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Buyer Beware Products

Products in this section are typically marketed to gullible supplement newbies using highly optimized landing pages that are designed to get you to quickly make an emotional-based purchase. The marketers often rely heavily on:
  • Sensational/stock images
  • Over-promising results
  • Underdosed ingredients
  • Proprietary blends
  • Billing schemes
  • Large affiliate commissions
Read more about why products are added to our "Buyer Beware" section


Fast acting, extended release male enhancement pills that can't be trusted

Garcinia Clean XT

Another weight-loss product that is nothing but pure hype

Jacked Nutrition Nitro

Overpriced, yet, under-dosed blend of L-Arginine


Single-ingredient weight loss pills that barely deliver on their ridiculous promises


Another nootropic supplement that may not deliver on its ridiculous promises

Mind Ignite Mental Performance

Nootropic pills that will most likely not ignite your mind

Monster T

Another T-booster full of ridiculous promises


Underdosed thermogenic amplifier specifically tailored for men


Another male enhancement supplement that claims to be number one

ShedFat Maxx

Underdosed "miracle" weight loss pills

Sinrex Male Enhancement

Over-The-Top Expensive 2-in-1 Male Enhancement


Not to be confused with Testogen XR by RCSS, "Testogen" is a textbook scam.

Testosterone Reload

Another rip-off testosterone booster that barely does its promises


Simple weight loss or simple waste of money?


A nootropic supplement that boasts a joke for an ingredient profile

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