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Platinum Pre Reviews

By: Optimum

  May 15, 2014

  • Increased Energy
  • Good Focus
  • Increased Strength
  • Effective
  • Could Help Plateaus
  • Need A Bigger Tub
  • Pricey
  • Questionable Taste
  • Spicy
  • Awful Taste
Optimum Nutrition's venture into the highly competitive (and lucrative) pwo world. Platinum Pre. Part of ON's Platinum line or in other words ON wants more $$$. I was initially so excited when I heard the announcement of Pre because if you check out my other reviews, it's obvious I am a huge ON fan. The first time I tried it was from a gym buddy who let me have a scoop from his container. I gave it a shot and had a killer workout with immense amounts of energy and focus. The only initial drawback was the taste (which I will most definitely cover later) So I was sold and figured I would pick up my own container, which I got for 30$ish at

EFFECTIVENESS: I like to jump into effectiveness first because that is why we take a certain supplement for after all. Will this pwo give you a ton of energy and focus? Plain and simple yes. It is one of the best pwo for energy and focus. But let's look into that further...

DOSING: One scoop of Pre has 200mg of caffeine, 1.6g of beta alanine and all that other energy boosting junk that other members have already covered. For one scoop I felt that the beta alanine was a little under dosed so 2 scoops was the sweet spot for me. Yeah, that's 400mg of caffeine which is a lot even if you are caffeine tolerant, but I never felt like it was over the top. HOWEVER therein lies Pre's greatest drawback. Most people will get the most out of Pre by using 2 scoops and there is 15 servings per container if dosed that way and If you are like me you've already in your head done the math and found that means that one serving of Pre runs a little over 2 bucks a shot! That's insanely pricey. They don't call it platinum for nothin I guess. Another interesting ingredient is the inclusion of capsimax which I will cover a little more in taste. One thing I loved about the ingredients was not including creatine. I like to take creatine separately so it's nice to have an effective pwo without creatine. Most pre workouts do have creatine and I think it's a cheap way of making the user think its the pwo giving them energy while hiding the fact that it's probably just the creatine mono and caffeine.

TASTE: I'm not sure what all flavors they offer at the moment but my container was raspberry lemonade. Sounds good right? WRONG! Holy crap, taking this before a workout was like swallowing a glass of badly dyed fire ants. That would be a better name for the flavor. I'm sure that raspberry lemonade does taste like hell. I found out later this was probably due to the capsimax which (don't yell at me if this is not scientifically correct) has a slight thermo effect and helps with cardiovascular endurance, which I fully believe is true. I definitely felt a body temp rise because I would sweat more during lifting and I felt like I could get a fuller breath than normal. The capsimax is basically in tiny capsule form because ON new it would taste like Satan's breath so they tried to bypass your taste buds but the tiny capsules bust. A lot. Seriously, if you use the same water bottle for pwo and take it to the gym and there is ANY trace of Pre left, even a tiny tiny granule, you will feel the burning tongue sensation thanks to the capsimax. They gotta do something about that.

OVERALL: For 99% of lifters I just cannot recommend this mainly because at the cheapest, it will still be about 2 dollars a serving and that's just too much. But if you are lucky enough to be rich and want to push some serious weights, but unluckily born without taste buds this is probably the PWO for you!

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