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Zynapse Reviews

Not a Trusted Product!

We have listed this product in our Buyer Beware section mainly due to the manner in which it is marketed and sold.
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We recommend selecting a product from a brand that has a proven track record and honest customer reviews to support their claims.

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Zynapse is a nootropic supplement manufactured by Aeonetics. These brain pills promise an improvement in focus, motivation, learning capacity, and energy levels. Additionally, this nootropic boasts that they are transparent when it comes to their ingredient formula, which happens to very poorly dosed.

Under-dosed ingredients

The ingredients in Zynapse are not even clinically dosed. Always make sure to compare the quantities of each ingredient with the amount used in any of the studies that back up the claims of that ingredient. And seriously, do they think that a single capsule formulated with underdosed ingredients can get the job done?

Sneaky billing schemes

Read the fine print closely when entering your credit card information. You may think that a "Free Trial" will only cost you the "Shipping and Handling", but it actually enrolls you into an expensive auto-ship program if you don't call and cancel.

Product not available from prominent retailers

It appears that Zynapse is only available to be purchased directly from their website, and nowhere else. It's a red flag when there are no other 3rd party retailers that carry this product.

There are no quality reviews for Zynapse

It seems that Zynapse is that bad of a product, that there are no quality reviews written about it online. In fact, the reviews published about this nootropic come from unreliable review websites (which happen to have a record of recommending products for the sake of getting a commission), which makes the credibility of these reviews very questionable.

This product has been manually listed in the Buyer Beware section. We have not used this product, however were able to immediately identify that it shares many characteristics of other suspicious products. If this is your product, please prove us wrong by sending a few containers to our reviewers and getting honest feedback.

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