 scoops of prolific with 1-2 caps of Teacrine (I use Primaforce) and you'll get this smooth energy that lasts for hours. It's my go to combo at the moment.


I think the value is pretty fair, although I wouldn't call it a steal, especially if you want two scoops.

One tub will run you about $27 dollars which is only .68 cents per scoop. Komodo Katana, which in my book is fairly similar, is $32-33/tub or 80 cents per scoop.

Even if you double scoop Prolific, you're still at $1.36/serving which is pretty good given the experience. Comparing it to some top pre-workouts, at two scoops Prolific is cheaper per serving than Pre-Jym, more expensive per serving than Total War, and around the same price/serving as Kraken (assuming you aren't lucky enough to snag Kraken on BOGO). One advantage Prolific has to TW and Kraken is that I can use it every day. I have to space out my DMHA use or else I get a terrible crash.

For me, Prolific came out to just over $1/serving since I used 1.5 scoops, which is a pretty good price. I'm happy with this.

Side Effects

None for me.


I think PES was overreaching a bit when they called this "The Last Pre Workout You'll Ever Need," but it is a pretty good one, and I will keep it in my rotation.
  • Mango Splash: 6/10

  February 19, 2017

  • Very Good Pumps
  • No Energy
  • No Focus
  • No Mind Muscle Connection
  • Not Effective

As a morning lifter and a 40+ year old male, I require that pre-workout boost to get going. Some days a 12 ounce coffee does the trick, other days I need more. Pre-workouts are a weekly staple for me supplement wise. Over the years, I have tried dozens of pre-workout supplements from various brands. Yes I have my go to pwo's and I have tried one and done brands/products as well.

Disclosure- I am by no means stim tolerant. In fact I am good to go with 200-250 mg of caffeine or 340 mg of caffeine malate, which to me is more clean energy (equal to 238 mg of caffeine).

Prior to starting this product I was having some coffee 6-10 ounces pwo for about 3 weeks.

Product Claims:

-Dialed in Focus
-Explosive Energy
-Ultra-Powerful Pumps
-Experience The Ultimate Mind-Muscle Connection

Ingredient Profile:

Going to focus on just a few ingredients here from the label because they are the main ingredients that would drive the pump, focus and energy, based on the dosage amounts. The below is based at 2 scoops:

Pump-L-Citruline 6 grams
Energy-320 grams Caffeine (Caffeine Anhydrous and Dicaffeine malate-Infinergy)*not sure what the % is here

Caffeine Malate is about 70% the strength of caffeine Anhydrous. In my opinion I feel that's the problem here, which I will explain in detail below.

They have other focus ingredients in here as well

Taste: 7.5/10

I bought the raspberry lemonade flavor. It was good, not the best tasting pre-workout I have had to date. Honestly, I rather chug down 6 ounces of garbage tasting product that works, as opposed to a great tasting pwo that doesn't do jack.

The taste was more on the tart side, not necessarily a bad thing. It did taste like raspberry/lemonade.

Mixability: 8/10

No mixing issues here. I mixed up to 2 scoops in 8 ounces of water, it dissolved well, with minimal to no residue at the bottom of the glass.

Dosing: 5/10

I rated the dosing here low, due to the ineffectiveness. Although the label states do not exceed 2 scoops per day, I personally think that may be incorrect, especially due to the caffeine blend above.

Started out with 1 scoop and quickly went to 2 scoops within days

Effectiveness: 5/10

Now I am rating this a 5/10 because I cannot say the product was a total flop, albeit it was not as promised per the label.

Pump: 8/10

Pumps were very good with this product. Excellent secondary pumps in less involved muscles. It was a nice dense and vascular pump. I cannot complain about this aspect of the product. The pump was very noticeable.

Energy + Focus: 1/10

Total flop for me here. I noticed zero difference in taking 2 scoops as opposed to taking nothing, not even coffee. I noticed none of the above product claims when it came to energy and focus.

I would like to know the % breakdown of the caffeine anhydrous vs di-caffeine malate. Even if it were 50/50, me being not a stim tolerant person, this dosage should have been effective for me and unfortunately it was not.

Value: 4/10

Tough to give a higher rating here when only the pump aspect worked, based PES's label claims. I bought this via a deal from PES and received their Amino IV as well. Review coming soon for that.....

I have seen this on EBAY for $29.95. Not a good value at all based on my non-existent energy and focus.

Side Effects:


Conclusion: 4.5/10

Pumps were very good, however, this is not marketed as a pump product only. This is PES's relatively new pre-workout and they market it heavily as the ultimate mind-muscle connection, which was non-existent for me.

I am not buying this product again based on my above experience.

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