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Alpha-T2 is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by PES. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

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  May 27, 2016


I've run multiple different thermogenics in the past that were high in stims, which include OEP (original and reformulated), Super HD and Recreate (low stim). The appeal of PES Alpha T2 is that it is for people who are sensitive to stims. After trying several stim products, I decided to take a break and give this one a shot, and I'm glad that I did!

Ingredient Profile

Below I copied the ingredients from Gkeezy's review because it is quick, clear and concise. He gave a perfect description of the 3 ingredients in this profile and what each of them specifically do.

Higenamine 40mg
Rauwolscine HCl 14mg
3,3'-diiodo-l-thyronine 300mg

Higenamine is a beta-1 and beta-2 adrenergic agonist, meaning that it will raise your heart rate (beta-1) and help with lipolysis, i.e. the release of triglycerides from your fat cells, but you will still have to "burn" that fat on your own.

Rauwolscine HCL is a derivative of yohimbe and is very effective at attacking visceral fat. This allows a quicker reduction in the stubborn fat areas

3,3'-diiodo-l-thyronine - is a thyroid hormone. It increases the basal metabolic rate and, thus, increases the body's oxygen and energy consumption. Has been shown to increase the metabolization of fatty acids and the burning of adipose fat tissue." - Gkeezy


Taste: So these obviously come in pill form. There was absolutely no noticeable taste to the pills. I've noticed that sometimes after taking a fat burner pill, if you burp, there is sometimes that odd taste coming up your throat or it causes a little bit of heartburn. Alpha T2 did none of these things, so it was very pleasent taking 3 of these a day.

Dosing: I went right into full dosing. It called for 2 pills in the am followed by one more pill 6-8 hours later, all taken on an empty stomach and downed with a full glass of water. Sometimes I would take a pill 5 hours later, depending on what my gym and work schedule was like for the day. There was no noticeable difference between different hours of dosing.

Mixability: N/a


So being that this product claims to be a fat burner but is stim free, I was slightly skeptical if I would see or even feel if this product was working. I was wrong. While taking Alpha T2 for 30 days I became noticeably leaner around my chest, arms, shoulders and hips. My stomach shrank slightly in size as well, but not as well as other parts of my body. You could also see a difference in my face/cheeks. Members of my family noticed and I see them on a daily basis.
While at the gym I always produce a decent amount of sweat. Alpha T2 made it look like I jumped into a swimming pool. My shirt post workout had a V line of sweat the started from my shoulders and ran all the way down to my groin. The sweat literally poured out of me, which was a clear cut indicator that this was working. Keep in mind my sweat production at this level didn't appear until the start of week two.
As far as weight, I did go from 242lbs down to 234.5lbs for a total of 7.5lbs. This was obviously mostly water weight in my opinion. I've been off this product for 2 weeks now and I am 237-238lbs. Did this product attack my fat stores? I believe it did. I try and base myself off of leanness and not what the scale says. Although the scale says I went up in weight since the conclusion of this product, it is still 4-5lbs less than my starting weight on this product.


I picked this up online from Atlantic Nutrition for $25.15 with FREE SHIPPING! I feel like I received a great deal on this. Other sites list it for $26-$28 and you have to pay for shipping. Amazon is $40 which is ludicrous...
Each pill comes out to $0.28 so one days dose of 3 pills is $0.84

Side Effects

I did not experience any side effects while taking this product. Unless you don't like to drip sweat...


I really enjoyed taking this and would definitely run this again. I don't mind products that are stim crazy but it was nice to burn some fat without getting any jitters. I would recommend this to anyone who is sensitive to stims or has never tried a fat burner before. I feel like it is great for beginners who haven't dabbled to much with other supplements. I'm currently on day 2 of a cycle of Super HD. Instead of running it for a full 60 days, I may run Alpha T2 again for the other 30 days. Like i said, I judge this product the most by its leaning out affect, not number on the scale. Although I'm up a few pounds since being off of it, I still kept all of my definition, which makes this a solid supplement in my eyes.
  • Good Value
  • No Caffeine
  • Fat Loss
  • Inexpensive
  • Sweat Immensely
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      December 30, 2013

    I had a target of 10% body fat as part of my training but even with a clean diet and good training I was stuck at 12% for about 6 months. After doing quite a bit of research Alpha T2 seemed to be the ideal product for me since it was stimulant free and had excellent reviews at SR. Being from South Africa it was difficult to buy this product but the guys from PES were very helpful and managed to ship 2 bottles to me.

    ---Other products
    During my use of this product I also used MHP's X-Fit trainer and ON's Pro Complex. My training consisted mostly of high intensity sports training with 2 weights sessions every week and no steady state cardio at all.

    I started on the lower dosage of 2 pills a day (1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon) and changed to 3 pills a day after the first week (2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon). I took the product for 8 weeks (the maximum recommended on the bottle).

    The first thing I noticed about this product was the extra energy during my workouts. There's no sudden surge of energy or anything but endurance was definitely better.

    The fat loss aspect of the product was really amazing. I noticed the changes almost immediately. I was eating 2-3 cheat meals per week but I kept losing weight and by the end of the cycle I had dropped to 10.2% body fat.

    ---Side effects
    I regularly monitor my liver and kidney function (once a month) and before starting with Alpha T2 all my results were withing the normal range and my cholesterol was at 3.2. By the end of the cycle there was obvious liver dysfunction as my bilirubin levels shot up to over twice the 'normal' high and my cholesterol rose to 4.6! For those of you who dont know, your liver processes cholesterol so an abnormal rise can be explained by a liver dysfunction.

    My hope for this product was that I'd lose fat and it did just that so it definitely deserves a 10/10 for the fat loss.

    I didnt expect the increased energy levels but that was a pleasant surprise.

    It's now 2 months after stopping use and my body fat is 10.3% and that includes the constant eating over the Christmas period so I'm very happy that I've managed to maintain the results without any changes to my lifestyle.

    My bilirubin levels have lowered to the 'normal' range (although still higher than they used to be) and my cholesterol has dropped to 4.0. I think these will lower over the next few months and return to their previous values.

    Due to the risk of liver dysfunction I would not recommend using this product for prolonged periods. If you're sensible about dosages and cycle time the product can definitely help you lose stubborn fat. I've given the product an 9/10 overall with the only negative being the liver dysfunction. Hopefully nobody else suffers from the same side effects!
    • Increased Energy
    • Good Value
    • No Caffeine
    • Fat Loss
    • Liver Problems
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      May 19, 2013

    I ran a bottle of PES's non stimulant fat burner Alpha T-2 and was very impressed. I'll say it right now, this is the most effective fat burner I've ever used...stim or not. It *****s ephedrine and caffeine in terms of noticible fat loss but is stimulant free.

    This product contains Rauwoloscine HCL, which is much, much smoother than regular yohimbe which can
    give me side effects such as anxiety and increased heart rate. If that's been your experience with yohimbe containing products, then you will absolutely love Alpha T-2. All of the fat loss benefits without the sides.

    I dosed this at 3 capsules per day evenly spread out on an empty stomach, taking my first dose upon waking. Again, this is a non-stimulant fat burner so you are not going to feel anything from it. You will, however, begin seeing results in the mirror within a week especially if you are already within striking distance of being lean. I was seeing increases in vascularity in my arms and looked tighter in my lower pec line within the first week. After four weeks I was significantly leaner in my face, lower pecs, obliques and abdominals. Also more seperation in my legs and upper back.

    I have nothing negative at all to say about Alpha T-2, this is a top notch product all the way around. A lot of fat burner products these days are nothing more than a ton of stimulants that will have you bouncing off the ceiling all day long with nervous energy but do very little for changing body composition. I'd put Alpha T-2 at the top of your list if you are in the market for a potent fat burner that will provide very visible results that everyone will notice without impacting your sleep or make you feel like you are being shot through a tunnel all day long.
    • Good Value
    • No Caffeine
    • Fat Loss
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        April 17, 2013

      Alpha t2 is a pretty sweet set up. The 3 ingredient s with specific doses instead of a proprietary blend that keeps you geussing is very nice.

      Does it work?
      Alpha t2 claims ti stimulate your thyroid gland (tt3 ingredient) causing the inhibition of new fat production while also causing fat storages to release there contents into the common blood flow. This means many things. it doesnt mean the body is "burning" fat. It is releasing it so you may burn your fat directly without having to first burn all your carbs and "sugar" reserves. Meaning you burn fat from minute 1 of your exercise to the end vs burning fat once everything else is depleted. The other 2 ingredients you find in every other fat loss product and are nothing exceptionally special but are backed by strong evidence saying the support fat loss.

      One of the easiest ways to determine this product is indeed burning fat is seen when taking a pee and working out. When your body Burns sugar as its primary energy source our sweat and urine we will seem the same as the do in every day life. Now, when the body is burning fat as its primary or at least a decent factoring agent of energy its by poduct is ketones. ketones are very acidic and your body will try to quickly remove then through
      1. Breathing
      2. urine
      3. Sweat.

      You will know when your body is producing large amount of ketones as your breath (not as notiacble to you), urine and sweat will smell like acetone or even slightly fruity. it is the smell you have all encounter when you are at the end of a long workout drenched in sweat feeling completely exhausted. The alpha t2 allows you to burn this fat the whole time. ( thumbs up for the fat loss.)

      Now the negative. I feel exhausted after about 15 minutes of taking it. My body feels just generally tired.
      My endurance during workout like insanity crashes about half way through. This may be due to having used up my fat stores before they were.actually needed? Im not sure. All I know is I cant go near as hard after a while through long endurance exercises like insanity.

      I love that there is no caffiene. No jitters, no extra crash. Other than initally feeling drained I do not notice it. I don't have to worry when taking with other supplements or coffee.

      Overall this product does exactlt what it says it does targeting fat. You see it constently in your ketone release. If you do lots of endurance it will make your body work extremely hard.

      I had great success with it when I had plateued annd I think It is a great product at a competative price.
      • Good Value
      • No Caffeine
      • Fat Loss
      • Clean Energy
      • Effective Appetite Suppressant
      • Smell Ketones Burning
      • Frequent Urination
      • Opposite Of Stim D
      • Heart Palpitations
      Rep: +15
      Trust: 1%
        March 22, 2013

      AlphaT2 from PES is definitely a potent fat burner crammed inside a little green & white pill that I had the privelege to review. Although the effects of AlphaT2 can't be as easily felt compared to something like a preworkout, over the course of my time taking it there were noticeable effects that it had on my body in a very positive way.

      Alpha T2 was taken consecutively with Alphamine so my dosing was slightly different than what the bottle recommended (and also prolonged the product usage). I would take my Alphamine in the morning and then would take 2 pills of Alpha T2 at night. Once Alphamine ran out I switched over to the suggested dosing of 2 pills AM/ 1 pill PM. The pills are gel capped and go down easy and do not have an aftertaste even 20 to 30 minutes after dosing.

      During the first week of dosing there wasn't much I noticed besides slight increase in body temperature especially in the abdomen region. As the dosing continued through week 4 I noticed that the thermogenesis effect had increased substantially, almost as though my hypothalmus turned the temperature dial up a few notches. I even had to buy a sweat-defense deodorant because I would perspire at even the thought of working out. Huge increase in the sensation of feeling heat across all of my body. During workouts (cardio) I noticed I would sweat much sooner than usual and would be drenched afterwards even with minimal effort and that even during resistance training I would start sweating into my first couple of sets! I did not have any noticeable appetite suppression but I was usually taking my dose a few hours prior to sleep and I wasn't eating anything then anyway. When I would wake up in the morning (especially towards the end of the bottle) I would look like bloated/held less water. AlphaT2 definitely attributed into helping me lean up, even though I was not eating for cutting. I've noticed some increased definition through my lower abs, shoulders, and arms. I'm filling out my shirts better while looking better with them off, and even a few pairs of jeans are not quite as snug as they once used to be requiring me to notch the belt one extra loop!

      AlphaT2 is a fantastic fat burner whose effects really start to become noticeable the further you go into the bottle, and I'd highly recommended it for anyone looking to turn up the heat on themselves to help squeeze out some excess water and get that lean and cut look.
      • Good Value
      • No Caffeine
      • Fat Loss
      • Long Lasting
      • Frequent Urination
      Rep: +1,583
      Trust: 100%
      TROOPer Level: 15
        September 7, 2012

      Alpha –T2 by PES
      I've been a fan of PES for a while now. A –T2 is one of those fat burners where you don't feel it working. I finished my one month supply last week and I wasn't sure how I was going to rate this supplement. I was using several other products in my stack so I had to wait a few days to see if I could feel a difference without using it every day. What I noticed was my hunger shot up, way up. Other fat burners that I've taken in the past I've felt my body heat increase or I got Jittery or It kept me up all night long. I didn't have any of those sides at all so it felt like it wasn't doing anything. Looking at the results section you'll see exactly what it helped me achieve. I think my diet had more to do with my success than any supplement but I guess I didn't notice it at the time but it's easy to cut when you're just not hungry.

      Results (8)
      I decided to start my 1st cut in nearly 4 years. After a conference in Vegas and dealing with family issues I saw myself eat 3 times as much food as I should of, I gained about 18lbs in a month. I've always focused on strength gains and never seriously paid attention to my diet or have ever tracked all of my macros.

      I started tracking every meal and snack focusing on reducing my sugar and carb intake (220 grams /day) and keeping my protein levels around (220 grams) and fat at (50 grams) totaling 2200 calories a day. All of my carbs come from 4 sources Oatmeal, Brown Rice, Whole Wheat Bread and Fruit.

      I was using Hydro builder for the 1st week then cut out all protein shakes and creatine for the last 2 weeks. My fat comes from meat, cheese, fish and fish oil supplements. Pretty simple in theory but very hard to do when you're around food 8-12 hours a day 7 days a week. I did eat dessert once a week as the only cheat part of my diet. I always have to taste stuff at work but now I taste it and spit it in the garbage. My employees all think I've lost my mind.

      My starting weight was 256lbs and finishing weight was 234lbs. that's 22lbs in less than one month. So I'm a few lbs. lighter than we I started my all-out food fest. I did lose strength on bench but I've continued to set PR's for reps for squats and deadlifts so I'm kind of have mixed feelings on this. I added a small amount of cardio into the mix but only 2 days of 20 minutes on the bike while watching TV. I don't really see much of a difference in the mirror but my wife says I look smaller, I'm not really sure if that's a complement or not.

      Dosing (9) Value (9)
      Instructions on the bottle say to take two pills in the morning with an empty stomach and 1 more 6-8 hours later on an empty stomach. Don't take these with carbs.

      I took 2 pills first thing in the morning and worked out on an empty stomach with my pre workout then had 2 more pills 1 hour before my lunch.

      I upped the dosage before lunch because I wasn't feeling anything. The pills are not large and are very easy to swallow.

      I paid $26 for this and I think that is a perfect price range for most supplements. If I would have taken as directed the 90 caps would have lasted me a month. I'm happy with the price I paid.

      Sides (10)
      No major sides to speak of other than I did notice that at lunch (my biggest meal of the day) I didn't eat as much. I had to force myself to eat more and when I dropped all protein shakes it made it very difficult to hit my macro goals. No problems sleeping, no hot flashes and no nervous energy.

      What I've learned is that your diet is way more important than anything. I think if I was going to take this again I would try stacking it with a thermo genic supplement. It works but not like other fat burners that I've tried in the past. It's not overly expensive and worth the price.

      thumbs up

      • Good Value
      • No Caffeine
      • Fat Loss
      • Effective Appetite Suppressant
      • Inexpensive
        Rep: +3,463
        Trust: 100%
        TROOPer Level: 73
          July 12, 2012

        Finished this up about a week ago before I started my bulk, and wanted to do a real review of this product, because personally for me it gave great results.

        VALUE: 8/10 - 30 day supply for about $22.00. I got it from, came in within 2 days. For what it does, the value is pretty spot on, even cheaper the OEP.

        Higenamine 40mg
        Rauwolscine HCl 14mg
        3,3'-diiodo-l-thyronine 300mg

        Higenamine is a beta-1 and beta-2 adrenergic agonist, meaning that it will raise your heart rate (beta-1) and help with lipolysis, i.e. the release of triglycerides from your fat cells, but you will still have to "burn" that fat on your own.


        Rauwolscine HCL is a derivative of yohimbe and is very effective at attacking visceral fat. This allows a quicker reduction in the stubborn fat areas


        3,3'-diiodo-l-thyronine - is a thyroid hormone. It increases the basal metabolic rate and, thus, increases the body's oxygen and energy consumption. Has been shown to increase the metabolization of fatty acids and the burning of adipose fat tissue.

        EFFECTIVENESS: 9/10 - I usually do not rate products on a 9 scale unless it was superb for me, but this really did for me what I wanted. 90 pills for a 30 day cycle. I took 2 in the morning before breakfast. and 1 more in the afternoon about 6 hours later. It says to take 2 pills in the morning and wait about 1 hour before consuming any carb. I just followed the directions of the label. So to the effects. Let's be frank. My diet was subpar at best. I mean I tried my hardest to keep carbs low and protein high, calories minimum while doing HIIT cardio and lighter weight more reps, but I did tend to cheat a lot. Not really fast food but sugar loaded breads and carbs, even some sweets. But this product shined through all that. On the 30 day cycle, I still lost about 4lbs of fat, and my mass/strength remained the same. You can take this without coffee supplement unlike OEP or Yohimbine HCL and still have it work great. Also there is no jittery feeling on this product.

        Another thing that this fat burner did for me was really curb my appetite. Not sure if there's anything in the product itself or was it all mental but it did that for me.

        It also gives you a euphoric type of good mood throughout the day. Which is definitively a positive in my books.

        SIDES: 10/10 - I did not see any negative side effects from this product.

        Overall: 8/10 - Its pretty cheap, and potent. Works wonders, but you have to realize that you still have to put in the work, with nutrition, exercise (anorobic and aerobic). But this will help get that little bit of fat that keeps troubling you in hard areas. The biggest place I noticed a more firmness and toness from this product was around the arms, legs and stomach areas.

        I would definitely recommend this product to others. I also heard it works well stacked with Erase Pro. Maybe next time.
        • Increased Energy
        • Good Value
        • No Caffeine
        • Fat Loss
        • Clean Energy
        • Effective Appetite Suppressant
        • Inexpensive
          Rep: +252
          Trust: 100%
            July 1, 2012

          First off I would like to thank Kevinhy for the opportunity to log and review this product for free! It was a great experience and great opportunity, however this does not give a free pass for a positive review! This review, like all others, will be unbiased and based strictly on the quality of the product only.

          Alpha T2 is marketed as a targeted fat burner in essence , as you know from the previous reviews on this product contains a more tolerant version of yohimbine called Rauwolscine HCL (14mg) without the negative side effects, as well as Higenamine (40mg) and 3, 3 diiodo-I-thyronine (300mg). Higenamine acts upon the beta-receptors which has been shown to burn fat without losing muscle. The 3, 3 Diiodo-I-Thyronine or as PES puts it the "˜T2' has been shown to increase metabolism and thermogenisis, giving thermogenic like effects and energy throughout the day.

          What I experienced was somewhat different.

          Effectiveness -4/10
          I hesitate to mark this product poorly as this is the first negative review I've written, yet it has taken me some time to get around to writing this review, which shows how un-excited I've been about the product as a whole how I wasn't motivated to write this due to the lack of a positive experience. Over the course of my run on Alpha T2 I was cutting and expecting to see an increase in either weight loss, energy, appetite suppression, decrease in bf%...but what I noticed was that even though I was experiencing the product working in my body, none of these changed more than they normally would have using a cutting diet. I lost the same amount of weight I did the next month while not using AT2 as I did during the month I was. I had no extra energy throughout this run even though I made sure to take time off after my OEP run. My appetite did not change at all, unlike other users. My body composition was changing, however I attribute this change in body composition to my diet, workout routine and ErasePro which was being run at the same time. A positive that I did experience with this product was that it did not contain any caffeine or 1,3 dimeth, which meant that you could dose these products later in the day without having to worry about how much you've already taken. AT2 just seemed to not respond well in my system, even though I felt the product doing something (see side effects), it was not positive and the outcome was not anywhere close to "˜targeted fat loss' or fat loss in general.

          Value -9/10
          This is really where this product redeems itself for me at least. A run of AT2 will run you around $25 for a month's supply. This product is very reasonably priced, and coupled with the experience of the experience of others, I can see how this product would be quite popular.

          Side Effects -8/10 Higher is worse
          I regard myself as being very stim tolerant, able to take many doses of many different stims throughout the day. This product, however, had some very powerful effects that I did not expect. This product had a general warming sensation throughout my body about 30mins after dose (general thermogenic effect) and after this I would start to sweat...great generally for a thermogenic, however it did not stop there, it always (always) progressed to the point of turning my entire body freezing cold. I would be cold, put on something else and sweat through it, take it off and freeze again...all this sweating however resulted in no fat loss. I've been fine with other thermogenics and loved the feeling of sweating on OEP and Fat Smack, but this product took sweating to the extreme and my body did not respond well. Another, and more dangerous side effect I experienced was a heart rate issue. T2 has been shown to make the heart rate quite erratic at times and I definitely experienced this. Little, every day things, would make my heart rate jump up to a very high BPM range, much more than OEP and Fat Smack. It would get so bad that I wouldn't even be able to pick something light up in my room without my heart jumping out of my chest. Very annoying and quite dangerous effect, that has not yet been mentioned by other user reviews. The final side effect (I hesitate to mention even) deals with increased blood flow to some regions on my body. You've heard of Stime D***, well this was the opposite effect, I'm not bragging at all because it was so annoying after a week or so but about 45ish mins after taking this product I felt like I took a Viagra and was experiencing the "˜4 hour issue'. Wouldn't go away for at least an hour or two. These side effects did this product in for me.

          Overall 6.5/10
          This product did not work for me, yet based off of the price point and the great experiences from other users I cannot fully count this product a failure. This is definitely a "You Decide" moment, I've now told you my experience with this product and hopefully if you decide to try it you'll have a better one than I did. I liked the fact that it didn't have caffeine in it or 1,3 dimeth but coupled with the side effects and the lack of effectiveness, I cannot rate this product positively. Thank you for reading and don't take this as a criticism of PES as a brand, this product was just a miss for me personally.
          • Good Value
          • No Caffeine
          • Too Potent At Full Recommended Dosage
          • Chilling Effect Over Entire Body
          • Opposite Of Stim D
          • No Fat Loss
          • Heart Rate Issues
          Rep: +1,771
          Trust: 100%
            June 18, 2012

          Alright guys, like promised here is my review for PES Alpha T2. I stacked this with Purus Labs Fat Smack XR for 4 weeks and I was extremely pleased with the results. I was also following Petey's recomp article so I wasn't necessarily cutting, but the results were definitely still noticeable.

          Serving Size: 2 Capsules
          Servings per container: 45
          Amount per serving:
          -Higenamine – 40.0 mg
          -Rauwolscine HCL – 14.0 mg
          -3,3'-diiodo-l-thyronine – 300.0 mcg

          About Alpha T2 (Stolen from PES' website):
          Alpha-T2 is the first product that can effectively:

          +Target Fat Loss
          +Provide Full Body Fat Loss
          +Combine multiple fat loss pathways in the body for an even greater effect – synergy at its finest.
          +Give powerful fat loss without any caffeine crash and jitters

          This product has found its own category in a rather washed out market of fat burners. Alpha-T2 uses new innovative stimulants that are designed for one purpose in mind: Give users the fat loss benefits of powerful stimulants without the side effects associated with stimulant based fat burners. After all...side effects don't make you lose weight.

          So how does Alpha-T2 do it?

          First, there is no caffeine or 1,3-dimethylamylamine in Alpha-T2. Second, it uses new innovative ingredients that closely target the fat burning pathways and do not target the pathways associated with the side effects of stimulants. And third, it includes pure T2, a powerful non-stimulant fat burning ingredient.
          Alpha-T2 uses three ingredients that work together to give optimal results:

          Dosing/Pills: Similar to most fat burners; 2 in the AM followed by another 6-8 hours later. Simple. Of course you should start by assessing your tolerance first, but I knew right off the bat that I would be able to handle the full 3 pill a day dosing.
          -Alpha T2 pills are small in size with a green/white appearance...pretty cool.

          Effectiveness: 8
          -Weight Loss: 10 - Like I stated previously, I was recomping during this 4 week cycle which is why the weight loss wasn't extreme. However, I still managed to lose 4.5 lb's unintentionally and lost an additional 1 ½ inches off of my waist. I noticed most of my weight loss was in my chest, arms, back and midsection – which were the targeted areas that the bottle advertises. I could only imagine the results if someone followed a strict cutting diet while using this.
          -Appetite Suppressant: 8 – This was definitely noticeable after taking Alpha T2. Sometimes I would have to force myself to eat breakfast after the first dose. However, I did notice that it seemed to die down during week 4.
          -Energy: 0 - I'm a very stimulant tolerant person and there were times I dosed Alpha T2 by itself so I could determine what effects this product was giving me. Keep in mind this is a low stimulant fat burner and really, I felt little to no energy after dosing this; I could probably fall back to sleep shortly after dosing this. However, this is another reason why I bought Alpha T2. I was looking for a non/low stim fat burner to stack with Fat Smack XR, and this product was perfect for that.
          Sides: 0 – I didn't have any side effects that some people have reported like cold chills and/or sweats. Of course everyone is different, but I had no sides while running this.

          Value: 9
          You can pick up a bottle of this bad boy for around $25+ depending on where you buy from. This is about average, if not lower, then most fat burners out there on the market.

          Overall: 9
          I really enjoyed running Alpha T2 with Fat Smack XR and I received great results from stacking these two. I recommend this product to anyone who is sensitive to stims or someone looking for a low stim fat burner to stack with a higher stim supplement. This product truly delivers and I will definitely be running this again (2 in the mail as I write this!) Great job on this one PES!
          • Good Value
          • No Caffeine
          • Fat Loss
          • Effective Appetite Suppressant
            Rep: +5,359
            Trust: 100%
            TROOPer Level: 53

              June 6, 2012

            First off I would like to thank Kevinhy, SR's very own PES Rep. for the opportunity to test this product (free of charge). Secondly, this is my first product review so I will attempt to cover all the bases. I would also like to add that I did not read any other AT2 reviews before writing this, so my information here is completely unbiased. If you would like more information about my 45 day adventure with Alpha-T2, please read my journal:


            DOSE RATE: Over the course of 45 days I ran Alpha-T2 at a dose rate of 1 capsule first thing upon waking in the morning on an empty stomach and a second capsule 6-8 hours later also on an empty stomach.

            ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: During this 45 day cycle I was also using:
            ON – Platinum Hydrowhey
            ON – Platinum Hydrobuilder
            ON – 100% Casein
            Muscle TechCell Tech Hardcore
            USPLabs – Super Cissus
            Purus Labs – Slin-Shot
            Allmax Nutrition – Leucine
            Gaspari Nutrition- Anavite
            American EFX - Kre-Alkalyn
            Body Strong – Citrulline Malate
            PrimaForce – AAKG Arginine
            Body Strong – Beta Alanine
            Sci-Fit - Gluta-Lyn 1500
            Body Strong – ZMA
            Kirkland Signature – Glucosamine HCI w/MSM (Methyl-sulfonyl-methane)
            Kirkland Signature – Omega 3 Fish Oil & Triple Omega 3-6-9

            DIET: I maintained a fairly strict diet of 500 calories below maintenance while watching my macros to achieve their desired quantity.

            WORK OUT PROGRAM: 3on-1off/2on-1off - complete body weight lifting program. Several exercises and sets per muscle, 6-12 reps always to failure, 60 second rest time between sets. Conducting the exact same weekly workout routine for all 45 days consisting of zero cardio.

            SIDE EFFECTS: While I don't consider myself to be extremely sensitive to stimulants, (I add a huge scoop of instant coffee to my morning protein shake everyday), this product was too potent for me to take the recommended dosage of 2 capsules upon waking. Even at just one capsule upon waking I found myself to have mild to severe cases of the chills. Frequent urination was also very common and therefore I recommend not taking this product in the evening anywhere close to bedtime. While AT2 did not keep me from sleeping, I was awaked every 90-120 minutes to relieve my bladder. 2 capsules also had me extremely wired as though I was on speed. A sensation I really did not enjoy. The only side effect I did not mind was that AT2 really killed my appetite. I have a very regimented eating schedule and had to force myself to eat most meals and in some instances I simply could not finish my plate. I don't consider this a bad side effect as I absolutely hate fighting the desire to eat when hungry. I thought that over time I might build a resistance to the negative effects and attempt to up the morning dose back to 2 capsules, but the sides never did decrease enough for me to risk it.

            EFFECTIVENESS (5/10)
            Over the 45 day period I monitored my weight and body fat at several points along the way using a TANITA BODY COMPOSITION ANALYZER TBF-300A. While I do not consider this to be a truly accurate machine, I have to assume that the changes in data over time to be a fair assessment of AT2's fat burning abilities.

            Day 1 Day 45
            Age 43 same
            Height 5'10" same
            Weight 210.8 Lbs. Weight 211.6
            BMI 30.2 BMI 30.4
            Body Fat 16.3% Body Fat 15.7%
            Fat Mass 34.4 Lbs. Fat Mass 33.2 Lbs.
            Fat Free Mass 176.4 Lbs. Fat Free Mass 178.4 Lbs.
            Total Body Water 129.2 Lbs. Total Body Water 130.6 Lbs.

            So in a nut shell, after 45 days on AT2 I gained 0.8 Lbs in total weight and lost 1.2 Lbs of fat which is 0.6%.
            I gained 1.8 Lbs of muscle, however up to 1.4 Lbs of that could just be pure water, so to be safe, I'm gonna say I gained 0.4 Lbs of muscle. As far as the effectiveness of this product is concerned in my case, it just wasn't. This slight change was not significant enough for me to continue taking this product. However as I could not take the recommended daily dosage, I can't completely discount it's ability to be an effective fat burner. Therefore I rate it right down the middle.

            VALUE (8/10)
            At the time of this writing, the best deal I could find on a 90 capsule, 30 day supply of Alpha-T2 was $16.44 through Amazon and $23.59 through All-Star Health. This is a very inexpensive dietary supplement that may work for those that can handle the full dosage. The decreased desire to eat and the other side effects let you know that AT2 is certainly doing something.

            OVERALL (7/10)
            If your goal is to lose weight by suppressing your appetite then I highly recommend this product.
            If you are like me and in relatively good shape, just looking to strip off that last remaining 10 pounds of hard held fat then this is not the product for you. It is my honest opinion that the side effects were not worth the little change in my body composition. However, since I believe the majority of people using a fat burner to actually need a fat burner, I am giving this product an overall score of 7 if for nothing other than its appetite suppressing qualities at an inexpensive price.
            • Effective Appetite Suppressant
            • Inexpensive
            • Too Potent At Full Recommended Dosage
            • Chilling Effect Over Entire Body
            • Frequent Urination

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