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Enhanced has been reported as discontinued.

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Enhanced Reviews


  July 25, 2015

  • Focus
  • No Jitters
  • Lasting Energy
  • Weird Taste
  • Tastes Bad
  • May Not Be The Best Choice For A Stim Junkie
  • Mediocre Pump


(Background info on yourself, diet, experience, goals, first thoughts on the product and how you discovered SR)
OK to introduce myself prior to taking Enhanced ive been lifting for almost 3 years,seen some decent gains.Ive been eating clean all the time with the exception of some cheating on the weekends like a whole pizza once a week or a tub of ice cream.
Taking this product i really expected some serious impact on my training,as i have never taken a pre workout before

Ingredient Profile

(Your thoughts on the ingredients/label of the product)
Reading about the ingredients online,i initially liked to buy the product to try it.
Agmatine sulfate and caffeine are some proven to work substances,but at 1 scoop theyre underdosed quite a bit IMO
The Motivation Stimulant System contains some ingredients that im not familiar with, it also contains vesy small amounts of calcium carbonate(i presume for buffering of lactic acid) and some vitamin C in the mix.Again all these ingredients are underdosed in 1 scoop IMO


OK the taste i bought was the Blue Razz.Ive tried Ami N.O Energy from ON in the past and ireally liked this rasberry flavour(and colour!) so i ordered this taste in this product.Maaaan i was SO wrong.This thing was disgusting for what the flavours name is.Firstly, it was GREEN powder and liquid when you mix it,NOT BLUE.Secondly it tasted pretty much like a greens formula to me with a bit of a fruityflavour in the back.I had to use a lot of liquid to water down the flavour and chug it,but it was so nasty the aftertaste.

Now,on to the mixability.THIS THING DOES NOT MIX at all.everytime i would use a hand mixer to mix it and it would still have some powder at the bottom of the glass.E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E.I had to swirl tha glass to drink all the powder from the bottom.ALSO, the drink had a very weird texture,the powder settling down was like undissolved fiber very grainy like.Overall it was a very bad experience trying to mix and drink this thing

The dosing as i said before is pretty bad on this product.To have a good dose of caffeine,agmatine and lucine from this you need at least 2 scoops IMO.


OK as i said this was my first preworkout so i didnt know what to expect from this.I started at 1 scoop,and i didnt notice anything from it.Than i went to 2 scoops for a while.Some days i would feel it kicking in,i had a good focus in my workout,very sustained energy, and more willing to do cardio after a long weight training workout.Some other days although i would not feel this at all.Also i should notice an improved pump from this as it states on the label,which I DID NOT.


I got this from a discount online for 20 euros.I never thought about taking a pre workout because i thought they were really pricey,so the price was good from my view.However the value of this product is bad.Thinking about it again it is not worth more than 10 euros at the most since you need 2 scoops to feel something(if i was a preworkout user before i might have need even more) so it gives you only half the servings for its price

Side Effects

I believe i got no side effects from this other than some really heavy heart beating when doing cardio and taking this beforehand,which i was a little bit unsettling because i thought my heart was going to explode! :).Also i dont know if it is a side effect but the aftertaste haunted me for a good half an hour...


Overall, i would NOT recommend this to anyone having experience with preworkouts.I would recommend something stronger /potent than this.
It also takes guts to chug this down as it doesnt mix at all and the blue razz flavour is horrible
If you dont mind trying it though go ahead if you find it cheap in a discount,BUT i do not recommend the blue razz flavour.Try fruit puch intead if you feel lucky enough!


  • ODAAT365
    Rep: +1,279
    July 25, 2015

    I gave you a thumbs up because the info is solid, but you could help make this more readable by fixing your punctuation.

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