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Platinum Pre Reviews

By: Optimum

  October 24, 2013

  • Increased Energy
  • Superbeastmode
  • Good Focus
  • Effective
  • Could Help Plateaus
  • Pricey
  • Need A Bigger Tub
Since the beginning of modern recorded history there has been an inconceivable lust for gold. However, what if I told you that there is a pre-workout that is worth it's weight not in gold, but, in platinum? (For those of you that don't know your precious metals, platinum is ridiculously more valuable.) With that being said, I am in love with ON's Platinum Pre.

Taste/ Mix-Ability (9/10)
The more you all here on become familiar with me, you'll notice a trend. I'm not someone who's picky about the taste or mix-ability of a product (I don't drink them slow enough to distinguish one.). Therefore, I thought that Platinum Pre tasted pretty darn good. I did have the fruit punch flavor.
Now I did notice a slight spiciness to it, which is most likely in part due to the capsaicin. I also noticed throughout my two tubs of chugging that it was also a tad bit bitter. I didn't really mind the bitterness and I fairly enjoyed the spiciness, since it gave me a little kick. However, it gets old after awhile.

Effectiveness (10/10)
All I can say is i'm getting amped just thinking about taking this before a workout. My workouts during my football offseason (I play NCAA D3) consisted of a 4 day split, with moderate cardio. Every single day this product delivered.
I'm not a huge caffeine drinker, which is probably why this had a great effect on me. Aside from a slight beta-alanine tingle. Platinum Pre got me so amped to lift that I would go into "Gears Of War" Berserker mode when I was working out with the team (especially on power clean day). Nonetheless, Platinum Pre gave me an extremely clean burst of energy. I was amped but not jittery. I also didn't notice any crash from the product.

Value (5/10)
As much as it pains me to give this product a con, it is the price. Since I am a new reviewer on the site I must inform all of you that I'm a college student. I do not have a very large budget when it comes to supplements. Although, Platinum Pre isn't that bad of a deal when used sparingly. Online I found it priced at about $30 USD. With the largest serving container consisting of 30 servings (lasted me roughly a month.). But the problem is, I like to use 2 scoops. Which makes it last about half a month. Again, not unreasonable. I have a college budget. It can always be better.

Overall (10/10)
Other then my darn budget holding me back here and there. I have nothing negative to say about this product. ON did a great job with Platinum Pre. I highly recommend it if you feel like going into a state of pure euphoria that only a "Hammer Of Dawn" can stop you. Hope this helped. Thanks for reading.

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