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AnaBeta Elite is a Nutrient Repartitioner manufactured by PES. It is meant to help the body use the macronutrients of protein, carbohydrates and fats more efficiently.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

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  February 21, 2014

Hey guys, I never tried the 2nd Version but i can say this was great for me. I wanted to cut or recomp with this but it was a little hard.

Dosage 10/10: Nothing hard, 2 pills twice a day with a meal

Taste N/A:

Effectiveness 9/10: I'll break it down.

Aggression/Alpha Male Syndrome 8/10: While I was on this I felt more aggressive and more confident. Working out I also felt great, the smallest though that ticked me off got me heated but still controlled.

Strength/Endurance 8/10: While on this I saw in both categories it was a little above average. At the beginning I hit 90s for 6 to 90s for 8 by the 4th week in incline DB press and seated military press 135 for 10 to 135 for 12. I have been off it for 2-3 days and my endurance in down so I can tell it was dramatically up on this.

Body Recomposition 9.5/10 This is were it shined for me. The first week I was 169 and now I'm 172( in the morning) but leaner then I was in the beginning. This made me really hungry so I assume I was a little above maintenance but not too much. once I took it a little bit later I felt more fuller then before I took it.

Side Effects(lower is better) 1/10: I usually have acne and It did definitely increased but still controllable, that's really it.

Price 9/10: Well I got this and PES Select Protein for 60$ so I basically got this for 25$ which compared to normal prices this is great but normally the price is high so I am not sure if it is worth 60$.

Overall 9/10: I had a great run with this but I don't plan another run with the prices right now. Great body change and felt good while running this so I recommend it if you have the money to dish out.
  • Solid Strength And Size Increases
  • Builds Muscle
  • Leaning Effect
  • Increased Libido
  • Increased Aggression
  • Fuller
  • High Price
  • Increased Acne
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Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 73
  October 7, 2013

Well after reading WarMachine's review of this product I was very much interested in trying it out for myself. After getting the $10 off coupon at GNC and having 20% discount I got this at a pretty good rate. I was hoping that this would be all its cut out to be, alas, it was just, as the kids would put it, it was "meh".
This is how the product is reviewed by the company, below:

AnaBeta Elite
Anabolic Transformation Agent
Revolutionary Mass Accelerator
Hardcore 30 Day Cycle

I was expecting to see good results from this in terms of mass, since I was taking 4 test boosters, eating around 4K calories a day, and sleeping well, with good macros of Protein, Carbs and fats.

Proprietary Blend: 1625.00 mg
Anacyclus pyrethrum D.C. (root) Extract 95% Forskolin (Standardized from Coleus forskohlii)5-Androsten-3B7B-diol-17-one

WarMachine went into the details of the ingredients, so I will not re-invent the wheel. I will describe this based on how it worked for me.
DOSING: 10/10

On TRAINING days: Take 2 capsules 30-60 minutes before workout followed by 2 capsules with your first meal post workout.

On NON-Training days: Take 1 capsule 4 times daily with meals. Spread doses throughout the day.

The Dosing protocol is pretty simple, the only problem I had was sometimes I would forget to take the 2 pills right after the workout. This happened a few times.

This will be broken down into groups so that you all can see how it worked for each aspect.

AGGRESSION: 10/10 - Okay so this product sure did shine here. I was angry 24/7, I would snap easily at people and I would always be annoyed by the smallest and tiniest things that I saw around me. At first I thought this was great, because it meant that I am producing more test.

MASS: 3/10 - This is touted as a Revolutionary Mass Accelerator. So to me this sounds like whatever I was doing, I should expect to get a quicker result. Well let me tell you something, I feel like this did nothing for mass, maybe a slight mass increase because of the test boosters, this might have helped, but I cannot attest that this alone would do the job.

STRENGTH: 2/10 - Again this did nothing for my strength. I did not notice that this product effected this category that much.

SUPPLEMENT BOOSTER: 9/10 - What do I mean by supplement booster. Well I did notice that when I took this with another pre workout and Animal Test, it hightend the effect of both of those products on my body. Meaning it amplified my rage in the gym, energy and focus. This is definite the only positive aspect of this product.

SIDE EFFECTS: I did not really have any except the increased aggression. But that can also be a positive, depends on how you see it.

PRICE: 5/10 - This stuff is expensive, a 30 day supply, the cheapest I found on the internet is around $40+ dollars. That is EXPENSIVE.

OVERALL: 6/10 - Does this product work on its own? For me it didnt. Does this product work well with a bunch of other PWO yes, yes it does. It will amplify whatever else you are taking. However, $40+ dollars for a product that slightly amps OTHER costly products, is really not worth it in my opinion.
  • Amplifies Other Products
  • No Sides
  • Increased Aggression
  • Too Expensive
  • High Price
  • Increased Aggression
  • Prop. Blend
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TROOPer Level: 70
  July 13, 2013

Salutations SR Community, Warmachine here with another review for your viewing pleasure (unless you don't enjoy reading).

Today, I would like to discuss my experiences with PES's anabeta elite which I will refer to in this review as ABE for time interest. ABE is a specially formulated supplement designed to aid in anabolic maintenance, modulate and inhibit cortisol, and help in creating a more defined and muscular physique through specific signaling pathways. As some may know, my experience with ABE stems from my PCT following my Epi-1-Test cycle. In the process I was stacking it with green mag, testagen XR, animal stak, and AD-3 PCT. Needless to say the results were quite good and ABE complimented all of my supplements very well. Now let's get into the details:

Taste: (N/A) The capsules are tasteless and leave know unpleasant feelings in the stomach upon ingestion.

Usage (9): Straightforward for the most part; take two capsules before your workout and two capsules with your post workout meal on training days. On non-training days you take four capsules spread throughout the day with meals. This is essentially how I used it with no modifications.

Profile (9):

Proprietary Blend: 1625.00 mg **
Anacyclus pyrethrum D.C. (root) Extract 95% Forskolin (Standardized from Coleus forskohlii)5-Androsten-3B7B-diol-17-one

As you can see from the label, ABE has three primary ingredients: Anacyclus Pyrethrum, Forskolin, and Androsten-3B-7B-diol-17-one

Some my fellow SR members have already done a great job in analyzing the ingredients. However, being that I simply always feel obligated to due an analysis of everything I research, I am going to do my own explanation of the ingredients.

Anacyclus Pyrethrym: An herb traditionally grown in North Africa, the Himalayas, and Arabian countries. Extracts of this herb have demonstrated potential anabolic effects by exhibiting a test boosting influence in several animal models and a few select human athlete models.

Forskolin: This compound is demonstrated to aid in both fat loss and muscle building by modulating and increasing the activity of several metabolic and intramuscular-skeletal pathways. Forskolin does this by increasing levels of cAMP. cAMP is a critical signaling molecule involved in several processes that regulate muscle function and support fat loss via lypolysis. Furthermore, Forskolin has also been demonstrated to increase testosterone levels, which is obviously favorable to keeping anabolic.

Androsten-3B-7B-diol-17-one: This compound is primarily used to modulate and inhibit cortisol. As many athletes are aware, cortisol levels tend to spike during intensive training resulting in potential muscle tissue breakdown and fat storage. By modulating cortisol and inhibiting spikes, one is able to remain anabolic and burn more fat rather than waste muscle.

My only complain with the profile is that these ingredients are in a prop. blend. I've mentioned in several other reviews that prop. blends are one of my banes when it comes to choosing supplements. However, I will give the benefit of the doubt here since I observed a high degree of efficacy from ABE.

Effectiveness (9): The "9" is to indicate that while I experienced several benefits from ABE, the efficacy seemed to taper off around the final week or so of use. Perhaps I built tolerance? Regardless there were still several benefits seen with ABE.

To begin, the first most immediate benefit was a more pronounced increase in libido. Combined with testagen XR and animal stak, Mr. Johnson was consistently showing up for work both days and night. Every man loves an increase in this department. The second most prominent benefit was the more noticeable definition I achieved particularity in my back and mid-section area. I don't quite have the hard si-pack I desire just yet, but I am closer than ever. Shoulders also appeared more shredded. Third was some increase in my strength. The increase in strength came mostly in the form of higher volume on my super-sets. I noticed I was able to add more weight to my high-volume sets that followed my workload max sets. This helps to increase muscular integrity and overall stamina. Finally came the complimenting energy and focus that was also attributed by the green mag. I felt that ABE seem to help enhance these benefits since there were some days where only the green mag was used around the end of pct. I noticed that with ABE, my energy and focus were more enhanced.

Side effects: The only two side-effects I noticed were some increased acne and occasional short-temperedness, but this seems to be very common with me when I use products with test boosting ingredients.

Value (7): ABE is a little on the pricey side. I have seen the price range from 42-53 dollars. I was able to get my bottle for around 44 dollars each. While highly effective, this can put a kink in the bank account if you don't do some shopping, especially when stacking.

Overall (9): Regardless of the price tag, I found ABE to be an effectively elite product in general. Strength, energy, libido, and definition were all observed benefits when combined with my training routine, diet, and other supplements. I strongly recommend anabeta elite at least be tried by anyone looking to achieve a new level of fitness.
  • Solid Strength And Size Increases
  • Leaning Effect
  • Manageable Sides
  • Increased Libido
  • Increased Aggression
  • May Be Expensive
  • Increased Acne
  • Prop. Blend
Rep: +2,000
Trust: 100%

  May 9, 2013

I used Physique Enhancing Science's (PES) AnaBeta Elite stacked with PES Erase Pro and Lecheek Nutrition's MassHGH. All experiences outlined herein are based on the results of these products used together.

Profile Overview

Every 2 capsule serving (bottle recommends 4 caps per day) includes:

1,625mg Proprietary Blend comprised of:
- Anacyclus pyrethrum D.C. (root) Extract
- 95% Forskolin (Standardized from Coleus forskohlii)
- 5-Androsten-3B, 7B-diol-17-one

I found this to be an exciting profile based on the science behind Anacyclus and Forskolin. Both of these ingredients have been shown in studies to have an anabolic effect in rats. Another study was able to show similar results in male rugby players. I highly encourage you to investigate this profile further on your own and see for yourself the science behind it (Hint: a great start would be to check out iSamurai's review right here on this page. Excellent in depth info). This way, you will be far more informed for your decision to purchase or not.

Effectiveness: 7/10
This was a product I could certainly feel working but I'm having trouble giving it an ecstatic, jumping up and down 7 out of 10. I base this rating off a couple important aspects including my time running the product, 4 weeks instead of the recommended 8 weeks and both the positive and (semi) negative side effects I experienced. The positives were: increased hunger, consistent morning wood, increased aggression, increased libido and a mild increase in Alpha-attitude. Negatives were: increased acne, increased aggression coupled with a very quick temper that tended to snap on a whim. Most of these effects seemed to become most noticeable to me late in the third week of use. They stayed pretty consistent into the fourth week as well but I only ran this stack for four weeks so I can't comment on how long this would've gone on for. Other reviewers do mention and recommend an 8 week cycle which I have to completely agree with. It certainly seems to be worth running for the full 8 weeks to experience maximum benefits. Due to only running this for 4 weeks total, I can't say that I made tremendous gains from it but could feel it working in conjunction with the other products I was taking. Honestly, I feel as though I short-changed myself by not taking advantage of a full 8 week cycle.

Value: 6/10
This is not an inexpensive product however it is a product that works. I'm all for ponying up money for a quality product and I believe this falls into that category with one caveat: other test boosters are available at a much lower price point. I can't speak directly to those at the moment but I was able to pick up an 8 week supply of Purus Labs D-Pol for about half of the cost of a single, 4 week cycle bottle of AnaBeta Elite. I have yet to use the D-Pol but if it's half as effective or better than AnaBeta Elite than the value component is going to have a far greater impact for me (negative for AnaBeta Elite, positive for D-Pol).

Overall: 7/10
I feel AnaBeta Elite is worthy of a 7 out of 10. It could rate higher however, I think this product must be used with an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) for maximum effectiveness. To be fair, I believe other natural testosterone boosting products fall into this category. The cost of the product can certainly be an inhibiting factor to users, especially those looking to gain the benefits of an 8 week cycle. It does occasionally show up in stacked sales across the web and I'd recommend holding out for one of those for your purchase.

A Note on the Negative Side Effects

Upon cessation of AnaBeta Elite I continued to feel the effects of the product, both positive and negative for about 3 days. At that time there was a clear feeling of "˜normalizing' and having a more calm, collected attitude. This could all be attributable just to me and how I react to this category of product. Also, I was taking this around tax time and dealing with high levels of stress trying to get the company books in order. All the above could have potentially contributed to my short temper but again, it returned to normal shortly after finishing the cycle.

I hope this helps you gain a better perspective of this product and assists in your decision to purchase.
  • Manageable Sides
  • Increased Libido
  • Increased Aggression
  • Too Expensive
  • Increased Aggression
  • Increased Acne
Rep: +15
Trust: 1%
  May 6, 2013

In Review: Anabeta Elite

When I first stumbled into the world of sports supplements Anabeta was
a word I kept seeing pushed around yet had no idea what it was about.
When I finally got my hands on a bottle I was thrilled to see my
results and can definitely attest to the added hunger it gives you.
Kick up your carbs and Anabeta takes care of the rest! So when PES
provided me with Anabeta Elite I didn't know how they could possibly
expand upon something that already worked so well. I was in for a

Anabeta Elite comes in a bottle featuring 120 dark red gel capsules
that actually have quite a pleasant and sweet aroma to them (who
smells their pills lol? Smell them sometime! They actually smell
sweet!) These pills are slightly bigger than the OG Anabeta but go
down just the same without a problem. While I had tempted with dosing
them higher than recommended on the bottle (going from 4 a day to
perhaps 6) I decided I'd ride it out with the recommendations on the
bottle... and instead of sticking to a 4 week cycle I ordered myself
another bottle to give me a nice 2 month ride (paired with Erase Pro,
of course)!

Now I've noticed a lot of people saying in other reviews that Anabeta
is great for a bulk, and Anabeta Elite would be great for a recomp or
a cut. When I started this 8 week cycle I was already 2 months into
prepping for a half marathon which I would eventually end up running
in the last week of my cycle. I lifted weights 2-3x a week and would
run 3-4x a week (alternating slow long distance with shorter distance
but a faster pace). Naturally my caloric intake was up already to
adjust for this. I was anticipating this half-marathon training to be
used to help me get cut up for the summer especially with the
inclusion of forskolin into the formulation but I was wrong. And in a
good way!

I began to feel the effects of Anabeta Elite before I started to see
them. In the gym I had just begun a strength training template that
required heavier and heavier weights the deeper you went into the
training. This appeared to be a daunting task on paper, but after the
first few weeks of using Anabeta Elite I was surprised at how easy
what I perceived as "heavy weight" was to move around. My muscle
bellies seemed to be increasing in size and overall I noticed a larger
appearance in the mirror... without regards to excess fat. My chest,
arms, shoulders, back, and legs felt like they were growing like
weeds. Shirts started to fit tighter. This new muscle growth led to increased vascularity
particularly in the forearms, upper arms, shoulders, and lower abs. I
started getting compliments from people I work with about how I
looked. Strangely enough, my appetite was not on fire like I was
expecting it to be. I'm not sure if its because I was already eating a
lot in the first place or that I just never felt the urge.
Regardless, Anabeta Elite made me stronger, look better, and feel
better... and even with all of that cardio training for the half
marathon I managed to pack on 11lbs! So this product was a definite
recomposition key player for sure! I started at 225lbs, ended at
236lbs, and managed to run that half marathon in under 2 hours.

I'm damn impressed, thats for sure. I'm already looking forward to
cycling this (alongside Erase Pro) again in the near future!
  • Solid Strength And Size Increases
  • No Sides
  • Builds Muscle
  • May Be Expensive
Rep: +385
Trust: 100%
  February 24, 2013

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone over at PES for sending me a bottle of ABE to review. I had a great experience with this product and will try to explain its effects on me and my workouts.

I received one bottle from PES for review. On, this product costs $54.99. That's pretty expensive in my opinion. It comes out to about $0.91 a serving.


*Anacyclus pyrethrum DC Extract*

The research on this ingredient shows that while it is a powerful anabolic, and it has modest androgenic effects.


PES claims that the forskolin in ABE is at 95% purity level. I haven't taken many forskolin products, so I cannot gauge the effectiveness of its various purity levels. PES states that most of the studies on forskolin use a 10% extract. In AnaBeta Elite there is a 95% forskolin purity level.

Upon doing research about forskolin, I found that it has many pro-bodybuilding and physique altering attributes. Simply put, it is a testosterone booster and having the 95% purity level is a big plus and adds to the potency it has as a test booster. Forskolin is also an cAMP upregulator. Numerous studies have shown forskolin can increase cAMP levels to such high amounts, physiological effects can be seen and felt. Increased cAMP has the ability to increase natural steroidogenesis and is a key signaling molecule in muscle growth and fat loss. Forskolin has also shown to be a non-steroidal Androgen Receptor activator in vitro.


This compound is used to modulate cortisol. Cortisol spikes with intensed training. Cortisol is the last thing muscle tissue needs. Since cortisol is a catabolic hormone, it is very important that athletes and bodybuilders find ways to counter its effects on muscles and physique.

Ingredients revisited--------

*Anacyclus pyrethrum DC Extract- Powerful anabolic
*Forskolin- Pro-anabolic, physique altering effects
*5-Adrosten-3ß,7ß-diol-17-one- Cortisol control

Two before and two after. Pretty easy to remember. I took mine with my pre-workout and after my work out with my creatine.

I had a very positive experience with ABE. After the first week, I noticed a moderate change in the definition of my abs and torso, and it only improved the longer I took it. I only took it for 1 month, but I was very satisfied with the results that I attained. At the start of my cycle, I was weighing about 193-194 and at the end was weighing around 197-199. At one point I weighed 203 after a workout, but I attribute that to water weight. I feel like I leaned out while putting on some decent muscle and am very happy and excited about that. Leaning out and adding additional muscle mass is a definite plus. I feel like I got strength gains in many exercises, especially squats and bench. I was able to increase my rep count on bench at 185 lbs to 10 times from a previous max rep count of 8. On squats I was able to do 5 sets of 10,8,6,4,2,1 rep ranges starting at 185 and increasing the weight 20lbs each set to a 1 rep of 285. The highest weight I have yet to squat. I know the majority of my gains is attributed to hard work, but I feel that this supplement aided in my gains.

Side Effects--------
I did not have any blood work done before or after taking this product, but did notice an increase in acne at week 2 and a mild increase in aggression in week 3. I also noticed an increase in appetite. Other than the side effects mentioned, there were not any others.

Conclusion and Recommendations--------
I had a great experience running ABE. PES has a great supplement here and I feel that it could be used on basically any kind of regimen; bulk. cut, or recomp. The only downside to ABE is the cost. It is pretty costly for a non- staple-supplement. Other than the cost, I see no reason why ABE would not be a consideration for stackage.
  • Solid Strength And Size Increases
  • Builds Muscle
  • Leaning Effect
  • Manageable Sides
  • High Price
Rep: +43
Trust: 62%
  February 15, 2013

Hello SR people! after being a ardent fan of this community for a long time i decided to post a review for this excellent product! I have wanted to post many reviews before but most products i used were already quite popular and had tons of reviews.

That being said let me begin by saying i was a huge fan of Pink Magic by USP and was quite sad when its production stopped. But now i have found a better replacement product which in addition to the pumps and strength gains i got from PM also gave good mass gains.

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 60
Proprietary Blend: 1625mg
Anacyclus pyrethrum D.C. (root), Extract 95% Forskolin (Standardized from Coleus forskohlii), 5-Androsten-3B7B-diol-17-one

Dosing : I took 2 before WO and 2 after on training days. On non-training days i took 2 with breakfast and 2 with an evening meal around 5.00 pm (this worked for me pretty well even though its says 1/1/1/1 spread across the day in the bottle). I finished my 30 day supply yesterday.

Other supplements : Jarrows Fish Oil, GNC Multi, Alpha T2, Platinum Hydrowhey , Muscle Milk, PowerFULL (i use this for the good sleep rather than GH/T boosting)

Effectiveness - 9: Moving on to the most important part.I took a 4 week cycle and had very less expectation to begin with.

Week 1 : Nothing! Nada! No Results! By day 7 i was starting to feel disappointed and thought i had ***ed the money away. Noticed slight increase in hunger and slight pumps.No increase in strength/mass whatsoever.

Week 2 : Around day 10 is when i started feeling that something is up. I could feel i was doing more reps and more sets than usual. Lasting longer in the gym and some veins started popping out in the shoulders which i have never seen before. Appetite shot up like crazy and after WO i mixed 1 scoop of muscle milk and hydrowhey each to start the recovery process! My diet was clean around 90% so managed to keep the fat level low. i ate 5 meals a day including the post WO shake.

Week 3&4: Best 2 weeks of my life! (training wise, haha) Broke all my PR in lifts and presses. I don't like putting in numbers but it was a solid consistent increase. I was tearing the gym apart but at the same time was focused and finished all my sets with excellent form. I started stacking Alpha T2 and Primaforce Yohimbine for the cardio as well. This brought in more definition.
Now ever since i started training (2 years) my upper chest and shoulders were a problem mass wise. I had the strength but could never manage to put on the mass. ABE did it for me!!
My upper chest and delts are getting fuller and stronger. The pumps were excellent and recovery between sets shot up.

ABE never gave me any sides except for the hunger part which is fine.

Value - 7: This is like the only issue with this product. Its bloody expensive and not easy to find.I got mine from Vitacost for 50$.

Overall - 9: I would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for steady gains, strength increase and good pumps . It also plays as an excellent recomp agent when combined with Alpha T2 and Primaforce Yohimbine HCL. And yes if you miss Pink Magic then you would be surprised what this product can do for you.

My next bottle will be in by Monday hopefully :) !!
  • Solid Strength And Size Increases
  • No Sides
  • Builds Muscle
  • Insane Pumps
  • Stacks Excellent With Alpha T2 For Recomp
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +5
Trust: 0%
  December 25, 2012

Thanks to Josh and PES for allowing me to log a bottle of ABE.

- ABE would have to be my favorite out of the 3. Its hard to say that because I love EP and Alphamine. ABE just does so much its hard to beat a supplement like this.

- I dosed ABE 2 pre 2 post on workout days and 1/1/1/1 on non workout days.

- ABE definitely increased my hunger and thirst. I believe that Alphamine suppressed my appetite but at the same time ABE increased it, and I feel like once I dosed ABE pre and post, I was able to eat much more food.

- The added forskolin in ABE was a winning combo with anacyclus. The added forskolin had many different benefits from helping raise test levels to body composition.

- The size I put on from this stack is mainly from ABE I would say. I gained a lot of size and fullness from ABE. I didn't just put on a bunch of fat or water weight, but actually put on some lean mass. The 24/7 pump from ABE was also nice to have :D. I really do believe ABE is one of a kind supplement. I also believe strength was another effect I gained from ABE. By upping my calories and being able to eat more food, this allowed me to push more weight.

  • Solid Strength And Size Increases
  • No Sides
  • Builds Muscle
  • May Be Expensive
  • But There Is A Reason For That And For That Reason I Will Continue To Buy Not Matter What The Price Is.
  • Too Expensive
Rep: +1,771
Trust: 100%
  August 28, 2012

Hey guys, this review is very much overdue (among many other products) considering I ran this product a couple months back, but nonetheless, here it is. So today I'll be reviewing PES Anabeta Elite. Please keep in mind that I did not run this as a standalone supplement as it was stacked with Lecheek's AD-3 PCT. I have ran multiple AI's in the past so I knew what to expect from an AI and could differentiate any changes that would come while running Anabeta Elite. Another thing to keep in mind is that I only ran 1 bottle of this and probably would have seen more effects if I had completed a full 8 week cycle. But here are my thoughts about the first bottle...

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 60
Proprietary Blend: 1625mg
Anacyclus pyrethrum D.C. (root), Extract 95% Forskolin (Standardized from Coleus forskohlii), 5-Androsten-3B7B-diol-17-one

The drawback here is that it's a proprietary blend, and I, among others, am not a huge fan of prop blends since you never can determine how much of each ingredient you're ingesting. Now I'll let PES' KevinHY explain what PES added to Elite compared to the OG Anabeta. (This was stolen from his thread)

Anacyclus pyrethrum DC Extract
We spent months testing this ingredient on our elite test subjects. We knew this ingredient had potential after reading the animal studies on A. pyrethrum and seeing its potent anabolic effects. With a unique extraction method to PES, we found how to make this stuff STRONG.

The research on this ingredient shows that while it is a powerful anabolic, it has modest androgenic effects. The perfect formula for muscle growth without side effects. This ingredient alone is quite amazing, but we've harnessed in two more ingredients to take AnaBeta Elite to the next level.

Not just forskolin...95% pure Forskolin!
This ingredient has so many pro-bodybuilding and physique altering attributes that we could write a book on it...but lets focus on why it fits into AnaBeta Elite.

For one of the obvious reasons it is a proven testosterone booster. By adding in this angle to AnaBeta Elite you are now coupling an anabolic ingredient (anacyclus) with a pro-anabolic ingredient. This well rounded physique altering compound should be a staple in any anabolic stack "” but you get it right in AnaBeta Elite! These are the common reasons Forskolin has remained a loved ingredient in the industry and why we felt it shines when we added it to the formula.

Forskolin is an extremely potent cAMP upregulator. Numerous studies have shown it can increase cAMP levels to such high amounts physiological effects can be seen and felt. Increasing cAMP is a target pathway we wanted in AnaBeta Elite. Increased cAMP has the ability to increase natural steroidogenesis and is a key signaling molecule in muscle growth and fat loss. Forskolin has also shown to be a non-steroidal Androgen Receptor activator in vitro.

Most of the studies on forskolin use a 10% extract, something we were not satisfied with. In AnaBeta Elite you get 95% forskolin, thats over nine times more pure and over nine times as powerful mg for mg!

So here we stand with 2 ingredients. One harnessing an anabolic effect of its own, and another giving pro-anabolic and physique altering effects. There is only one more puzzle piece that fits.

Since AnaBeta Elite is formulated for hardcore bodybuilders and athletes alike we knew we had to target the cortisol pathway. Cortisol spikes are seen in intense training. This catabolic hormone is the last thing your muscle tissue needs to have spiking. A study done on rugby players showed an high rise in cortisol levels after a match, and declining testosterone levels.

With AnaBeta Elite you are locked in with an ingredient that is a potent inhibitor of cortisol. We did not want to make you go out and buy a cortisol product to attack this muscle degrading hormone "” we put the ingredient you need in each capsule.

Effectiveness: 8

During this 4 week run I was following a recomp diet (calories were around 2500-3000 daily), with a 6 day on/1 day off lifting split, and I had some significant strength increases. All of my compound, accessory, and isolation lifts increased anywhere from 5-20lb's, which was more than what I was expecting. I also gained some decent size on my shoulders/traps, arms, chest, and legs all while leaning out in my midsection. Now I give this an 8 because in comparison to DAA (I know this isn't technically in the same category, but in terms of strength/size increases) it was almost on par with my DAA runs. I did see a little bit more changes in definition and strength after running DAA, but Anabeta Elite, in comparison, bared similar results. Now I'll state again, that I wish I had ran this for a full 8 weeks to fully determine the results this product had to potentially offer, but this supplement is not cheap.

Side Effects: None to really speak of besides some acne, but I can probably contribute this to the test boosting qualities of AD-3.

Value: 6

This product is fairly expensive...I've seen it anywhere from $49 to as high at $70+. However, Nutraplanet is currently running a sale on it for $39.99 for one week only so if you have the cash to dish out and planning on running a natty cycle, I'd pick this up. Now I give this a 6 because since it's so expensive and paired with the results I received during this run, I don't think I'd pick up this product again unless the price dropped to around the $30-$40 range. The results were decent, but in my honest opinion, the price is way too high for the outcome.

Overall: 8

Overall this product deserves a solid 8. I never ran the original Anabeta, but I thought the results from this 4 week cycle were pretty strong. I wish I would have ran it for a full 8 weeks to get the most out of this product, but since it's fairly expensive, I wasn't willing to invest the additional $50 to extend this run. If I was to run this again (at a cheaper price), I would definitely stack it with some DAA product and an AI again...then I think the results would have been significantly enhanced. I do recommend this product for someone who is looking for a supplement in the anabolic category without going down the PH road, if you have the extra cash to dish out, and to throw it into the natty test boosting stack...I would probably do Test Powder w/ Anabeta Elite, or D-Pol/AD-3/Anabeta Elite, just throwing out some possible options. Thanks for reading my SR brothers.
  • Solid Strength And Size Increases
  • No Sides
  • Builds Muscle
  • Too Expensive

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