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Ergonine is a Creatine Blend manufactured by PES. It features multiple forms of creatines to take advantage of the various features of the different creatines. It can increase muscle power, translating to strength gains and increased muscle mass.

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  May 5, 2018

  • Strength Increase Due To Creatine And Betaine
  • Feel Refreshed Next Day
  • Needs More Glutamine For Added Recovery
  • Wish It Was A Little Cheaper

Quick Summary

A great addition to a stack if you already have your basics covered! Also worth noting that I only got 29 scoops/servings out of this product and it says 30. I'd like to think that I'm pretty consistent in my scoops, but I can't be sure because I didn't weigh out each scoop.


What is going on guys? Just want to quickly address the overlap listed with another creatine monohydrate product. I only used 1 serving of this product during the overlap listed with the creatine monohydrate product to not skew my results with this product. This product caught my eye for one bold claim: "Ergonine is not a pre-workout, it is not a post-workout. It is a product that is in a new category of its own...the daily staple." I'd like to thank SR for making this review possible and without further ado lets dive right in shall we!

Ingredient Profile

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (14g)
Servings Per Container: 30 Servings

Calcium (as -Hydroxyisocaproate Calcium Salt): 220mg
This is a nice boost of calcium especially if you aren't a big milk drinker.

Creatine Anhydrous (TruCreatineTM): 3,000mg
This creatine is considered more pure than any other type of creatine by PES. They say their creatine is 100% pure creatine while other types fall around 87-88% creatine. "Creatine anhydrous provides over 12% more creatine by weight than the former legend creatine monohydrate." They also claim that side effects like bloating are due to the amount of creatine taken and not specifically the type of creatine and for that reason they decided to use 3g of TruCreatine which is what they came up with as the best amount of creatine. I'm extremely interested in the perfect quality of '100% creatine'.

Betaine Anhydrous: 2,500mg
I've always thought that betaine was an undervalued supplement. It can help with strength gains and muscle gains. Here's what Jim Stoppani has to say about it in one of his articles, "Since this initial study, other researchers have found that betaine supplementation helped lifters complete more total reps in bench press workouts, pedal with more power in cycling workouts, and sprint for almost 40 seconds longer than subjects drinking just water. Like the similar-sounding beta-alanine, it has also been suggested to significantly lower levels of lactate, which can delay muscular fatigue and allow athletes to train harder, for longer."

SynerGlut Blend (L-Alanine, L-Glutamine): 2,500mg
They combine these two things together to increase recovery and by consuming L-glutamine with L-alanine, glutamine delivery to muscle tissue is increased.

L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate: 2,000mg
This can help aid in fat loss and in overall recovery.

Hydroxy-Isocaproic Acid (as -Hydroxyisocaproate Calcium Salt): 1,500mg
(HICA) is the active metabolite of the amino acid leucine. Leucine is one of the building blocks for muscle building/ recovery.

PerformaLean Blend: 1,100mg Choline Bitartrate, Glycerol 65% (HydroMAX), Ferula Asafoetida (Root) Extract (95% Ferulic Acid)
The combination of these ingredients can aid in the fat loss process and overall performance.


Taste: Blue frost was a 8.5/10 on the flavor scale. It was extremely enjoyable to drink and had a refreshing simple taste. You'll enjoy it a lot if your a fan of blue sports drinks with a hint of blueberry.

Mixibility: 1 scoop mixed in with 8 ounces of water with no issues every time. I typically shook it for 15 seconds.

Dosage: The company recommends one serving per day for this 'daily staple supplement'. I took my serving 30-60 minutes before training as recommended and on non training days I took it upon waking in the morning.


This product appears to be trying to make a whole new category for itself 'the daily staple.' The most prominent evidence I had for this products effectiveness was in the strength department. Over the last few months I've been focusing more on strength training to couple with my usual hypertrophy/bodybuilding split. My diet and heavy training remained constant, but after I implemented this product I hit new PRs on my 5 rep bench max and my 3 rep max. Before you all start running to the store to get yours today I must note that I'm eating in a caloric surplus and am very consistent in my training. Would I have hit those PRs without this product? I'd like to think yes, however, I don't believe I would've hit them as quickly as I did compared to how long its taken me in the past to raise a flat bench PR by 5-10 pounds. I would contribute this to the creatine formulation in this product and the fact that its more pure may have something to do with it. This also could have something to do with the daily supplementation of Betaine. I've never consistently taken betaine before so maybe my body reacted positively to that. As far as recovery was concerned I felt 'refreshed' in the mornings but this product did not really effect my muscle soreness. Refreshed in this case meaning that I woke up and didn't feel like I got hit by a mack truck the night before. The fat loss applications were not applicable to me during this trial because my calories were over my caloric maintenance, and calories are the main drive for fat loss.


This can be found for $24.99 at and that comes out to about 83 cents per serving. For what you are getting I like the price, but I don't love the price. For similar results, you could buy monohydrate in bulk for much cheaper and supplement betaine with it on its own. But for the convenience of having everything blended together 83 cents per serving is not a bad price point.

Side Effects



This was a very interesting product that separated itself from similar supplements by trying to make a new category. I liked the way this product worked and enjoyed my trial with this product. While it is not the 'best thing ever' it is something to consider adding to your permanent stack.


  • htevans
    Rep: +1,113
    May 5, 2018

    Solid review! Given what you thought of effectiveness, would you buy this on your own?

  • BlakePullen
    Rep: +1,794
    May 5, 2018

    If I had extra money one month yes! But I don't think I could commit long-term. I'd rather buy bulk monohydrate and glutamine tbh

  • htevans
    Rep: +1,113
    May 5, 2018

    That's understandable.


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