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Erase is an Estrogen Blocker manufactured by PES. It helps reduce the amount of the hormone estrogen in the body, encouraging an optimal muscle building and fat loss environment.

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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

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  March 6, 2015

I have been told to stop putting my canned intro statement in this location. It offends the powers that be. So uh...there you go.

Alright, so it's a pretty uneventful night. That means I'm writing reviews for lack of anything better to do while at work. That means you get my review of ERASE, which I did not enjoy because, despite doing what it was supposed to, also caused excruciating joint pain. I have pretty bad joints thanks to 15 years of martial arts, so I didn't really need extra help with that. Joint pain is a typical reaction to Estrogen blockers, so keep that in mind. All of them can cause joint pain. It doesn't mean I have to like it. I am currently taking OstaShred which stacks Ostarine with Arimastane, an AI. It seems to be doing the same thing, but with less joint pain.

----Ingredient Profile----8
Only one ingredient that matters. 3-deoxy-7-oxo-DHEA, a metabolite of DHEA. This is classified as a steroid that may: accelerate weight loss, increase metabolism, enhance memory, or prevent age-related changes. Alright, that's swell. You can also pick up ERASE PRO, which is pretty similar. Ok, boring ingredients list. 3-deoxy-7-oxo-DHEA is pretty cool stuff though.

Tastes gel capsuley. Mixes great in my stomach with water. The dosing on this is effective as far as I can tell, though the proprietary blend kind of ruins my ability to make that assessment. So let's go with good.

This product legitimately works. I saw a decrease in body fat and the advertised "dryness." That dryness also led to joint pain, despite taking joint health supplements. say potato, I say tomato.

Expensive. Legitimately expensive. $45 for 30 pills. That's...high. Osta Shred is around $60 for 2 months and includes Ostrarine AND Arimastane. That's a MUCH better value. There are cheaper AIs out there, though ERASE is considered one of the best.

----Side Effects----0
So we have a product here that deserves a 6 or 7 probably. I can't give it that because the joint pain that this product gave me literally made it impossible for me to work out. My elbows couldn't bend without excruciating pain. Now, I may be a bit of an outlier having pretty messed up joints, but still. I shouldn't have a product that makes me completely unable to workout. I was even taking joint support (Glucosamine Sulfate, Methylsufonlylmethane). The joint pain went away after I stopped taking ERASE. Ostashred has not had this effect on me, despite containing an AI. So yeah, it completely invalidated its value to me by making me unable to work out. Fail.

All these reviews are nothing more than my opinion. As such, you have to understand that my experiences with ERASE were less than stellar, but you may have completely different results. Despite being an effective estrogen blocker, the joint pain made it useless to me. Try something different, or try ERASE. I don't really care either way, but I won't buy it again.
  • Weight Loss
  • Joint Pain
Rep: +199
Trust: 100%
  December 11, 2014

Hey SR back again to review the last half of my stack PES Erase (new formula)

----Ingredient Profile----

Proprietary Blend
300 mg -
Uncaria Tomentosa (Bark) Extract, Abieta-8, 11, 13-trien-18oic acid

Another prop blend without exact numbers


10/10 cant beat a tiny cap(s) down the hatch, no taste really, no smell either and for me 1 cap seemed to do just as good as 3 caps


Retail Site says

PES Erase is an amazing Estrogen and Cortisol blocker, but it doesn't stop there. It's going to get you the lean, dry, and hard muscle you want, it's going to boost your testosterone, and up regulate anabolism. This is a great all in one supplement that you don't have to post cycle and isn't going to cause any post use testosterone suppression. If you are serious about putting on muscle take PES Erase.

Noticable effects while running the stack, after 10-14 days i did notice an increase in mood and overall feeling. I saw my total volume in the gym increase and veins starting to show where veins handnt been showing prior to the stack. Ive been off of the Erase now for well over a week with no noticable let downs or side effects such as test suppression. I have noticed a change in body comp and muscle hardness but dry i cant confirm cause Im way to fat to say one way or another. I stacked Erase with D-Pol and a few basic staples protein, BCAA's, PWO's & a couple fat burners.

Value - 10/10

Around $27.00 for 90 caps, so 30 cents per cap, and personally i noticed no change when i went from 1 cap a day to 2 then to 3 per day so if i were to run this at one a day this can stretch for nearly 3 months at 30 cents a day thats pretty awesome.

----Side Effects----

No side effects to report smooth easy product to take with no ill effects noticed and the price is right


I really enjoyed this stacked with D-Pol, although I cant give all of the credit to one product or the other I feel in conjunction they work really well together and I will probably be running these again in the future, and have no issues reccomending this product alone or stacked.
  • Muscle Hardening
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Increased Visible Vascularity
    Rep: +42
    Trust: 48%
      March 14, 2014

    Hey, everybody. This will be my first review.

    Others have mentioned the ingredients, but I'll give my own take.

    Androst-3,5-dien-7,17-dione @ 25mg

    Androst-3,5-dien-7,17-dione, or Arimistane is a metabolite of 7-Keto DHEA that acts as an aromatase inhibitor. The science behind inhibiting aromatase is simple: if you inhibit an enzyme in the biosynthesis of estrogen, then you effectively reduce estrogen, thus increasing testosterone.

    Using an AI, is by far the most effective means of boosting test that I've witnessed. And when you pair this with a test booster like DAA, it really shines. Also, it's an effective fat burner -burning fat through hormonal pathways. And yes, this would still be considered "natty."

    Taste: 10
    Why is this a 10? Because I can't tell you how many times I've opened a bottle and it smells like rancid poo. For example, I'm currently taking TT750 (which I'll have a review for when I'm done with the bottle), and the minute you open up that bottle, it's like a donkey kicked you in the kidney. So Erase get's a 10 because there was no foul odor or taste to the pills or the bottle. No, I didn't eat the bottle, but you can try and see if you get more gains.

    Effectiveness: 8
    I'll only be reserving 10s to products that are truly extraordinary. Giving out too many 10s ruins its value. It's like when people use the word Epic to describe things that are really not. The Odyssey is an epic, Man of Steel is not.

    So Erase is very effective. Within a few days I felt a tightness and saw water reduction. My muscles also "felt" fuller. I will point out that I took this at about 26% body fat, but taking it with DAA, Alphamine, a caloric deficit, and Layne Norton's PHAT training, I managed to drop down to about 17% in a span of 10 weeks. I started DAA about 2 weeks before Erase, hence the 10 weeks. This product should not be run longer than 8, though.

    I bought this for $23-24 on Amazon and ran 2 bottles, so it was pretty great value for what I experienced.

    I wish I had taken this with macros dialed in. This was one of the first real supplements I took and saw great results. If I knew what I was really doing, I probably would have seen even more.

    Also, I took this at a time when I felt like a fat girl and wasn't getting laid. It did help with libido and confidence, which allowed me to get a girl in the sack. It also dried out my joints a bit, and to combat that I lowered the dose. But this does not affect the overall score.

    Erase is great... the OG Erase that contains Arimistane. PES put out a new version containing DHAA which works the same way as Arimistane, but supposedly is stronger and contains joint support.

    If you can find a bottle or two, I highly recommend it. Run it as part of a cut stack with Alphamine and/or 3 3 diiodo l thyronine. Stacking with DAA amplified the effects, but it's not necessary.
    • Dries You Out
    • More Libido
    • Muscle Hardening
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value
    • Fat Loss
    • Removes Water Weight
    • Increased Visible Vascularity
    • Slight Joint Discomfort
    Rep: +43
    Trust: 28%
      October 29, 2013

    I ran PES's Erase with D-Pol, Muscle Marinade, Organ Shield, and plenty of fish oil.


    When I took some test supplements this past summer, I noticed that I was getting extra fat on my nipples. It wasn't the beginning of gyno or anything, it just seemed like my nipples were sagging. I thought to myself "WTF is that?"

    After a little research, I learned that increasing testosterone production also increases estrogen, so you can get an increase of tissue around your nipples. I immediately bought a bottle of ERASE by PES and that completely changed the body composition of my chest. My nipples sucked back in tight and hard to the muscle.

    If you run a test booster, PLEASE RUN AN AROMOTASE INHIBITOR. Don't freak yourself out like I did. A lot of people say it isn't necessary, but if you have the extra twenty bucks, do it. Rmember, it's YOUR body.


    Joint soreness. The first week taking Erase, my shoulders, elbows, and wrists grew more noticeably sore. I picked up some fish/flax oil and started taking double doses. The soreness went away immediately.


    The fat loss gained on this product is marginal, but with a decent cardio routine and clean eating diet, it only helps you get your gains. You should primarily be taking this for body composition and estrogen blocking.

    I experienced no added water weight, but rather a removal. My vasscularity increased, and my muscles hardened--especially my chest and nipples. I can't emphasize that enough.


    OVERALL: 9/10

    This product greatly attributed to the best stack I've taken in my 10+ years of lifting and supplementing. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to curb the effects of testosterone supplements and the correlating estrogen production.

    All the best,

    J. O'Donnell
    • Muscle Hardening
    • Good Value
    • Fat Loss
    • Removes Water Weight
    • Increased Visible Vascularity
    • Slight Joint Discomfort
    Rep: +791
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 25
      April 21, 2013

    Hi Guys,

    I thought I would put in my review for PES Erase, considering i've run it twice in the past 8 months on 2 different cycles. I feel with these sorts of products you really need to run them a couple of times to really get a handle on whether or not they work and how effective they are. My first natty cycle with PES Erase was a bulk, I wouldnt call it dirty but it wasnt lean. 2nd cycle was a lean bulk and this is where I saw the best results. Anyway, on to the review itself>

    Supporting Supps:

    My first natty cycle with PES Erase was a D-pol/Animal stak/Erase setup. Second cycle was Isa-test GF/DAA Powder/Erase. During both cycles I took no creatine, I took stimmed PWO's and protein powder as per normal.


    As some other reviewers have suggested, you might need to play around with the dosing. I dosed mine 1 x with breakfast, 1 x around 1-2pm and another around 8pm, a couple of hours before bed. I wanted to stay away from dosing too close to bed time.


    I like to use Erase as an AI+cortisol blocker in the final 4 weeks of an 8 week natty cycle. I find it helps 'clean' me up from any dirtier gains and bulk the other supps like DAA/Animal Stak etc give me in the first 4 weeks. The first cycle I used Erase on, I did not really get much out of it. I felt the Dpol was doing the bulk of the work and the Erase was a bit of a waster. However, I did not want to write Erase off after just 1 run, so I gave it another shot.

    It worked so much better in my 2nd cycle, which was a lean bulk, with diet fully in check. I had a noticeable 'tightening' in my mid-section, and my chest which is naturally a bit watery looking until I warm up/work that area, looked harder and firmer all the time. With the lean bulk setup I found it to be much more noticeable than the standard/dirty bulk.

    I should point out that this observation may be circumstance to the type of bulk I was running IE if I had not taken Erase on my first cycle I may have looked worse. This is why I believe it's important to give good quality supps a second chance.

    Side Effects:

    People go on a little bit about sore joints from this, but I did not get this. I take in 4g of fish oil a day (taken with my Erase when i'm using it) and I had no problems with joint pain. What I did get almost immediately when I started taking Erase was very dry eyes, every morning when I woke up. After about a week of this I bumped the fish oil up to 6g/day and my eyes were nowhere near as dry. It was actually quite bad in the mornings until I had a shower and wet my eyes.


    Getting this stuff shipped to Australia is always a pain, but I can get it here for around $40, which is good value in my book, but not outstanding.


    I wouldnt write Erase off after 1 so-so run with it. Give it another chance and it may come good for you. I ran it the second time because I couldnt get Lecheek AD-3 PCT, but funny enough for my next cycle I will be using the AD-3. I'll see how that goes compared to the Erase and review that later too. Thanks for reading.
    • Dries You Out
    • Muscle Hardening
    • Dry Eyes
    Rep: +11
    Trust: 0%
      March 2, 2013

    I'm going to start by saying that I took this product quite some time ago. I see they have released a pro version so I am completely unaware if there was some type of formula change since I have taken it. I doubt there has been but I just want everyone to know I took this product roughly a year and a half ago.

    PES really did impress me with this one. I had been living alone for some time with nothing to do so I dedicated a huge part of my life to working out. I had been very lean at the time (Formerly being fat as a kid) and had problems with my chest area being a much fatter than the average male and my abdomen had held a bit of extra unwanted fat that I was having trouble getting rid of.

    I had started with the suggested dose but eventually ended up taking 2 pills above the suggested dose. The effects were much better than I had expected to ever see. My vascularity was through the roof. My veins were popping everywhere and it was new to me at the time so I couldn't resist going to the mirror in my house every so often. I couldn't believe how dry I ended up looking after taking this. I also noticed my chest fat was seeming to decrease slowly and I also had a small visible cut going down to define my abs a bit more. One great effect this had was that my sides lost a TON of fat which was nice to see considering for some reason my sides never seem to slim down. I had a nice V-taper going on. I was leaning out quite nicely and the dryness was incredible. At the time this was my favorite supplement I had ever taken, I was just so impressed. I must not forget to mention, the libido boost was fantastic. I mean absolutely amazing. My libido was through he roof.

    Obviously, some of this was credited to my strict diet, but I feel as though the erase played a great part in seeing the results I had gotten.

    Here is basically how I would break things down:

    Effectiveness - 9/10
    This stuff really did dry me up. I lost a bit of chest fat and got cut up a bit in the abdomen. My sides also lost a TON of size which was great. I have to credit a bit of it to my diet, but for some reason I just know that Erase deserves a lot of credit for the vascularity and dryness I had seen. I had never seen much vascularity at all until I started Erase, so I know it helped out a great deal in that department, that is for sure. The libido effects are incredible. Never seen anything like it.

    Side Effects - 6/10
    Alright, so I don't think it is very fair for me to be too harsh on the side effects due to me taking the suggested dose a little higher than it should have been, however the joints were very dry after I took Erase. I could feel joint pain very easily. I have a hard time noticing sides from many supplements, but let me tell you something, you will know when your joints are aching!

    Value - 10/10
    You get a great deal no matter what on this. This product is so ridiculously cheap that it is definitely worth a shot. I got this when it first came out and it was cheap then. I know it is still priced cheap if not even cheaper than it was before.

    I will definitely be giving Erase Pro a shot in the future. This is the product that sparked my interest in PES and, to me, made them seem like a very reputable company.

    • Dries You Out
    • More Libido
    • Good Value
    • Fat Loss
    • Removes Water Weight
    • Increased Visible Vascularity
    • Makes Joints Hurt I Took Too Much
    Rep: +2,283
    Trust: 100%
      June 29, 2012

    I was really excited to try this product out. I had a good experience with Inhibit-E and I figured this would blow that outta the water. Sadly it did not. I took this product with D-pol and but I rly started to notice the effects or lack after I finished C20

    Effectiveness: My chest area is my problem area and the abs are a close second. C20, tho a different compound in its own right helped lean me out around the midsection. Despite my pec area I was happy with how I looked, but When I thin out my chest looks more distinguished ( and not in a good way). Inhibit-E rly decreased some of those fatty/estrogen deposits and I expected more from this based off the reviews

    What I got instead was joint pain and water retention. by wk2 I thought to myself I feel the joint discomfort so the product has to be working but by wk4 I felt worse than before.

    Value: Its a good thing this product is relatively cheap. Most of my boosters / estrogen blockers cost around 30+. Inhibit cost around 14 at the time. This was around 25 so not bad.

    I really dont like writing bad reviews which is why I stalled so long on this. I was actually like a kid in a candy store when I heard about this, and once I got it the new rave was about Erase Pro and Licogenix. I was like Fuuuudge! Tho I may have had some, I did not notice the HUGE strength gains or increase in libido either. This product gets a thumbs down from me but this is just another example of what works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

    Hope this helps -Cam
    • Good Value
    • Slight Joint Discomfort
    • Water Retention
    Rep: +1,771
    Trust: 100%
      May 24, 2012

    In correlation with my first SR review on Purus Labs D-Pol, I figured I should give a thorough review of the product I stacked it with, PES Erase. Like I mentioned previously, I had great results stacking both of these products together during my cutting cycle. Now let's get to the breakdown:

    Simple profile, the only ingredient: Androsta-3,5-Diene-7,17-Dione (25mg x 3 times a day)

    Dosing/Taste: N/A
    Erase pills are very small, white, gelatin capsules that are very easy to get down. You dose these pills three times a day, 1 upon waking, 1 post workout, and 1 before bed. On off days, I would take 1 upon waking, 1 with lunch, and 1 before bed. Simple and easy.

    Effectiveness: 9
    Erase claims to be an Aromotase Inhibitor, controls Cortisol, and increases Testosterone production. As an Aromotase Inhibitor, Erase claims to reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen which simultaneously increases your testosterone production. Over the last 12 weeks (includes 8 weeks of the Erase / D-Pol stack) I have lost over 30 pounds. I was obviously cutting, taking in around 500 calories below maintenance. I have leaned out a ton; especially in my chest, stomach, and lower back (the more troublesome areas for heavier people) that I couldn't seem to lose with other fat burners I have taken like OEP. I noticed in weeks 3&4 during my D-Pol/Erase cycle is when I started slimming down more in these areas and it just continued throughout the rest of the cycle. I also noticed increased vascularity, muscle hardness, and solid strength increases in all of my lifts.

    The only reason I didn't give Effectiveness a 10 was because of the joint discomfort and there's always room for improvement. At week 3, I started feeling my elbows and knees were having some discomfort. Nothing too overbearing, but definitely noticeable. However, it was a sign to me that Erase was working. I just upped my Fish Oil intake and the joint discomfort subsided.

    Value: 9
    You can get Erase for around $25-$30 for a 30 day supply depending on where you buy from. Still relatively cheap, especially in comparison with Erase Pro which is around $55 a pop.

    Overall: 9
    Minus the joint discomfort, Erase is a very solid product. In conjunction with D-Pol, I received results that were above and beyond my expectations. Like I mentioned before, I started slimming down in the more problematic areas, increased strength & vascularity, and the transformation has really improved my self-esteem. I recommend running a full 8 week cycle with Erase with a DAA product (D-Pol) to receive the full effects from this product. I am excited to use Erase Pro to see if there are any drastic differences and I'll be sure to give a thorough review of Pro as well. Until next time...
    • Dries You Out
    • Muscle Hardening
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value
    • Fat Loss
    • Increased Visible Vascularity
    • Slight Joint Discomfort
    Rep: +1,615
    Trust: 100%
      March 15, 2012

    Hey Guys. I actually took this product back in January but I am Just now getting some time to really sit down and write out a through review. So here it Goes.

    Diet at the Time was the Anabolic diet.
    Routine: 4 day split. Monday chest tri, Tuesday legs, Thursday Back Bi, Friday Shoulders Calves.

    What is Erase? Erase is Marketed as a AI (Armoatase Inhibitor) and Cortisol Inhibitor. The ingredient in Erase, Androsta-3,5-Diene-7,17-Dione, is a metabolite of 7-keto DHEA. Erase is supposed to help reduce estrogen, and Cortisol. All while helping to increase testosterone. Ultimately while estrogen is being reduced, your natural test levels should go up. Though I should emphasize estrogen is okay, but too much is bad. I ran a Natty Stack of D-pol, Erase, and Activate Xtreme. This product interested me more for the estrogen reduction and cortisol reduction more than anything, and it delivered.

    Dosing: 9/10- The dosing on erase was actually pretty easy. You kind of have to play around with it and see what works best for you. I used a similar dosing protocol to Lean Xtreme, because of the cortisol reduction properties. So I dosed 1 pill right when I got up, 1 after my workout, and 1 before bed at night. I would only recommend 1 pill at a time because any more than that your joints will really hurt.

    Effectiveness: 8/10- For me erase really delivered in many areas. The first was the leaning out effect. I was a Former Fat Boy and typical Endomorph body type. Carried alot of excess fat in my chest and midsection. Which are typical areas where fat is stored if excess estrogen is in the body. I have always seemed to have extra bits of fat in these areas even with leaning down so much over the past year and a half. These were areas I have always had issues loosing fat with even with good thermo fat Burners. I noticed though after about a week with erase, my chest lost noticeble amounts of fat along with my midsection. This doesnt mean pounds or weight. But actual fat being stripped from my body. Throughout the rest of the bottle I noticed more and more of leaning out affect. Definately more vasuclar as well. The muscles were also a lot fuller, like the feeling of having a good pump on your biceps but it was all the time. I made noticeable changes in my body and cut fat in areas I have always struggled with for the past year and a half of dieting down.
    I also noticed a slight increase in Libido, and strength as well. But I cant contribute all of this to erase, seeing as though I was taking D-pol and Activate Xtreme. But it is definately something to note.

    Sides: 7/10- My joints did hurt. Which was a good thing because it shows it was working. I take Orange Triad and I never have joint pain anymore, so I know this had to be from erase. It took a few weeks for the joint pain to kick in, which worried me because I didnt think it was working. It wasnt something you couldnt deal with though. Not to the point you couldnt carry out daily activities or anything.

    Value: 8/10- I paid 26.99 for this and it has 30 servings. Recommended 3 a day so the price per serving is .89 a day. Not to shabby and cheaper than other AI's.

    Overall: 8/10- I really liked Erase. I was looking for something to help loose fat in specific areas. And this really did the trick. The sides werent terrible and the product did what it claimed. I will probably end up running this again around May or June for 2 months to help with my final stages of cutting up.
    I think erase would make a great edition to A PCT (Yes You still need a SERM), a bulk or a cut. For eight weeks your looking at about 50-60 dollars and your getting a few products in one. PES really delivers with Erase as they do with other supplements as well. I would highly recommend checking them out. Have a good one guys.
    • Dries You Out
    • More Libido
    • Muscle Hardening
    • Good Value
    • Fat Loss
    • Increased Visible Vascularity
    • Slight Joint Discomfort
    Rep: +610
    Trust: 100%
      February 27, 2012

    Wow, well where to begin. I feel really bad for writing this, but I believe it needs to be said. I think Im the only person who has given this a bad review....

    I did not notice any difference while taking this product. I took 2 full bottles back to back, 3 pills a day. I followed the directions on the bottle and even sought help on dosing from other members, but experienced nothing like others were mentioning.

    Positive effects: The only positive effect I felt, was when I would take my morning dose before breakfast, I filled up nicely. Other than that nothing else noticeable

    Negative effects: I had slight joint discomfort, mainly in my elbows, but I knew this coming in. When this happened I though ok good to go its kicking in now, but that was the only similar result I shared with others who have reviews this product. Water retention was the biggest surprise for me. Nothing changed for me, Im cutting right now, so if anything this should have helped, but I noticed a reversal in what it was supposed to do. I didnt see a dried out look, no increase in vascularity, no strength increases, really just nothing at all. I tried numerous dosing protocals and nothing made a difference. I noticed as the day went on, I seemed to hold onto a lot a water, which annoyed me because I woke up nice and lean, but went to bed looking flabby.

    I also noticed my nips started to itch more towards the end, and seemed to puff up more. I have no idea what thats about, but its something I noticed.

    Another thing that bothered me, is that I started taking Pink Magic towards the last 2 weeks. At first Pink made its mark soon, but after about a week, the effects diminished. As soon as I finished Erase, the effects came back. Again I dont know what thats about, but its just something I noticed.

    Sometimes when I would take my dose, I would get some slight stomach pains, and my stomach would bloat out.

    I tried my best to get this product to work, but met with no use. I guess I just dont respond to this, which is really weird as it seems everyone loves it. Im sure I will get flamed for this, but I just wanted to put my experience out there for everyone to see.

    Take care fellas, and happy lifting!
    • Good Value
    • Morning Fullness
    • Not Effective
    • Slight Joint Discomfort
    • Water Retention
    • Slight Stomach Discomfort

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