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PepPod (Tube) is an Energy Supplement manufactured by PepPod. It is designed to improve mental focus and energy.

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to PepPod for sending it out!
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  November 28, 2017

  • Good Profile
  • Hydrates
  • Expensive


38 years old and I lift 4-5 times a week and try to throw in 2-3 days of light conditioning as well. First and foremost, thank you to PepPod and the SR program for giving me this opportunity to review. I grabbed PepPods from the TROOPer program for an afternoon boost, but I realized after receiving this product that this was more of an electrolyte refresher than an energy boost. Lets talk about this below. Before we get started I also wanted to point out that PepPod sent me some press releases regarding their company and product along with the product, I personally think companies that do that are awesome and have nothing to hide. So great thing there to aid me in learning more about this company.

Ingredient Profile

So there are a ton of ingredients in these little pods. Each pod nets you 10 calories, 3g Carbs, and no sugar. For Vitamins you get 15mg of Vitamin C, 2.5mg B1, 1.7mg B2, 20mg B3, 10mg B5, 10mg B6, 250mcg B12, and 400IU of Vitamin D. If I were to rate this like a multi-vitamin I would say how the dosages of B6 and B12 are well above the RDA standards. So pretty nice addition considering this is not a Multi V.

Next up we have the Electrolytes which include 40mg Calcium, 16mg Magnesium, 90mg Sodium, and 180mg Potassium. Calcium strengthens your bones and teeth, Magnesium aids in bone structure, Sodium helps keep the water and electrolyte balance of the body, and Potassium plays a role in main body functions including transmission of nerve signals, muscle contractions, fluid balance, and various chemical reactions. So some nice additions here as well.

Finally, we have the PROP blend that is fully disclosed, so a transparent prop blend so to say. This is called the PepPod Blend that totals 324mg and includes 71mg Caffeine (from Organic Green Tea), 2mg CoQ10, 100mg D-Glucuronolactone, 10mg Inositol, 1mg Ginsenosides, 100mg Taurine, and 40mg Trace Mineral Blend. So not a huge amount of caffiene in here at all, a small boost to get you going and from an organic source so you are not getting some junk or synthetic version here. The trace mineral blends are a blend of essential minerals to support nutrient metabolism and cellular functions throuhgout the body. 40mg is a bit low comparing this to other electrolyte products, but still a nice inclusion.

This product also has Stevia in it, so be aware of that. Not a bad profile here for something being touted as energy pills.


Taste: I recieved the Citrus flavor which I really hated at first. After a few pods, I got used to the flavor, but it still was not my favorite. It was completely drinkable just not that great. It tastes like a very watered down version of lemon lime gatorade, with Stevia added in, which I am not personally a fan of, so its likely the Stevia that made me dislike the flavor.

Mixability: Each Pod is an effervescent tablet that dissolves easily in water. Drop it in water, give it around 5 minutes and its completely dissolved. Easy and simple.

Dosing: Products like these are as needed. During this run once I realized this was a great electrolyte refresher, I would drink this about an hour after my workout. I always like to drink a Gatorade or something to refresh myself after a workout, so having this as an option was a lot better. I did not really get an energy boost from this (I am a stim junkie though), so I dosed this for electrolytes versus energy.


As an energy pod this really did nothing for me. That could simply be because 71mg of Caffeine really does not give me much of a boost, since I have been taking a PWO consisting of 350mg of Caffeine, and usually drink a cup of coffee to start my day as well. For those looking for more natural energy and have a low stim tolerance, this may work better for you. However, as a re-hydrator this product worked great. I would find myself having to go to the bathroom to urinate a few times after taking this, telling me that this was hydrating my body back up. After drinking this I would definitely feel refreshed, so in that aspect this product worked very well. I like having this option much more than a Gatorade or sports drink where you will just get a bunch of sugar and crap! So, to sum it up, energy boost not so much, nutrient replenisher most definitely.


You can pick up 30 tablets from Amazon of $38.92 or 10 tablets from the PepPod site for $14.99. This comes out to $1.30 a tablet (30 pack) or $1.50 a tablet (10 pack). You can also sign up on the PepPod site and receive one free trial of 10 tablets. Comparing this to something like Gatorade it appears pretty cheap, however, when comparing this to other electrolyte powders out there this is pretty expensive. I am assuming the price is like this since the product is fairly new, but its still a bit pricey.

Side Effects

Frequent urination due to being hydrated. Not a negative side effect, but one to be aware of.


Overall I was happy with my run of PepPods. I only had 10 tablets to try out, but it replenished me 10 times after a workout. If you are looking for an hydrator and a more natural way to get electrolytes back in you, take a look at PepPod.
  • Citrus: 4/10


  • IHMShaun
    Rep: +11
    Rep for this Brand
    November 28, 2017

    Good review! I actually spoke with PepPod's Global Sales Leader leader yesterday and they are tweaking the Stevia, and the Citrus and Berry flavors soon. I personally prefer Berry over Citrus myself.


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