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Alpha-T2 has been reported as discontinued.

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Alpha-T2 Reviews


  July 1, 2012

  • Good Value
  • No Caffeine
  • Too Potent At Full Recommended Dosage
  • Chilling Effect Over Entire Body
  • Opposite Of Stim D
  • No Fat Loss
  • Heart Rate Issues
First off I would like to thank Kevinhy for the opportunity to log and review this product for free! It was a great experience and great opportunity, however this does not give a free pass for a positive review! This review, like all others, will be unbiased and based strictly on the quality of the product only.

Alpha T2 is marketed as a targeted fat burner in essence , as you know from the previous reviews on this product contains a more tolerant version of yohimbine called Rauwolscine HCL (14mg) without the negative side effects, as well as Higenamine (40mg) and 3, 3 diiodo-I-thyronine (300mg). Higenamine acts upon the beta-receptors which has been shown to burn fat without losing muscle. The 3, 3 Diiodo-I-Thyronine or as PES puts it the "˜T2' has been shown to increase metabolism and thermogenisis, giving thermogenic like effects and energy throughout the day.

What I experienced was somewhat different.

Effectiveness -4/10
I hesitate to mark this product poorly as this is the first negative review I've written, yet it has taken me some time to get around to writing this review, which shows how un-excited I've been about the product as a whole how I wasn't motivated to write this due to the lack of a positive experience. Over the course of my run on Alpha T2 I was cutting and expecting to see an increase in either weight loss, energy, appetite suppression, decrease in bf%...but what I noticed was that even though I was experiencing the product working in my body, none of these changed more than they normally would have using a cutting diet. I lost the same amount of weight I did the next month while not using AT2 as I did during the month I was. I had no extra energy throughout this run even though I made sure to take time off after my OEP run. My appetite did not change at all, unlike other users. My body composition was changing, however I attribute this change in body composition to my diet, workout routine and ErasePro which was being run at the same time. A positive that I did experience with this product was that it did not contain any caffeine or 1,3 dimeth, which meant that you could dose these products later in the day without having to worry about how much you've already taken. AT2 just seemed to not respond well in my system, even though I felt the product doing something (see side effects), it was not positive and the outcome was not anywhere close to "˜targeted fat loss' or fat loss in general.

Value -9/10
This is really where this product redeems itself for me at least. A run of AT2 will run you around $25 for a month's supply. This product is very reasonably priced, and coupled with the experience of the experience of others, I can see how this product would be quite popular.

Side Effects -8/10 Higher is worse
I regard myself as being very stim tolerant, able to take many doses of many different stims throughout the day. This product, however, had some very powerful effects that I did not expect. This product had a general warming sensation throughout my body about 30mins after dose (general thermogenic effect) and after this I would start to sweat...great generally for a thermogenic, however it did not stop there, it always (always) progressed to the point of turning my entire body freezing cold. I would be cold, put on something else and sweat through it, take it off and freeze again...all this sweating however resulted in no fat loss. I've been fine with other thermogenics and loved the feeling of sweating on OEP and Fat Smack, but this product took sweating to the extreme and my body did not respond well. Another, and more dangerous side effect I experienced was a heart rate issue. T2 has been shown to make the heart rate quite erratic at times and I definitely experienced this. Little, every day things, would make my heart rate jump up to a very high BPM range, much more than OEP and Fat Smack. It would get so bad that I wouldn't even be able to pick something light up in my room without my heart jumping out of my chest. Very annoying and quite dangerous effect, that has not yet been mentioned by other user reviews. The final side effect (I hesitate to mention even) deals with increased blood flow to some regions on my body. You've heard of Stime D***, well this was the opposite effect, I'm not bragging at all because it was so annoying after a week or so but about 45ish mins after taking this product I felt like I took a Viagra and was experiencing the "˜4 hour issue'. Wouldn't go away for at least an hour or two. These side effects did this product in for me.

Overall 6.5/10
This product did not work for me, yet based off of the price point and the great experiences from other users I cannot fully count this product a failure. This is definitely a "You Decide" moment, I've now told you my experience with this product and hopefully if you decide to try it you'll have a better one than I did. I liked the fact that it didn't have caffeine in it or 1,3 dimeth but coupled with the side effects and the lack of effectiveness, I cannot rate this product positively. Thank you for reading and don't take this as a criticism of PES as a brand, this product was just a miss for me personally.


  • Chapa
    Rep: +30
    July 1, 2012

    I finished this product a couple of days ago myself. I still need to do a review but just real quick, did you experience bad night sweats with this? I did and coincidently after I finished it that stopped

  • AlphandOmega
    Rep: +1,348
    July 1, 2012

    Another great review bro!

  • kevinhy
    Rep: +30
    July 1, 2012

    Thats the first time I've read about the majority of those side effects. You must be EXTREMELY susceptible to thyroid hormones or b-agonists. Sorry it didnt work out that well for you.

  • chefneilde
    Rep: +1,591
    July 1, 2012

    the ‘4 hour issue’ is worth the price alone. I'm interested if anyone else had that side effect too.

  • Cray
    Rep: +4,183
    July 1, 2012

    Nice review.

  • Raptorbh12
    Rep: +2,431
    July 2, 2012

    Its the yohimbine that gives you that cold feeling. Keep in mind its just a 'feeling' and your body temp is actually quite warm so dont let it get to you.
    Im glad you were honest and I appreciate reviews like this the most because these are the reviews that really help users distinguish effectiveness from reviews.

  • July 2, 2012

    @Chapa Nah man, no night sweats.

    @A&O Thanks brotha!

    @Kevinhy After reading the other reviews on this, and other forum sites I knew that what I had experienced was something more individual to me. Still I thank you for the opportunity again man!

    @Chef Yeahhh it was okay for some time but after a few weeks it just got annoying lol

    @Cray Thanks man!

    @Raptorbh I've had the yohimbine feeling before, however not like this but after sometime I'm sure my mind took over and made it worse. Thanks though man, that's the reason why I love this site (all about the individual experience), and to be able to contribute is great.

  • roughneck
    Rep: +18
    July 2, 2012

    I am experiencing the chill factor as well. It's summer in New Orleans so I welcome it ; )

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