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FitMax has been reported as discontinued.

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FitMax Reviews

By: Performax Labs


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FitMax is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Performax Labs. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

FitMax has been reported as discontinued.

Check out the top-ranked products in Pre-Workout > Stimulant


Only 1 Review - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews


  August 17, 2014

  • Great Value
  • Great Focus
  • Smooth Energy
    I won a tub of this via a contest here on SR and I must say that I am glad I did. Performax markets this as a hybrid thermo/pwo offering. For my review I'll focus more on the performance aspects as I used this for that purpose, however, I was cutting while using this. Shout out to the Performax reps for hooking a brother up!! Now, on to the review; this willbe short and sweet, because what's there to say beyond the fact this this is one worthy addition to a pwo glutted with totally "meh" offerings!

    Profile: 8/10
    Everything is in a prop blend, which I do not like said Sam I am.

    Each serving is 4940mg:

    Performance Blend: creatine, citruline, agmatine and glycine
    Focus Blend: taurine, tyrosine, caffeine, phenylethlamine HCL
    Burn Blend: carnitine, advantra-z, methyltyramine HCL

    So it's clear that some of these are dosed on the lower side when compared to other products out there that sport 5g of creatine or 2g of l-carnitine. Still, it's a nice combination of ingredients that I like to see, and I especially like the carnitine and Advantra-Z. (just wish I knew the dosages, but it works, so I'm good with it.)

    Taste & Mixing: 10/10
    I had the Kiwi Strawberry and it's a nice light and crisp flavor - not overly sweet. Mixes like a charm with little to no grit.

    Effectiveness: 9.5/10
    Man, this surprised me. Because it was marketed as a thermo/pwo, I didn't really expect much from it in the performance arena. I was wrong. This provided me with some of the smoothest energy and pleasant focus that I've ever gotten from a pwo. I mean dudes, I just felt good. No extreme burst of energy or jitters or crash, just nice long lasting and consistent energy. I did get some appetite suppression but not the kind of diet support that I received while I was using Pyroxamine. Still, not a bad combo if you're able to get some value from the thermo blend, say while on a cut or recomp . But seriously, this is a top shelf choice for anyone looking for a pwo to provide energy and focus while lifting.

    Value: 9.5/10
    This really excels in value. Normally it can be purchased online for around $25.00 for 40 servings. And this is a single scoop pwo. Nutraplanet currently has it on sale for $19 so that's less than .50 per servings - which totally blows away most of the competition on price per serving. I probably should rate it a "10", but since the $19 is just a sale price, I'll stick with a 9.5.

    Overall: 9/10
    This is a solid, solid 9 in my books. Great effectiveness, great taste, great price. It's a win no matter how you look at it. I am happy that I got a chance to try it and even happier that I got a chance to buy more on that NP sale. I HIGHLY recommend you give it a try.

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