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Platinum Pre Reviews

By: Optimum

  November 19, 2013

  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Effective
  • Good Company
  • Spicy
  • Questionable Taste
  • No Creatine
To begin, I believe that ON is a great company. I have been taking their whey protein for years and have no reason to changes companies. Not completely sure how I feel about this.

Price: 7/10
You will usually find this for around $40 for 30 servings. I'm sure you can find it a little cheaper, but at most places this is the average. It is a decent price, but not the best on the market. Probably somewhere around the middle-of-the-road. Average priced.

Mixability: 4/10
The actual powder in ON PRE mixed fine. The only problem that I had with this was the Capsimax. It definitely didn't mix in the bottom and left a grainy taste to the end of the drink. Not enjoyable at all once you get to the bottom.

Taste: 5/10
This is going to be a weird taste review. The actual flavor "Superfruit" was great. It's a different flavor that you don't see too often. The only problem came when the Capsimax was left over. The Capsimax would often give off a spicy flavor. If you even dared to pop one of the tiny capsules on your tongue, have fun. Your mouth will be on fire for most of your workout.

Energy: 7/10
Once you got passed the taste, the energy took over. It was a decently strong, clean energy. It is probably around the same as the average PWO if not a little better. It did the job, but not as well as the top of the line PWOs.

Ingredient profile: 7/10
Caffeine is at 200mg. This is a decent amount. The only problem comes if you want more than one scoop. 200mg is not too much, but 400mg would be. If 200mg isn't enough, I would recommend taking only a scoop and a half. PRE has beta-alinine which is a plus, but there is no creatine. I like creatine in my PWO because I don't supplement with it otherwise. The Capsimax is the worst part of this PWO. I personally hated it. Form your own opinions, but I didn't like it. Maybe you aren't supposed to pop the Capsimax capsules, but it's somewhat inevitable. Too spicy for my liking.

Value: 8/10
You never really need to go above one scoop, so value is solid. It is decently price and gives off a good amount of energy.

Overall: 7/10
I would say that ON PRE is a slightly above-average PWO. It has a very small ingredient profile, but produces decent energy. The Capsimax just stops me from giving this a better overall review. Taste is one of the things I enjoy in a PWO and this doesn't do it for me.

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