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Flexitrinol Reviews

Not a Trusted Product!

We have listed this product in our Buyer Beware section mainly due to the manner in which it is marketed and sold.
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We recommend selecting a product from a brand that has a proven track record and honest customer reviews to support their claims.

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Joint Support Products
Flexitrinol is a joint health supplement that is manufactured by Health Research Institute. It is claimed to be safe and effective, having only all natural ingredients. Fronting a prop-blend based formula, it is quite easy to say that the ingredients used in Flexitrinol are under-dosed. Moreover, these joint support soft gel capsules are being sold for a whopping $79.98 per bottle good for only 15 servings.

Use of Stock Images

We did a quick reverse-image search on some of the models that were used on the sales page and noticed that they are not exclusive to Flexitrinol. This is a common tactic that we believe is highly misleading and dishonest. Including pictures of people on your sales page makes the viewer believe that this individual is endorsing the product, when in fact, the actual person in the photo may not even be aware that this product exists in the first place!

Product not available from prominent retailers

It appears that Flexitrinol is only available to be purchased directly from their website, and nowhere else. It's a red flag when there are no other 3rd party retailers that carry this product.

Over-Optimized Sales Page: Bogus countdown timers

A countdown timer is designed to create a sense of urgency so that the customer doesn't have time to reconsider the decision to purchase. Try refreshing the page or visiting on another day to see for yourself that the countdown timer is completely bogus. Do legitimate online retailers like Amazon ever use gimmicky countdown timers? Absolutely not.

Under-dosed ingredients

The ingredients in Flexitrinol are not even clinically dosed. Always make sure to compare the quantities of each ingredient with the amount used in any of the studies that back up the claims of that ingredient.

Proprietary blends in ingredient profile

A proprietary blend is used when the manufacturer does not disclose how much of each ingredient is in the product - it is labeled as a "Proprietary blend". This is often a way for brands to skimp on the expensive and effective ingredients and simply pad their product with cheap fillers.

Misleading Pricing

It is clearly shown on the Flexitrinol homepage that the supplement is currently on sale for 50% less than the original price. However, the discount applies only if you were buying a minimum of five bottles. Flexitrinol is sold for a whopping $79.98 per bottle of only 15 servings.

This product has been manually listed in the Buyer Beware section. We have not used this product, however were able to immediately identify that it shares many characteristics of other suspicious products. If this is your product, please prove us wrong by sending a few containers to our reviewers and getting honest feedback.

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