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Xenocuts Advanced Thermogenic Fat Burner Reviews

By: Penta Nutrition

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Xenocuts Advanced Thermogenic Fat Burner is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by Penta Nutrition. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.
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  November 8, 2018

  • Increased Energy

    Quick Summary

    Xenocuts is a nice fat burner that does pretty much what it claims to do. From stopping Hanger pains to making me sweat, this pill did it.


    First off I would like to thank Penta Nutrition and TROOPer program for allowing me the opportunity to try this product. I am 35 years old and struggle with weight loss and I saw this particular item and decided that this may be something to try out.

    Ingredient Profile

    Aside from 100 MCG of Chromium and 200MG of Caffeine, xenocuts also lists its Penta Thermogenic Complex of 496MB
    Thermogenic complex includes:

    Hoodia gordonii Cactus (helps with appetite)
    Glucomannan (appetite suppressant)
    Green Tea Leaf (helps with weightloss, antioxidant)
    Theobromine (helps with hunger pains. No more Hangry days)
    Guarana Seed (stimulant)
    Cha de Burgre Leaf Powder (fights of hunger)
    maca root (rich in antioxidants)
    Caralluma fimbriata Cactus (appetite suppressant)
    L-Theanine (used for stress)
    Banaba Leaf (helps with diabetes and weight loss. Shown to possibly lower blood sugar)
    Pomegranate Fruit Powder (supports cardio)
    guggul (lowers blood cholesterol levels) and is also an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compound.


    This was in pill form and the taste was not noticed nor was mixing involved. Dosing suggests 1 pill up to two times per day, preferably with meals.


    I am not huge on taking fat burners. I prefer to drink pre workouts and energy drinks ect. However, I gained a few pounds back after my stomach illness subsided and it was devastating. While I was sick, I looked flat and ripped in the midsection and I was extremely happy (minus the being sick part). So when my problems subsided, the weight slowly creeped back up a few pounds. With the program I am currently doing, I am always hungry, always. Xenocuts helped me shed that weight back off and I was not as hungry as I was. I could tell there was a good amount of appetite suppressing ingredients in the blend to help me achieve this. The thermogenic effect was felt from day one as well. I went to the gym and did my HIT routine. By the end of it, you would have thought I took a shower. I was sweating pretty good. My energy levels were very good as well with this. I would take it roughly 45 minutes prior to training and hit the gym running. The only thing that I don't think it did was burn a whole lot of fat. I noticed that my stomach was smaller but I don't think it took out any fat only water weight. I am not complaining though. I think more weight could have been lost if I jumped on a treadmill more that twice per week. But that is not in my workouts so I did not.


    I looked around and at the time, I only found it on their website for 29.99. This is about typical for a fat burner and I will say that it is not that high of a price to me

    Side Effects

    I had no negative side effects with Xenocuts. I sweat like I was in a sauna and I was not hungry but those are good sides to me.


    Overall Score


    I gave Xenocuts a score of 7 due to the fact that it was affordable, I did lose the weight that I had gained back, and my gym workout was smooth and full of energy. Xenocuts is not a well known brand but it makes a good product that I think if you are in the market for a fat burner or an overall energy pill with a good appetite suppressant, then I would not hesitate to pick you up a bottle.

    COMMENTS (2)

    • dmf8625
      Rep: +2,010
      November 8, 2018

      Appetite suppression and the feeling of thermogenesis were not some additional "Pros" in your opinion?

    • basorre
      Rep: +316
      November 8, 2018

      I suppose that would be Pros that I would have listed. Thank you for the insight in that.

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