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This product has been reported as discontinued.


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Growth Enhancers > Prohormones

Helladrol is a Prohormone manufactured by Orbit. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 32 products in:
Growth Enhancers > Prohormones

  March 19, 2012

This is my first cycle i ever taken soo i cant make it a 10/10.

Supps during cycle :
Fish oils 5 a day
Animal Pak
Whey(Scivation/MuscleTech/RTD cytsport)
Stats befor cycle
176lb bf unknown
Max lifts:
Bench 250
Squat 375
Deadlift 325

Ending Cycle 175lb
Bench 315
Squat 405
Deadlift 325

I used helladrol as a recomp cycle my macros were c/p/f 40/40/20

I Preloaded Cycle support by annabolic 2 weeks befor starting my cycle i started off at 50mg for the first 3 days and bumped it too 75/75/75/100/100

Week 1: Nothing really happend but i had a placebo effect that i was on something so i pushed my self even harder.

Week 2: I started to notice the density kick in like a test booster would have, I notice maybe one back pump during squat and it was harsh i couldnt get up, i called it a day and decided to squat heavy every other week.

Week 3: I started to notice some weight gain possibly from the water retention. My skin was tighter and my abs were more visible.I Started to notice walking up the stairs started to seem harder due to the fact my joints were dry.I Started drinking more water and took out some sodium in my diet.

Week4: My lifts were going up like crazy, recovery time was like a instant. Started seeing more vascularity in my shoulders and legs. I loved it, my endurance was increased by alot that during my cycle i started repping my previous max.

Week5: Nose bleeds started to kick in so i started taking in more cycle support and ending up buying a 2 bottle which actually help stop the nose bleeds.

Week6:My sex drive was increased i woke up every morning to the longest (duration) morning wood possible.I Seemed more tighter in my abdominal region my obliques started to get more defined.

Pct: Animal stak.Clomid.Dpol

I dosed clomid for the first 3 days 100 then 50/50/20/20 upon awakening taking animal stak befor my workouts with pre workouts once in a while since i seemed so drained.I Felt so dry and dense when i started taking it with dpol during my 3rd week. I lost some weight due to the water weight but im leaner and my strength is still the same as my cycle. I thought i developed gyno but it was just in my mind. My sex drive was ridiculous. i dont think i ever stopped having a boner during my pct.I started to notice acne on my back but nothing to bad , it looked like some poked me with a red sharpie.

I Felt this product was okay as my first cycle, if i were to do this cycle agian i would probaly taper down so make my pct recovery easier.Also gotten bloodwork during my cycle because i currently now have high cholesterol.Everything else is fine.

Price value:
I got 180 caps from mr supps for 69.99 which is a very good deal and from running 75/75/75/100/100 i still have a few caps left

  • Minimal Sides
  • Builds Muscle

      December 27, 2010

    It looks like im the first review for Helladrol which is an H-Drol or Halodrol clones made by MR. Supps and distributed by Orbit Nutrition.
    I used Helladrol on a 6 – week cutting cycle combined with a CKD (Cyclic Ketogenic Diet) which is carb cycling with 10 days off carbs and 1-2 days on carbs. I made sure not to go over 20g of carbs a day and I tried to keep my calories below 2000 but above 1400 to sustain energy. I took 2 paks of Animal Pak every day while on cycle since this multi-vitamin has plenty of extras which are useful especially when on cycle like milk thistle, Hawthorne Berry, and CoQ10.
    I preloaded 2 weeks before starting the cycle with 525mg of Milk Thistle daily and continued this dosage throughout the entirety of my cycle. While on cycle I omitted creatine and used Optimum AmiNO Energy as my "Pre-Workout" drink as well as Intra-workout.
    I experienced VERY little side effects while taking Helladrol, no acne, no aggression, very mild back pumps, pleasant whole body pumps after working out, normal libido, and I did notice decreased cardiovascular performance most likely due to the increase in muscle mass not accustom to cardio and my CKD diet which sapped me of excess energy.
    I dosed Helladrol according to the following:
    Week 1: 50mg ED
    Weeks 2-4: 75mg ED
    Weeks 5-6: 100mg ED
    I also used Yohimbine dosed between 2.5mg and 5mg daily to help mobilize my fatty tissue stores in my abdomen and midsection as well as supply me with energy during my workouts.
    The gains from this cycle became evident during week 3 and persisted until the very end.
    Here are some before and after stats:
    Weight: 178lbs (18% Bodyfat)
    Bench: 245lbs
    Squat: 285lbs
    DB Shoulder Press: 80lbs
    Weight: 176lbs (9.5% Bodyfat)
    Bench: 315lbs
    Squat: 380lbs
    DB Shoulder Press: 100lbs
    Here is the page of my log/Journal that shows the final results from this cycle as well:
    My PCT for this cycle will consist of Toremefine Citrate which is a SERM similar to Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) and it will be dosed at 100mg days 1-3, 80mg days 4-20, and 60mg days 20-30.
    I will also be using Animal Stak everyday during PCT and T-911 made by LG Sciences on workout days. I will be using Lean Xtreme as a cortisol blocker to prevent fat gains and muscle wasting during PCT as well. While I'm in PCT Im continuing my CKD diet of carb cycling to further fat loss.

    Overall I was blown away by the effectiveness of this product and it is VERY rare that I get far better results than I expected out of a supplement, even a PH like this one which is considered to be very mild. From my results I would venture to say that this is more potent than your "run of the mill" H-Drol and more effective. The price is the only kicker @ $55 per bottle, but you do get enough for 2 4-week cycles by purchasing 1 bottle so its tough to knock it on price alone. I am giving this product an overall perfect 10 because I cant imagine any way that Helladrol could have been better in my experience and it has far surpassed my expectations and Ill vouch for the manufacturer (Mr. Supps) in saying that they make quality products.
    The bottle alone looks quite ridiculous as well as the name which made me question the legitimacy of the product but the results with lack of sides spoke for themselves.

    Feel free to ask any questions either in PM or below about anything that I might have failed to mention.
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