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Platinum Pre Reviews

By: Optimum

  May 3, 2014

  • Increased Energy
  • Good Focus
  • Effective
  • Pricey
  • Need A Bigger Tub
My typical stack consists of a pre-workout, amino supplement, creatine supplement and protein for recovery. The one aspect I really like to vary is the pre-workout. I find that I quickly build a tolerance to the ingredient profile and the effectiveness of the product decreases over time. So...I trot on over to and see what the latest ratings recommend.

I've used a ton of pre-workouts over the years. Almost 25 different products over the last couple of years. They've ranged from the obnoxiously ineffective to "holy cow there's nothing I can't do today". I figured it's time to share my experiences to hopefully assist others. Being an former, competitive power-lifter, I'd say my diet is relatively clean and my workouts definitely intense. I look to pre-workouts for focus and energy to help me push through.

So here begins my review of Platinum PRE. I love Optimum Nutrition products and they have been my primary go-to for protein and weight gain for years. So I was anxious to try their pre-workout. It didn't disappoint and here's why.

Dose, mixability and taste (9/10):
As I've taken pre-workouts for some time, dosing for me is usually the recommended max so for Platinum PRE that means I took a two scoop dose in 8-12 ounces of water before my workout. A few brisk shakes of my shaker cup and the powder was pretty much all dissolved. Occasionally a few extra shakes were needed but I cannot say the product was ever excessively gritty. I've tried the Fruit Punch and Apple flavors and I got to say, the taste is quite good.

Effectiveness (9/10):
As I said, I would take it around 30 minutes before my workout and once I felt a beta-alanine tingle in my eyebrows (yes, I hope you all feel that too it's like a "time to workout clock"), once I felt that, it was go time. Pre-workouts, in my opinion are a very tricky segment of the stack. You want focus, energy and some pump but you don't want to be jittery and all jacked up the rest the day. Platinum PRE delivered. After two containers I found excellent energy and focus that lasted throughout brutal 2+ hour workouts. Great, long lasting energy and focus without the jitters.

Side-effects (9/10):
None to speak of. As I said, I've taken pre-workouts for some time so dosing is not an issue for me. First time users, heed the instructions on the product's label and assess tolerance to avoid any negative experiences!

Cost (7/10):
Here's a bit of a ding. I did have to use the max dose for effectiveness so that meant a ~$36 container only lasted around two weeks or so. That being said, at my weight (around 250lbs.) and the fact that having a tolerance to pre-workouts in general causes me to max-dose, the price isn't outrageous....just wish I could get it cheaper. ;-)

I definitely recommend this product. It has the effects I was looking for in a PW but without the side-effects that accompany many others. I definitely will back to it as I continue my merry-go-round of pre-workouts and hope others feel the product gave them similar results.

Cheers and train like hell!


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