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ShedFat Maxx

ShedFat Maxx Reviews

Not a Trusted Product!

We have listed this product in our Buyer Beware section mainly due to the manner in which it is marketed and sold.
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We recommend selecting a product from a brand that has a proven track record and honest customer reviews to support their claims.

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Thermogenic Weight Loss Products
ShedFat Maxx is a weight loss supplement that is claimed by its manufacturer to be formulated with only premium ingredients designed to boost weight loss, increase energy, and break plateaus. And by "premium" the manufacturer probably meant a bunch of ingredients that aren't just underdosed, but also lacked clinical studies in justifying their roles as fat burners. Additionally, this supplement also promises to suppress appetite and relieve bloating by only taking one capsule a day, until tolerance is built - now that just sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? ShedFat Maxx can't be purchased elsewhere but their official website for $59.99.

Under-dosed ingredients

The ingredients in ShedFat Maxx are not even clinically dosed. Always make sure to compare the quantities of each ingredient with the amount used in any of the studies that back up the claims of that ingredient. Moreover, with what seemed like a "pinch" of everything in that ingredient formula, is anybody really getting results from these poorly dosed fat burners?

Product not available from prominent retailers

It appears that ShedFat Maxx is only available to be purchased directly from their website, and nowhere else. It's a red flag when there are no other 3rd party retailers that carry this product.

Vastly over-exaggerated product claims

We see some pretty lofty claims from ShedFat Maxx that aren't necessarily supported by the science behind the product's ingredients. Be sure to do your own research into the effectiveness of each ingredient on reputable sites like to see if the product is really all that it's cracked up to be. It's very likely that these promises are grossly overstated or even made up entirely.

Over-Optimized Sales Page: Aggressive Use of Bright Buttons

A quick way to see if a product is primarily focused on getting you to buy it is by looking at the buttons on the page. If they are oversized, animated and brightly colored, it's often a sign that the page has been optimized to get you to make a quick, emotional decision to purchase the product.

This product has been manually listed in the Buyer Beware section. We have not used this product, however were able to immediately identify that it shares many characteristics of other suspicious products. If this is your product, please prove us wrong by sending a few containers to our reviewers and getting honest feedback.

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